Our Guide To Keeping Your Horse Warm Ahead Of The Winter Weather

Caring for a horse can be difficult, particularly as the weather begins to get colder, but with a number of accessories to help you regulate their temperature and feed them accordingly as well as rugs and heaters on hand for the stable, you can keep your horse warm come rain or shine. In this article, we will be providing you with our guide to keeping your horse warm this winter.

Keep Them Warm At All Times

Though this may seem like an obvious thing to do when the weather turns cold, it is important to ensure that your horse is kept warm when in the stable as well as turning out. Because of this, there are a number of options such as stable rugs and an affordable heavyweight turnout rug to keep your horse warm regardless of the weather condition.

Plan Ahead For Every Weather Condition

Though it may seem tempting to go about your daily routine when the weather gets colder, it is important to plan ahead for every weather condition. Whether this is having extra rugs on hand to keep your horse warm in the evening, or regular water changes to prevent it from freezing, this will all help to regulate the horse’s temperature and keep him warm and cared for regardless of the weather outside. Though this will take careful planning on your part, checking the weather conditions and preparing can help to keep your horse healthy and happy all year round.

Change Diet Based On Their Work Load and Average Weight

When the weather turns colder, it is time to adjust the horses feed to regulate weight. Many horses lose weight over the course of the winter to make room for the fresh spring grass, therefore it is important to ensure that the weight is regulated to keep in heat and prevent any issues with the digestive system. Whether you change some of the feed with a supplement to replace lost vitamins or you decide upon a hoof balancing feed to prevent crumbling hoofs or laminitis, this can all benefit your horse in the long term, even when the weather is at its coldest.

Provide The Horse With Plenty Of Water

With severe weather it can be difficult to maintain a horse’s temperature, however, providing them with plenty of clean cool water will help to reduce body temperature should they become unexpectedly warm. Whether this is because the evening is just milder or you have rugged them too much, this can lead to them overheating at this time. By supplying water and rugs in the stable, you can then adapt the conditions based around the weather conditions. It is also important to ensure that the water is not frozen as this will prevent your horse from being able to use it.

Whether you are a first-time horse owner looking to expand your knowledge or you are an established horse owner looking to refresh your memory, we are sure that you will find the perfect solution for caring for your horse.

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