How Long Do Miniature Poodles Live – How to Care for Them the Right Way?

Miniature poodles are the second smallest of the poodles. The smallest being toy poodles and the largest are the standard variety of poodles. No matter their size, poodles are active, friendly, and intelligent dogs.

Even though miniature poodles are smaller, they live longer than standard poodles. A standard poodle’s average lifespan is between 12 to 15 years. And in general, a miniature poodle lives for anywhere between 14 to 17 years.

Now you know how long do miniature poodles live. But did you know that there are certain factors that influence your poodle’s life expectancy?

Factors That Influence Poodle’s Lifespan

Poodles are a purebred breed. This means they are prone to certain hereditary diseases and infections.

Experts say that miniature poodles suffer from a list of inherited health conditions. Such as idiopathic epilepsy and seizures. They are also susceptible to diseases originating in the adrenal gland like Addison’s and Cushing’s disease.

Hormonal abnormalities, loss of appetite, sudden weight shifts, lethargy, bloating, etc. All these are the symptoms that miniature poodles can experience as a result of inherent diseases.

Other hereditary skin conditions include skin problems and neurological disorders.

Due to their small size, miniature poodles do develop a bone disease known as luxating patella which is a dislocation of the knee cap caused by bone abnormalities.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, how soon and how badly would the miniature poodle get sick? This depends on the individual poodle’s heritage.

The only way to ensure that your miniature poodle stays healthy and active is by taking him to the vet for regular health check-ups.

A proper diet, regular exercise, and proper medication. All these factors can improve the quality of life of your dog. And ensure a long and healthy life.

How to Take Care of A Poodle

1. Regular Health Check-Ups

Taking your poodle for regular health check-ups is one way to make sure they are healthy and active. Because miniature poodles are prone to various inherited diseases, regular testing is necessary.

The first thing you can do when you bring a miniature poodle home is do a DNA test. This will help you examine any underlying genetic conditions that you can prepare for.

When you buy a poodle from a retail pet store, you will be provided with the proper documentation. This includes health certificates and a proper document that shows your dog’s parents’ line and health check-ups.

When you buy a poodle from a rescue group or a shelter, it is the organization that provides certain health check-ups for any ongoing treatment.

2. Weight Management

Miniature poodles weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. Make sure that your poodle does not exceed this weight. A proper diet and regular exercise is the best way to do that.

Miniature poodles are prone to knee disorders and bloating. So ask your vet for the best possible diet plan for your dog to keep him healthy and active. Poodles love swimming and playing fetch. These are great outdoor activities for your dog.

You can also take your dog out for a long walk or a jog as a part of his daily routine.

3. Grooming

Take your poodle to the vet for clipping his nails, dental check-ups, and hair trimming. You must also keep a poodle’s gums and ears clean.

Certain pet shops offer ear wipes that allow you to clean your dog’s ears at home. You can also buy a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste. Poodles are susceptible to getting their ears dirty, to ear cleaning once a week is essential.

When your dog spends a sufficient amount of time outdoors, grooming is essential. Let’s not forget that poodles are prone to skin diseases. So keeping the coat and skin clean, dry, and soft should be your priority.

4. Diet

What’s the best dog food for a miniature poodle? You have to feed a miniature poodle to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Poodles are prone to feeling lethargic or can become quickly overweight due to a careless feeding schedule.

Primarily, standard dog food contains more carbohydrates and protein. They also contain a high amount of grains which may or may not be of high quality.

Poodles have a sensitive digestive system. So too much soy or wheat may cause allergies for some poodles. So stay away from dog food that is mostly low-quality grains and less protein.

What you should be looking for are good sources of protein. This includes meat with natural sources of carbs like sweet potatoes. Feeding your miniature poodle this kind of diet is best because it promotes a natural, balanced meal.

Always keep a fresh bowl of water out for your dog. After eating dry dog food, your dog may get thirsty. Adequate water intake can prevent constipation, vomiting, and nausea. And it also helps maintain a healthy weight and great stamina.

Final Thoughts

Poodles are very sensitive dogs. And that is why they are loyal and committed to their owners. To take care of a miniature poodle, you have to be the alpha. And being the alpha, you have certain responsibilities to uphold.

Such as making sure that your miniature poodle stays active, healthy, and happy. Teaching your dog clever tricks, spend time outdoors, and proper grooming. All these factors weigh in when you think about how long do miniature poodles live.

Poodles need lots of socialization, care, and stimulation with humans and other dogs. But since they are prone to various hereditary diseases, it’s also necessary to take your dog for check-ups once every 4 to 6 weeks or so.

Health is the number one factor of influence. And as with any other dog, bad health does influence the lifespan of a poodle. And it also decreases the quality of life. But knowing what you know now, taking care of a miniature poodle should be easy and straightforward!

Lisa Thompson

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