What You Can Get From a Dog Camera in Your House

Every dog owner develops a special connection with their furry friend. Not being able to keep that connection while you are at work or just out is a problem for you and a reason for disturbance for your pet. If you want to make sure your dog is safe and sound while you are not with it, the best solution is installing a dog camera at your house. A smart camera for your pet is not only a way to interact with your dog. It is also a solution to the issue of security of your house while you are away, and it is simply convenient and interesting.

You can see each other and interact

With a camera, you can see your pet 24/7. You can check on it any time you want, make sure your house and your pet are fine, and just say hello. Today, a pet camera is a device of two-way communication, so your pet will see your image on the tiny screen of the camera, and it will be happy to interact with you. The technology of the camera works as a live-streaming video for both or, only it is the owner who navigates it.

Even when your dog is not sitting by the camera all the time, it can hear your voice when you connect, and you can get that dose of serotonin at any time and in any place. It will not be a great distraction from your work. Even some five or ten minutes now and then will be a great improvement for your and its mood.

Get notifications on the activity

Not only can you see what your dog does in real-time, but you can also get notifications on the motions around the dog camera. Most of the modern devices like that have the functionality of motion detectors. As they are connected to the internet, the dog camera will let you show if the dog wants to see you. As it approaches the device, it can interact with you via it. It means that your pet can initiate communication when it misses you. There are even more advanced cameras. They will film a short clip after the detector is on, and send it to you if you cannot react to the notification immediately.

Apart from the optic motion detectors, dog cameras have noise alerts and notifications. If your dog camera is equipped with it, the device will let you know when your dog barks, as it may mean it is anxious or stressed, and it needs some attention from you. Besides, the barking may mean that the dog hears something outside, so it works as a security system as well. When the camera captures the clip of your dog, it will send it to the cloud space, so you can review it later or make a collection of the best ones.

Make footage to watch it later

Apart from making short clips of the life of your dog, smart cameras can save footage of what happens in your house. This function is important if you have to leave home and your pet for a long time, for you will be able to make a peace of mind when you have time for that and watch whether everything is alright with your house.

Besides, it is useful in the case of emergency cases. For example, if your dog does not feel well, you can review the footage and find out the reason, and so give your friend the help it needs. Finally, you can later watch your dog grow. Not only in size but in training, independence, and discipline, of course, if you work on it consistently.

Something extra

Some of the dog cameras in the market can elevate your interactions with the dog. They have the function of aromatherapy that will soothe the separation anxiety of your canine. You can choose the smell that helps your dog best, and set the device to spray it when your pet needs it. Aromatherapy for dogs reduces their stress while alone or at the vet.

You can use this function when it seems too uneasy, and you have no time to play with it even online. Although aromatherapy cannot substitute playing or walking, it will be easier for your pet to wait for you, as you are the main person in its life.

Of course, there are cheaper ways to secure tour home and the health of your dog while you are away. For example, you can lock your pet in a kennel. It will ensure your interior decorations will be safe and your dog will not eat anything that can harm it. However, if you only care about that, your dog will develop anxiety and disturbance, as it will be even more difficult for it psychologically.

A kennel will limit the mobility of your dog and only add up to the discomfort it feels alone. It is important to remember that time you spend with your dog does not compensate for the time it spends alone. It will only take your pet more time to calm down and accustom to your presence every day.

With a dog camera and other gadgets to keep in touch with your pet, you will ensure the psychological comfort of your pet and some additional positive emotions for yourself while at work or just out.

There are many benefits that dog cameras give pets and their owners, from the quality of communication to basic home safety. If you want to make sure your dog is safe physically and emotionally, a dog camera is a useful thing. There are plenty of them to choose from, so you will find the one that meets all your dog’s needs.

Clearly, it cannot replace the personal interaction completely, but your dog will find the camera as a relief in the lonely environment of owner-less apartment most of the time you are busy and will not think of ruining your shoes or furniture as a means of drawing your attention.

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