What to consider when buying cat litter?

Choosing the right kind of litter for your cat is necessary yet something that can quickly become overwhelming. With so many different options, which is best for your kitty? Scented? Clumping or non-clumping? Flushable? Clay or silica? Walnuts, wheat, recycled newspaper, or corn?

The essential thing to consider while choosing the litter is the need for your cat and the idea is to choose the one that he prefers, and in some of the cases, there can be a trial and error method to go with.

What kind of litter does the cat like?

They have their preferences when considering a litter box. This can be because of the habits when they were kittens, sensitive paws, or simply a whim. Actually, why your cat prefers this one and not that one will always remain a mystery unsolved. 

You don’t need to worry as the “Why” doesn’t matter. You only need to think about the litter in which your cat feels comfortable. Otherwise, the litter box will be rejected. Elimination problems can be prevented easier than fixing.

Why consider the litter type?

Considering changing the litter that your cat is using faithfully? The old saying – “if it isn’t broke – don’t fix it” works very well here. If the cat is using it on a regular basis and is comfortable with the current type of litter, feel blessed and let it go.

The good reason is essential to have to mess with the preference of cat litter.

You always need to keep in mind that it is all about what the cat prefers and for most of them, different litters don’t make much difference while for others it can be crucial to ignore the little box one after another.

However, there are situations where choosing a new litter for your cat makes a lot of sense:

  • Adopting a new cat without knowing the preference.
  • Getting the outside cat indoors.
  • A serious issue with currently used litter.
  • Dealing with the avoidance of litter boxes which might be because of the kind of litter used.

Cat litter considerations

Let’s go through some of the considerations which will help you to find the best litter for your cat or kitty as there are literally hundreds of possibilities in the market when it comes to offer the most suitable toilet to your furry friend. 

Clumping vs. non-clumping

Perhaps the most notable characteristic of a cat litter is whether it clumps in the presence of liquid or not. 

Usually, clumping litter comprises a substance known as bentonite which itself absorbs the urine and creates a solid lump, leaving the entire litter clean and dry. When it’s time to scoop, you only need to take the hardened urine clumps with the feces.

Non-clumping litter lets the urine sift through, absorbing the smell through things like charcoal or baking soda. Only the feces can be scooped when the urine dries up in the rest of the litter. If you want to clean the urine, the only way is to change the entire litter, at least once a week.

For the cats, both of these options depend upon their personal preference. Owners usually prefer clamping as it can be cleaned easily.

Scented vs. unscented

Most people like using scented litter as it leaves less urine odor and keeps the feces away. Whereas, most of the cats don’t like scented ones because of the strong smell that they have to bear while remaining in there and it’s not good for the kitty’s fur as well after coming out. 

Considering the environment

The waste produced by a kitty can leave a significant impact on the environment.

Disposing it off by flushing in the toilet, or dumping it in the trash bins, is not considered to be earth-friendly unless you have no other choice. If there’s a garden nearby, opt for the greener solution by switching to plant-based litter, which can be entirely disposed of in the compost pile.


Unless your cat is experiencing the elimination problem, it is better to stick with the litter that the cat is using already. But, if you are considering changing, make sure to change it gradually and always leave the new one with the old one around until you are sure that the cat is happy with the new one.

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