How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

Are your cats having a hard time due to being pestered by fleas and you are wondering what to do with them? You need to worry no more. There are plenty of reliable ways through which you can get rid of these fleas.

First and foremost you need to know the symptoms that come with flea invasion on your cats. For instance you can know that your cat has a flea infestation if you notice that it’s restless or when it’s regularly chewing or scratching its skin. Below is a discussion on how to get rid of fleas on cats.

​Use Spot on Treatments

Spot on treatments are usually very effective when it comes to getting rid of fleas from cats. Compared to the old methods of shampooing or spraying the spot on treatments are safer for the health of the cat. You can get these treatments from online stores or from a vet in your locality.

How to get rid of Fleas on Cats

Washing the Cat with Flea Repellents

Using cool water to rinse the cat can expel fleas off its skin and fur. In the water bath you should include flea repellents such as cedar, lavender, eucalyptus or omega 3 fatty acid supplements. The importance of the omega 3 fatty acid supplements is to ensure that the cat’s skin doesn’t dry out when it undergoes regular shampooing.

​Clean The Cat’s Relaxing Area

Cleaning your cat and leaving its sleeping or relaxing area unattended will definitely be useless. When you have shampooed your cat clean ensure that you keep its environment clean to get rid of all the flea eggs that maybe on the cat’s beddings. Cedar earth is always ideal for preventing flies from infesting your cat’s sleeping area.

Comb Its Fur

Some cats don’t really like a water bath so you got to come up with another option to clear fleas from their fur. With such kinds of cats you can use a flea comb that will enable you to comb the fleas out of the skin. While using a flea comb you should ensure that you get down the comb close to the cat’s skin but at the same time ensure that you are careful not to pull off its fur.

​Treat Your Home Environment

If the outside of your home is filled with unattended garbage it is likely that fleas will have a comfortable breeding in your home. To avoid such instances you should ensure you get rid of any debris in your outside yard that may be a convenient place for the fleas to congregate. Moreover planting some trees like eucalyptus and marigold in your yard will help you keep away fleas that may want to make your cat their prey.

How to get rid of Fleas on Cats

Give Your Cats Medicine

There are some cat pills that are available in veterinary stores that can help you get rid of fleas affecting your cat’s health. These pills include the Capstar which kills fleas on the skin of the cat in 30 minutes. The other chewing pill that is very effective is the Spinosad that kills these fleas before they get to lay eggs. It provides a full month protection for your cat to stay free from flea infestation.

Clean Your Home Carpet

Your home carpet is a place where fleas can deposit their eggs and larvae. For that reason to keep your cat free from fleas you will need to vacuum your home carpet regularly to ensure that there are not flea eggs or larvae on the carpet. Getting a professional to do the job can be a great option to ensure that the vacuuming is done perfectly to ensure that there is no trace of the flea eggs left on the carpet.

Use Drops

To keep fleas away from your cat you can apply drops along its spine or on its withers. Doing that will help the cat repel any kind of fleas from attacking their skin. While using drops on your cat note that they may cause some allergic reactions to some types of cats although they do not possess any fatal effects.

Use Flea Sprays

Using flea sprays will help you get rid of fleas on your cat very easily and quickly. When you apply the spray on the cat ensure that it doesn’t lick it off for the best results. Also note that while applying the spray on the cat you will need to put on gloves to ensure that you don’t consume it in accidentally.

Flea Collars

For fleas that spend much time outdoors flea colors are ideal to keep them protected from being attacked by fleas. These insecticide impregnated collars are pretty light and they stay flea resistant for a duration of 2 to 3 months. While using the flea collars it is important to note that some cats feel uncomfortable wearing them so it’s important to make a keen observation to see whether your cat is comfortable with them.

Get Nematodes

Biologically nematodes are insect-parasitic but they are safe for pets and humans. Normally the nematodes seek out for flea larvae and destroy them before they become adult larvae. If you are living in an environment with good survival conditions for nematodes you can have them around your house to ensure that your cats stay safe from fleas.

Know How They Live

Getting rid of the adult fleas and leaving behind their eggs and larvae will mean that you will still have some fleas to deal with after they mature into adulthood. For that reason it’s important to have in mind that you will be dealing with this fleas in all their growth stages. These 4 development stages include the egg, larva, pupa and adult.


As a cat owner it is our responsibility to ensure that your cat stays in good health and free from flea infestation. The above given ways will enable you give your cat the comfortable life they deserve by keeping them flea free at all times. Well, out there in the insecticide stores you will find powder insecticides but always have in mind that they don’t work effectively because the powder can easily fall off the cat’s fur. More to that note that if your cat is pregnant you will need to consult your vet before you use some of the above mentioned flea killing methods on it.

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