Corgi Price Range: What’s the Cost of Owning A Corgi Puppy?

Contrary to what you might think, Corgis are not inexpensive to own and take care of. The right Corgi price range and cost also depend on other factors such as location, availability, registration, and background.

But according to the AKC website’s listing and elsewhere, the average cost of a Corgi falls between $800 to $2,200 per puppy.

This, of course, depends on any number of factors as mentioned above. And you can also have to add the cost of taking care of a Corgi. This includes medical bills, diet, toys, treats, leash, harness, bedding, grooming items, food bowl, etc.

This will cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 per year. And it’s impossible to buy a Corgi without considering all these things. If you don’t, the costs will add up and you won’t know where all your money went.

So if you’re interested, I’d like to share with you everything I know about owning a Corgi and its price range cost.

Initial Price Range for A Corgi (From A Breeder)

This includes the dog’s initial cost, which includes the proper registration.

Having said that, if you purchase an expensive dog, the long-term expenses are bound to be similar too. Maybe not always and not for everything but for medical expenses and food.

The initial cost of buying a Corgi puppy differs from breeder to breeder. But the running cost for buying a Corgi puppy from a breeder is $1,500.

Also, does the breeder sell dogs and puppies registered with AKC?

This contributes to the buying cost of the dog. But it’s also indicative that the breeder is running an ethical business, not a false and profit-driven one.

Breeders often provide you with the correct documents for registration. AKC doesn’t register a dog without following up on certain medical tests. Such as first and second doses of vaccinations and deworming.

If the Corgi puppy is too small to be subject to such medical tests. You must ask the breeder for the puppy’s parents’ proper documents. Ensuring that the parents’ basic needs and healthcare are met.

Speaking of, let’s look at the different types of registrations required and their costs…

Does Registration Affect Cost?

There are two main types of registrations you’ll come across when deciding to buy a Corgi for the first time. You can buy a Corgi with either a limited registration or a breeding permit and family records.

Go for the limited registration if you care about Corgi’s current health and condition. There are no family records, breeding information, and blood/genetic evaluation of the dog.

Dogs with limited registration cost between $700 to $1,200. The breeder will provide you with information regarding their current health, vaccination, and other necessary medical health check-ups.

Dogs with full registration have documents that provide all the information regarding their family record and history. If you want a purebred Corgi to enroll in dog shows and other important events, you need documents to show.

Breeders that sell Corgi puppies will then proceed to sign a contract with you. Through which you can purchase a Corgi puppy for $1,200 to up to $4,000. Based on their blood purity, location, and other important health-related factors.

Registration also includes certain clauses like the vaccination clause and the breeding clause. The vaccination clause states that the breeder is responsible for vaccinating the dog. The breeding clause, which you might have to pay extra, guarantees the safety of the breeder and its ethical breeding practices.

Initial Price Range for A Corgi (From A Rescue Shelter)

The process of purchasing a Corgi from a shelter is quite different. However, unlike other dog breeds, it’s not free. The average cost of a rescue Corgi is between $250 to $700 depending on the health and age of the dog.

Corgis are quickly available in rescue shelters.

You might even have to pay for the initial medical examinations including vaccination and deworming once you adopt the puppy.

If you still think the cost of purchasing a Corgi puppy is too high, you can adopt an adult Corgi (above 2 years of age) to pay a relatively cheaper price. Such Corgis are also neutered and spayed in shelters so you cut the cost on medical bills as well.

Adopting an adult dog is just as rewarding as adopting a puppy. Learn more about Corgis and their behavioral traits to better understand your dog’s needs and find ways to keep him or her happy and healthy!

Feeding A Corgi

Feeding your Corgi is the first thing you do when you bring the dog home. This means you need to visit a pet shop to buy the correct dog food. You can either consult with a vet to get the exact dog food brand recommendation.

Always remember, the amount you feed your Corgi depends on the age, gender, and health of the dog. Corgis are also prone to obesity and gaining weight very fast. That is why it’s so important to ask a vet about exercise and dietary needs.

However, the average 20-30 pound of dog food suitable for Corgi costs between $30 to $50. There are more expensive dog foods that are premium brands that cost up to $80 per 25-pound bag.

Final Verdict

You might be confused about buying a Corgi from a reputable breeder. But there’s no need to worry about it anymore. From a good breeder, the cost of owning a Corgi puppy is around $800 to $2,500. And if you want to pay a little less, you can think about adopting a rescue Corgi from a shelter.

There is nothing simple about buying a Corgi. I mean, have you seen the video of the Queen’s Royal Corgis? In the Royal family, Corgis are family pets. So that’s how you know that buying and taking care of a Corgi is a big deal.

I hope this article lays down all the necessary information for you. How to choose a good breeder? What registration documents to look for? And is it okay to buy a Corgi puppy or adult from a rescue shelter at a cheaper cost?

Lisa Thompson

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