CBD Oil for Dogs: A Veterinarian Explains the Pros and Cons

The cannabis plant is not only a source of the drug, marijuana but also a good source of hemp. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an extract of hemp and comes with different benefits. CBD oil is an embraced pain reliever, antidepressant, and perfect treatment for acne. In human beings, the oil has numerous benefits in terms of health and wellbeing. For more than 1000 years now, the oil has been in use and the results are tremendous.

What about animals? Does CBD oil also work for them? Well, veterinary science has proved over time that the oil is also useful for treating different health and behavioral problems in animals, dogs specifically.

Is CBD Oil a Narcotic?

Given that the same cannabis plant is the source for both CBD and Marijuana, you may be wondering. Isn’t CBD a narcotic too? Can it make my dog high?

Well, the cannabis plant produces CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana has THC as part of its contents. Isolated CBD oil is not psychoactive while THC is. This means your dog won’t get high for using CBD oil as it is purely medicinal and non-psychoactive.

Another concern could be the legality of this substance. Is CBD oil legal? Yes, it is. CBD oil has nothing to do with illegal marijuana. It is an extract of hemp, which is a certified medicinal product.

In some states, medicinal marijuana has been legalized. Hence, the fact that CBD doesn’t have marijuana should give you another reason to believe that the oil is perfectly legal.

Is CBD Oil Good for Your Dog?

In the medical industry, you’ve probably heard about very useful medications that have extreme side effects. Would you choose the disease over the treatment’s side effects? Well, almost all treatments come with a little price to pay. What matters is the healing.

Is CBD safe for your dog? If you are curious about this, don’t be. Here is the answer. Yes, CBD oil is absolutely safe for your dog. Nevertheless, always introduce to your dog in small bits. Afterward, keep monitoring it for any possible side effects. Don’t get worried if your dog experiences a little drowsiness, dry mouth, vomiting, or increased appetite.

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Pros of CBD Oil on Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes with amazing advantages. It can turn your dog’s life around. See how restless your dog is? CBD can change that in a matter of minutes. Here are other fantastic benefits of CBD oil on your dog. Check them out.

1. It Eases Anxiety

The endocannabinoid system of human beings has major similarities with that of dogs. With massive results that human beings have obtained from CBD oil, vets can now recommend it for dogs. Holistic vets will always recommend this oil to any dog showing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

CBD activates the endocannabinoid receptors, which in turn trigger chemical transmissions that urge the dog to calm down.

2. It Reduces Seizures

In most cases, anti-seizure drugs do not work for epilepsy. This is the case both in humans and animals. However, CBD oil has proved to make a great difference in terms of seizure frequencies. Any form of dog epilepsy that is resistant to medications is always managed by CBD.

3. It is an Anti-inflammatory Oil

With a busy dog that likes hunting, it can always come back home with multiple inflammations. Some may be as a result of minor accidents or allergic reactions at home. CBD oil has proved to be perfect for relieving inflammation in dogs.

4. It Alleviates Joint Pain

As your dog ages, its joints may become stiffer, causing pain and difficulty walking. Your dog may groan or bark as a sign of pain and discomfort. In most cases, drugs meant to manage Arthritic pain do not work. CBD oil is an excellent remedy for painful joints. Want to give your dog some relief? CBD is the best recommendation.

5. It Improves Appetite

Increased appetite is one of the major side effects of CBD oil in dogs. How about taking advantage of it? Some side effects are not bad after all. CBD oil is good for alleviating the appetite of a poor-eating dog.

6. It Relieves Digestive Problems

Is your dog passing a lot of gas? Is it bloated? CBD oil solves all digestive tract issues, ranging from indigestion to bloating.

7. It Improves Sleep

Your dog may be having troubled sleep due to different reasons. It could be stress, anxiety, etc. CBD oil will help calm it down and put it to deep sleep. It works even for human beings.

What are the Cons of CBD Oil on Dogs?

With the many advantages that CBD oil comes with, it also has a small pack of disadvantages. Read on.

1. It Causes Lightheadedness

You may notice your dog walking in zigzag pattern minutes after administering CBD oil. This is completely normal and it’s not something worth raising the alarm. A little rest may have your dog walking straight again.

2. It Can Make Your Dog Drowsy

Your dog may become kind of sleepy when on the CBD oil treatment. You just need to monitor and keep it resting. Some sleep will also improve this symptom.

3. It May Cause Tremors

Have you noticed your dog shaking lightly for a few seconds? This may result, especially if your dog is suffering from epileptic seizures. Tremors should not send you running up and down. Simply let your dog calm and they will disappear. You can also ask for advice from your vet.

Should You Use CBD on Your Dog?

From a vet’s point of view, you can use CBD oil on your dog. However, be very careful with the dosage. Always consult your vet before you administer any medication to your dog.

So far, the health benefits of the CBD oil on dogs are evidently more than the side effects. Besides, the side effects are few and minor. Hence, I would recommend that you treat your dog using the oil. Make sure you purchase pure CBD oil that has 0% THC to keep your dog sane. Otherwise, CBD oil is a dog savior.

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