How Long Does A Beagle Live?

The life expectancy of a Beagle depends on a number of factors. Genetics, neurological conditions, and trauma. However, the average age of the Beagle is between 12 to 15 years.

Some Beagle dogs may live up to 17 years. But that, as I said, depends on the dog’s personal factors. If a Beagle owner takes proper care of their dog, the lifespan can increase. Avoiding severe health diseases such as cancer, kidney disease, and other neurological diseases.

Beagle puppies who have suffered from physical abnormalities. Or they have suffered from some kind of trauma during childbirth. Such Beagle dogs don’t live for very long. Although such hereditary issues can be taken care of with proper rehabilitation and medications.

If you want to know how long a Beagle lives, this is what you need to find out.

How Long Do Beagles Live?

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The average life expectancy of the Beagle dog is 12 to 13 years. A healthy and well-reared Beagle can live for longer than 15 years also. That said, a Beagle that’s in ill health can live for less than 12 years too.

The increase and decrease of a Beagle’s life expectancy depend on genetics. Though Beagles live longer, in comparison to similar dog breeds. If you take care of them well and provide proper care, you can expect your Beagle to live for a long time.

Did you know the oldest Beagle alive was 27 years? That Beagle has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records! That’s why Beagle is one of the longest living breeds. Alongside it are Chihuahuas, Jack Russell Terriers, and Miniature Poodles.

What Causes Death In Beagles?

When we talk about life, death is just a stone’s throw away. You can understand what seriously ails the Beagle breed – puppies and adults. That’s a good way to figure out whether adopting/buying a Beagle is the right choice for you.

If you already do have a Beagle, you’ll know what to look out for.

Beagle puppies are 12 months old or lower. Puppies are at their most sensitive stages. If you’re not extra careful, a puppy might get an infection, injured, or a congenital disease.

Causes of Death In Puppies

These are the common diseases in the Beagle puppy that you should know about.


Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease in Beagle puppies. This is regardless of the vaccination. And if left undiagnosed or untreated, it can be a life-threatening infection. Your puppy can be prone to many such infections.

Others include distemper, bacterial infections, leptospirosis, and eye or ear infections.

A professional would recommend separate vaccines to prevent such infections. For fungal infection, for example, you must request a vaccine specific to such diseases.

If your puppy has been around the forest, other animals, or a raccoon. It’s best to get the vaccine so as to prevent a deadly infection spread.


Trauma in puppies is more common than you think. Beagle puppies, during and after childbirth, can easily hurt themselves. Being dropped, walking into a ditch, getting stuck between a wire or a narrow corner. This can be accidental or intentional.

Human carelessness and incompetence can lead to traumatic events. A common established term “puppy mill” also causes trauma in puppies. Force-feeding, poor living conditions, lack of proper nutrition.

All these factors can lead to Beagle puppies living for a much shorter period of time. But this is not something proper medication and lots of love can alter. Hence, it is best to prolong and nourish life by adopting a Beagle puppy than it is to pre-plan one for purchasing.

Congenital Disease

Congenital diseases are birth defects. Beagles often suffer from liver or heart disease. Poor breeding conditions, trauma, poor nutrition can also cause congenital diseases in the Beagle mother. Which she then passes on to the Beagle puppies.

Causes of Death In Adults

An adult Beagle is 12 months or higher. They reach maturity between the 1 to 7-year mark. After 7 years of age, you can think of the Beagle as a senior dog. Lots of changes occur during this period.


Cancer is the leading cause of death in adult Beagles. This is also true for other dominant dog breeds too.

The most common types of cancer in Beagles include. Bone cancer, mast cell tumors, melanoma which is mouth cancer, and lymphoma which is skin cancer. It can occur in middle-aged and elderly dogs.

Early diagnosis, proper medication, chemotherapy. All these factors significantly improve the life expectancy of the Beagle. However, along with the treatment, you should also expect certain behavioral changes in your dog.

Neurological Diseases

Certain dominant neurological diseases in Beagles are genetic. It’s a disease the adult Beagle must have picked up from either one of the parents or both of them. Beagles are prone to epilepsy, seizures, palpitations, and the inflammation of the brain.

All of these factors can be acute or chronic. This means they can be either brought on by an accident or trauma. Or they are a recurring disease such as diabetes.

Beagles also experience problems with the spine such as the Neonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration. But most of these diseases can be controlled and/or treated with proper medication.

Before You Go

You can guide your dog to reach his/her full life expectancy. By having your dog properly vaccinated, neutered, and treated for certain health conditions.

The underlying factors such as proper nutrition, weight management, and regular physical activity. They all contribute to increasing the lifespan of the Beagle. Beagles are healthy dogs. They can be physically and mentally stimulated for play. They’re quite a playful and active dog breed.

So the Beagle has a better chance of living longer because of you. Consider this a reminder to treat your dog with love and respect. Don’t be fooled into thinking that dogs are genetically wired to live for a set period of time.

You’re responsible for their upbringing and old age. Health has the same effect on dogs as it does on humans. If you don’t take care of your body, you’re bound to fall sick all the time. So why do you think it’s going to be any different for your favorite Beagle dog?

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