Among the hundreds of horse breeds and draft horse breeds we have in the world, there are those who become popular because of their natural appearances and ability that makes them stand out among other breeds. And there are those who are popularly known to be the most expensive horses ever bought in the world.

Some of these horses made their new owners happy to rack up earnings and win huge prizes after the auction while some failed to perform what they are expected to in their careers and retired to becoming breeding horses instead. In no particular order, here are our top 7 list of most expensive horses in the world. 

  1. The most expensive draft horsewe have is bought at $ 112,500 at the Mid-America Draft Horse Sale, Gifford, Illinois, the USA on February 20, 2003. McIlrath’s Captain Jim is a two-yearold stallion whose price was due to his bloodline. 
  2. Palloubetd’ Halong, known as one of the best show jumpers ever existed in the equine world was sold at a whopping $15 Million. This horse comes from the lineage of sports horse Selle Francais. 
  3. The titleholder for the most expensive thoroughbred racehorse sold at auction is The Green Monkey. This horse was bought at $16 Million. High hopes for big things to happen with this expensive colt turned unfortunate and became an awful failure earning a total of $10,440 in 3 competed races before retiring.
  4. Seattle Dancer, the once title holder of the world record for the most expensive yearling ever bought at auction came from the lineage of the British tripleCrown-winning horse Nijinsky. His price was $13.1 Million but was not able to live up with the buyer’s expectation. And become rather more profitable as a breeding horse after his retirement from his racing career. 
  5. FugaichiPegasus at present holds the title of the most expensive horse in history bought at a dazzling $70 Million price tag. This horse is a thoroughbred stallion, a racehorse racking up his career for winning million dollars of pool prizes at stake. 

  1. Totilasor Toto is a black Dutch Warmblood stallion was sold at an estimated price of $12Million. It is the most expensive dressage horse and the firstever partnership with his rider to score over 90% in a Grand Prix level. 
  2. ShareefDancer is a modest performer boasting a 3-1-0 record and earning over $245,000 was bought by the Emir of Dubai for an amazing $40 Million in 1983. As a racehorse, Dancer continued a very successful career as a breeding horse, a sire as well as being the damsire of winning the Dubai Millenium. 

Who would have imagined, that these horses cost this much importance to have someone spend an unimaginable amount of money to own them? Now that you know these truelife events in the equine history, becoming an owner of prestige horses does not actually guarantee their performance on stage. The right training could be learned and applied with an inexpensive horse to shine and win these kinds of competitions for you. 

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