Going on Vacation Without Your Dog

A dog knows the true meaning of unconditional love. He is your best companion and a great stress-buster. At the same time, he can be your motivation and your cheerleader too. Most importantly, no one on the Earth can be so lovable and selfless than your dog. He thinks you are the best person in this world, a person who loves and cares for everyone.

Being a dog owner is an incredible thing. But, it seems something is bothering you. You need to go on vacation, and you’re worried because you cannot take your dog there.

One of the major concerns of every dog parent is, leaving the dog behind while going on a vacation. Although it’s tough, sometimes there’s nothing we can do. And the reasons are plenty that probably every dog owner knows well.

So, if you are going on a vacation, of course, you will want your furry friend to receive the best-in-class pet care when you’re. And, to ensure this, you have several options to count on. Let’s take a look at them

Tuck in an identity tag to your dog’s collar!

Unfortunately, some animals, when they can’t see their master for quite a sometime, tend to get restless. God forbid, what if your dog unleashes itself and runs away to find you when you are not home? It’s better to stay prepared. Make sure to clip in an updated identity card to your dog’s collar with your name, phone number, and address.

Make sure to provide detailed information to the caregiver!

Whether you are planning to leave your pet at a boarding, at a friend’s place, or with a pet-sitter, make sure to leave a list of detailed pet care instructions, like how much food or how many times your dog eats in a day, is he on meds or what medication you give when suffers from a given condition, etc. It’s a good idea to hand over a list of best vets for pet care to the person who will be taking care of your dog.

Boarding facilities can be a good idea for old canines!

You are likely to find some animal hospitals in your area. Many vet facilities provide boarding services for pets. So, if your dog is old or needs medical attention, you can consider this option. Or else, if you don’t want to keep your dog kenneled, you have other better options too. A word of caution – animal boardings and hospitals house many dogs, so you need to be careful with this. Unfortunately, animals can be ill or suffering from any allergic condition or something. Until and unless your pet is fully vaccinated, you should not keep him or her in kennels and other pet care facilities. Moreover, pet-friendly animal hospitals in your area are less likely to allow your dog if he is not vaccinated.

Leave important contact information!

Emergencies are unstoppable. What if something happens to your dog when you are not around? To make sure that your pet gets timely medical or personal assistance, leave the names and contact numbers of the vet who sees your dog and your near and dear ones with who your furry darling gels up well. It will ensure that your dog will get immediate attention when needed. If you need to find the best veterinarians in your area, you can use Directories like Greatvet which have the details of the best and top rated vets in your area.

No long goodbyes, please!

Going on vacation without your dearest companion can be painful. But, you should avoid long goodbyes. Don’t forget, dogs understand human emotions. So, if he happens to get any hint that your leaving is not a regular one and you are going for a few days, he might get anxious. So, keep it normal as if you are going to the office and will be back in some time.

Following these tips, you can make sure that your dog is not alone and is well taken care of when you are away!

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