English Bulldog Price Range – What Is the Cost of Purchase, Adoption, and Care?

Just the initial English Bulldog price range is enough to make you believe that the breed is rather expensive. Much like every other dog out there, English Bulldogs have a specific set of physical and personality traits, along with needs that demand special attention. But here, in this case, this particular special attention may cost you extra.

So how about you get to know all about the costs of purchasing as well as those that come later on…

Introducing You to the English Bulldog

Back in the days, the breed was a huge part of bloodsport competitions like bullbaiting. And that’s an unfortunate part of history. Nevertheless, it’s very hard to believe that because English Bulldog puppies are nothing but docile and friendly creatures. So how can anyone subject this kind of adorable, playful, and calm nature to anything violent!

The breed is also known as Old English Bulldogs. And they’re the most widely known for their quirky behavior and cartoonish appearance even. Getting along with friendly fellow humans is not a problem for them AT ALL.

In terms of training and exercise, even in this department, extra effort has to be put in. But, to be completely honest, that is the case with most dog breeds. Because good behavioral and socialization skills in a canine are nothing but sources of happiness, joy, and discipline. And in the process, even you have a reason to get your heiny off the couch and be a little more active.

English Bulldog Price Range – How Much Do Puppies Cost?

The cost of this particularly expensive breed starts from $1,500 and goes all the way to $4,000. So the average price is about $2,500 in America.

Now let’s talk about breeders. If the breeder is selling the puppy for a price below 1,500, consider that as a red flag. But then what does the red flag mean? It implies that the breeder got the puppy through either a puppy mill or unethical breeding. Both forms, no doubt, are highly irresponsible and inhumane.

Then there are those English Bulldogs that have an even higher than the normal selling price. It all depends on the bloodline of the pup. Purebreds i.e. those that are AKC-registered, cost as much as $10,000. And when the parents of the litter have a championship bloodline, then the cost can rise much, much higher too.

So it’s up to your conscience whether you want to support this kind of “show” breeding or not. But whatever the case, now you understand why Bulldogs are such an expensive breed? Keep in mind that high demand also inflates the prices.

English Bulldog Price Range – What About Rescue and Adoption?

Not many find the whole idea of paying as much as $2,000 just so that they can further encourage unethical breeding practices. So if you’re one of them, then it’s only natural for you to choose to adopt a pet. Plus, there are just too many rescue organizations and animal shelter homes.

As for how much does it cost to adopt a Bulldog from one of these rescue shelters? You won’t believe it – as little as only $300. In comparison to paying breeders, this cost is absolutely nothing. But then you should be okay with not knowing where your dog comes from, what his lineage is like, potential health conditions, and all that.

However, expect the cost of vaccinations and spaying/neutering to be covered.

English Bulldog Price Range – Now Let’s Talk About the Ongoing Costs

After the initial purchase comes the cost of feeding, vet visits, health check-ups, toys, and some more. No denying these are certainly going to drain your wallet. However, one thing is for certain though that such ongoing expenses are not only limited to this breed. Dogs, in general, require these basic things to live a healthy, happy life.

So here’s the list of products and the average cost of each…

  • Grooming tools – around $40
  • Harness, leash, and collar – around $40-$50 for each
  • Food – between $20 and $50 per month
  • Dental products – around $10 per month
  • Treats – between $10 and $30 per month
  • Crate – around $120
  • Puppy shots/vaccinations – around $100
  • Toys – between $5 and $30 per month
  • Water and food bowls – around $10-$30

Choose high-quality i.e. slightly more expensive stuff if you want it to last for a longer time. Otherwise, you just end up spending less at the moment but increasing the expenses in the long run because of more frequent purchases.

On a monthly basis, expect to spend around $70 per month for everything. This includes treats, food, toys, etc. Obviously, things like food/water bowls, puppy shots, leash/collar/harness, crate, grooming tools, and the like are a one-time purchase. Or at least you don’t buy them as regularly as food and treats.

English Bulldog Price Range – Cost of Fixing Potential Health Issues

You have to think about, if not factor in, potential health concerns and also how much they would normally cost to correct. In that light, let’s first find out what medical conditions English Bulldogs are highly likely to develop in the first place.

1. Cherry Eye – Average Cost Between $500 and $1,500

Some Bulldog puppies have to deal with this genetic disorder of the eye. The cost of addressing the problem varies though. It can be anywhere between $500 and $1,500. That depends on the procedure decided by your vet and what his/her fees generally are.

2. Hip Dysplasia – Average Cost $5,000

More than half of the Bulldog population shows some or the other sign of Hip Dysplasia. So it’s safe to say that the problem is quite common among the breed. And when the condition gets worse, surgery is necessary. And that normally costs around $5,000. It could be more or less indeed depending on the vet.

3. Interdigital Cysts – Average Cost Between $250 and $500

Common cysts in Bulldogs develop in the paws. Vets, usually, recommend surgery to remove the cyst entirely from the system. However, the good news is that the surgery is cheaper. Not more than $500.

4. Allergies – Average Cost Between $100 and $500

Dog allergy testing is not all that expensive. You can pay as little as even $100, based on the vet. The price is largely determined by the type of allergy. Is it a food allergy, which is something that simple medicines can just resolve. Needless to say, your vet is the best person to talk to for a more accurate, helpful estimate and treatment.

Final Note – So Should You Get An English Bulldog?

The financial aspect of owning a dog like the English Bulldog must be taken into consideration.  It’s a part of being a responsible pet owner or parent. And to be honest, this is true of any dog breed, not just Bulldogs.

What’s also equally important is caring for your dog. This means buying high-quality, highly nutritious food, purchasing different kinds of toys to keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated, etc.  So there’s a lot that’s involved in this process. And it’s best for both you and the dog if you think the whole thing through.

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