The Best Christmas Presents for All Your Pets

Are you still struggling to find the perfect stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for your pets? Look no further! Here’s a list of fun, festive and functional items that your favorite furball will love. We’ve got gifts for cats, dogs, and all your cute small animals.

For The Cats

Cozy Bed

Let’s face it, life is better when we have a comfy bed to collapse into at the end of the day, so why not let your cats do the same? Buying your cat their own bed for under the Christmas tree is a great way to give them their own space to retreat to if they need some quiet time. Some cats love to sprawl out on a flat, fluffy bed, while others love to curl up in a cave-style bed. Your kitty will especially appreciate this comfy gift after a long day of holiday excitement and enjoying the next gift on the list…

Cat Treats

As much as we may like to think we’re our cats’ favorite thing in the universe, the truth is that cats love nothing more than some tasty treats. So this holiday season, get your kitty a special stocking just for them and fill it with delicious goodies! Not only will you be treating your cat to a gift they really want (seriously, cats hate sweaters!), but it can even be a chance to build or strengthen your special bond with them. Treats intended for handfeeding, such as the Lick ‘n’ Lap line of lickable treats by Vitakraft are an amazing way for your cat to form a positive association with you. When used systematically, they can be an incredible aid in warming up a skittish cat. Or they can just be a tasty gift in adorable magenta packets stuffed into a stocking!

Catnip Toy

Living indoors is no reason for your cat to feel bored! Just like us, they deserve to have something fun and exciting to keep them stimulated whenever they want – which is where catnip comes in. Catnip is a plant that makes cats go wild. If you know, you know. Back in the day, we used to stuff it into tiny sacks for our cats to play with, but now there’s something even better: catnip toys! Catnip toys are seen in the form of rope or plushie toys stuffed with catnip and are a fun way to keep your cat entertained. If your cat is a fan of catnip, they’ll absolutely love a cute toy full of the goodies in their stocking.

For The Dogs

Gourmet Cookies for Dogs

Christmas cookies aren’t just for Santa – they’re for Fido too! During the holiday season, you can almost always find some adorable dog cookies with fun Christmas and Hanukkah designs and delicious flavors for your pooch. Since the holidays are a special time (the most wonderful time of the year, some may say), they’re the perfect excuse to spoil your dog with a special gift they wouldn’t normally get. Check your local pet store for some freshly baked dog cookies, or if you want to be extra thoughtful, look up a healthy recipe designed for dogs and make some fresh at home to wrap up and put in their stockings. The best part is, you can always do this with human food ingredients, so you can have a cheeky nibble too!

Kong Toy

Even if you don’t know the name, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a KONG toy before. They’re rubber toys with a hollow center that you can stuff treats or peanut butter into, and dogs absolutely love them! The shape enables your pup to lick and endeavor for the goodies, keeping them entertained for sometimes hours at a time. Not only that, but if you don’t have an actual ball around the house, you can let your dog chase the KONG instead as it bounces around wildly. This makes for amazing exercise for you and your pup alike! They can make a cute stocking stuffer since they come in smaller sizes for smaller dogs, and you can gift them along with some peanut butter filling!

Personalized Collar

Personalized collars are a great gift, whether you have one dog or ten. Not only do they make your pup look cute, but they also cut out the incessant clinking sound of their tags. Save your pup’s poor little ears from the jingle-jangling while also making them safer by making you’re your phone number is always on their collar. You can find some amazing personalized collars on Etsy to make your pup the most stylish pet on the block while also supporting someone during the holidays. Plus, while you’re looking for those collars, you can also search for handmade stockings to put them in!

Onto The Small Pets

Nesting House

A little house is the perfect gift for any small animal. They make for a great private place to nest and sleep, and you can find them sized for small pets from rabbits to guinea pigs to hamsters and even mice. As you set up your little buddy’s new abode, you can also fill it up with soft bedding to make it extra cozy and private. While you might miss seeing them so much, they’ll love having a nice way to escape the noises and stressors outside. This will be a fun gift for your little pet to find under the tree!

Critter Treats

Every caring pet owner knows that treats are an excellent way to show your love and appreciation for your furry friends. Small animals love treats as much as any other pet and can often gain health benefits from them at the same time. Treats with different textures serve different functions, and you can find a whole range of them with Vitakraft. These include long-lasting Crunch Sticks and Slims nibbling treats to help with dental health, as well as soft and sweet Drops for bonding and playtime. Nothing will make your tiny friend happier than a stocking full of tasty goodies!

Rodent Hammock (So cute!)

OK sure, we already did a nesting house for sleeping, but this is a hammock! How cute is that?! For the spoiled small pet in your life, nothing is more important than a cozy little spot to rest their cute little heads. A hammock is the perfect place for them to relax and catch some Z’s, and you’ll love watching them sleep peacefully. Look for some soft and smooth fabric when you’re buying, or even try making your own!

And Remember

The best gifts for your pets are the ones that they’ll love and be happy to use. Happy holidays and give your pets some love!!

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