Best Companies Based in Ohio

One thing that you may not know is that Ohio is home to many big companies. Many companies decide it is cheaper and more efficient for them to pick up everything and move to Ohio.

So, you may just be curious about what type of companies there are in Ohio, or you may be looking for a more in-depth explanation of what these companies really do. This article will give you some examples of the best companies in Ohio and explain a bit about what they do.

Proctor and Gamble 

If you haven’t heard of Procter and Gamble you may just be living under a rock. Procter and Gamble is one of the most known consumer goods corporation. As many of the biggest companies in America, Proctor and Gamble started in 1837. As we go on, you may notice that most of the successful companies started around this time.


Kroger is another big company that has been around since 1883. If you’re looking for a company with a long and established history, Kroger is definitely at the top of your list. Kroger is also known to be the second largest American retailer. If you would like to learn more about Kroger and see their company values, click here!


Macy’s has also been pretty well known for many years. Macy has everything from kids’ clothes to the elderly. Macy’s is known for back to school sales and cheap work clothes. Macy’s is also popular with older adults, and Macy’s has also been around for a very long time. Macy’s was founded in 1858 and based in Cincinnati.

Carlisle Cavaliers

Something new to this list is Carlisle Cavaliers. Carlisle Cavaliers has the cutest cavalier puppies for sale in Ohio. One of the great things about this company is that they can bring the puppy to you if you are too far. These puppies are just waiting for their new owner, all of the current puppies have their pictures online so if you are interested in taking a look! Cavalier puppies for sale in Ohio are also very well taken care of and are ready for their forever home!

Good Year

Another surprising company that is in Ohio is Good Year. Good Year is one of the most well-known tire manufacturers in America and carries a lot of weight in American society. It would also be surprising if no one recognized their colors and logo. This company was founded in 1898 but has decided to keep its headquarters in the state of Ohio after all these years.


Who hasn’t heard of Flo? One thing that made everyone remember this insurance company is the snarky but fun-loving character, Flo. Even to this day, Flo is still hard at work in the progressive ads. While Progressive is not as old as the other companies, they have been around since 1937. With all this experience in the field, how can you not trust them?

Hopefully, this has given you a comprehensive view of the different types of companies that are in Ohio. If you are thinking about moving or just visiting, maybe you can stop at one of these famous companies or perhaps even get yourself a new puppy!

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