How to Calm A Hyper Cat – 5 Most Effective Tips for A Healthy Life

If you’re looking for effective ways to calm down a hyper cat, you’ve come to the right place. There’s much you can do at home to make sure your cat feels safe and calm. And there are even a few things you’re not supposed to.

For a cat parent, sometimes your cat’s behavior can be unpredictable. He or she may be purring calmly by your side. But suddenly, you see that your cat’s running around everywhere, jumping on top of furniture dropping things down, perhaps even fighting with other pets in the house.

A hyper cat may turn into a “crazy” and uncontrollable feline. And at the time, what you can do to calm your hyper cat are the following things.

Ways for Calming Your Hyper Cat

1. Do not force the cat to stay calm

Cat experts note that if your cat suddenly starts to jump on tall furniture and run around the house like crazy, do not attempt to stop them. The best thing to do would be to allow the behavior. Because, and chances are that, your cat will eventually stop after a few minutes.

It is not necessary to stop your cat or put her in a crate to calm her down.

What you can do, however, is distract the cat with one of her favorite toys. You can try to lure the cat into an empty cardboard box with a ball and a string. Or let your cat chase a toy around the house.

These are all helpful tips to calm a hyper cat without force. According to one expert, cats tend to run around until they get tired and slow down. It is very natural for cats to release all that pent-up energy by running and playing.

2. Keep a quiet, positive household

Look around you; does your cat live in a chaotic and noisy home? If that is so, that is most likely why you have a hyper cat. Pets reflect the energy of the home. When there are any sudden changes in your home, especially new pets, new family members, or construction work.

Prolonged noise and chaos can also affect the mental health of a feline. Causing your cat to suddenly experience a burst of energy.

The best thing to do would be to keep your home calm and quiet. If you live with a lot of family members, this can get difficult to do. So instead what you can do is keep your cat in the quietest room in the house.

If it’s something specific that your cat is bothered by, like a new piece of furniture or toy, take it out of your cat’s sight immediately.

3. Take your cat for a walk

It’s not always the dog that needs regular walks outdoors. Keeping your cat indoors all day and night might have negative consequences. Especially when you have a hyperactive cat.

Even though it’s a slow process, getting your cat used to a cat leash is not a big thing. You can look up fun and effective cat training videos on YouTube to walk your cat with a proper leash.

If you have a backyard, allow your cat to go in and out at their comfort during daylight. Chances are your cat is suffering from boredom. Going out to play and run around is the only way to cure that. This will also put a stop to the hyper-activity around the house.

Make sure your backyard is properly fenced for your cat’s safety. Creating a safe outdoor experience for your cat should be your priority. A harness or a leash is the best way to talk your cat out for a walk outdoors if you don’t have a backyard.

4. Do a full health check-up

Treating any underlying health condition in your cat with a few blood tests. Hyperactivity in cats is also a sign of some physical or mental illness. Aged cats suffer from hyperthyroidism which is their primary cause of unusual, hyperactivity.

 An overactive thyroid can increase energy levels in cats. If your cat doesn’t sleep much and experiences sudden bursts of energy and over-eating, consult with a vet immediately.

Proper medication and a change in diet can make a huge difference.

5. Encourage mentally stimulating toys

If there’s not enough mental stimulation for your cat, they may “lash out” with off-the-wall behavior. A good way to keep your cat mentally stimulated is by pursuing fun and exciting games.

You can teach your cat new tricks using treats. Adopt a new pet for your cat to play and bond with. Make sure you play with your cat daily. You can buy a tall cat tree for your cat to climb on. Empty cardboard boxes, tunnels, paper bags, etc. Your cat will love these as hiding spots for a chasing game.

Once a cat understands certain games and tricks, make them slightly more difficult. Never underestimate how clever a feline is. They have hunting instincts that can get them through the stickiest of situations.

All these tips are enough to keep your cat happy, satisfied, and calm. Proper mental stimulation with the help of games, toys, and outdoor walks can even extend your cat’s lifespan.  Keeping the bad effects of old age at bay.

Final Thoughts

Buying a scratchpad, cat tree, and other exciting toys is a great way to learn how to calm a hyper cat. And if you feel that things are getting out of control, take your cat to a vet for professional consultation.

Cats are interactive and playful pets. They need a proper outlet for all the pent-up energy for at least 10-15 minutes each day. This also applies to kittens who are perhaps jumpier and more playful than adult cats.

Helping your cat stay active, mentally calm, and healthy is essential. Cats need proper mental stimulation and exercise daily. And if you start to notice any sudden, unusual behavior in your cat, make sure you recognize any changes around the house as well. Household conflicts, construction work, or a new pet can cause your cat to feel uncomfortable which causes hyperactivity.

Lisa Thompson

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