How Much Do Huskies Cost? (all you need to know about the breed)

Ask any dog-lover and he/she will agree that Siberian Huskies are one of the most beautiful and highly appealing dog breeds. And the nature, athleticism, and looks of a Husky are qualities that you can hold responsible for that. No wonder it’s not uncommon these days to spot Siberian Huskies everywhere. So the question here is, how much do Huskies cost?

The question does not just mean how much you have to spend to buy one from a professional, caring breeder. It also includes the cost of raising a Husky. Meaning food costs, training costs, vet costs, and a lot more. So if you want the correct information about this particular breed, you’ve come to the right place.

How Much Do Huskies Cost – Breeders

Before you decide to “buy” a Siberian Husky from a breeder, you have to know the ugly truth.

Huskies belong to the category of good-looking, athletic, and in-demand dog breeds, right? So many backyard breeders indiscriminately breed Husky puppies. This explains why the numbers in so many rescue organizations are increasing every year.

The pet industry is up to the neck. Even so, many dog owners, I won’t call them dog-lovers, fail to keep up with the daily exercise requirements of this breed. And that’s how the pups and adult Huskies make their way to these rescues.

The point I’m trying to make here is that maybe you should consider adopting a Siberian Husky from the rescue. Instead of buying one from cruel and uncaring backyard breeders. There’s no shortage of Huskies in animal shelter homes. But do this only if you know you can provide the dog with his/her daily dose of exercise.

Let me also point out that Huskies tend to run around a lot, even chase cats. So it’s a bit hard to keep up with their energetic and active lifestyle. But if you’re up for it, then your rescued Husky can be an incredibly rewarding pet. All you need to do as a responsible and loving owner is put in some time and effort.

As for buying a Siberian Husky or any other breed, it’s important that you find a reputable and humane professional breeder. In that case, please skip those free ads you see of animal breeders. They’re the worst!

The thing about good breeders is that they have only occasional litters. This means a waiting list is inevitable. But when you get to the part of actually adopting a Husky pup, make sure to see the mother. Also, reliable and caring breeders are genuine animal-lovers that don’t just value the profit they make from the deal. They actually care about the dogs.

You know you’re dealing with a good breeder if he/she interrogates you during the visit. Speaking of which, you have to ensure that the puppy is registered with a proper Kennel Club. In case the puppy isn’t registered, feel free to ask the breeder why. The chances are the breeder is just producing Husky puppies for monetary purposes.

How Much Do Huskies Cost – Price

The price of a Siberian Husky varies based on location, gender, coloring, lineage, and more. On a general note, expect to spend anywhere between $600 and $1300. Superior pedigree Huskies are even more expensive. When the breed lines are exceptional, the range can be as high as $1400-$6000.

As for those who prefer to adopt, you won’t be paying more than $350 to $550. In this case, you get two benefits. The first is that you’re paying much less for a beautiful Siberian Husky. And the second is that you’re rescuing an animal that needs a home.

How Much Do Huskies Cost – Feeding Costs

It’s only common sense to want to find out how much you’ll be spending to feed your Husky. I mean don’t we all worry about our own daily food expenses. So why not do the same for your pet? It is a regular, recurring expense after all.

Now the question is, how much to spend on feeding a Siberian Husky? The answer actually depends on the weight of the dog. Huskies, on average, weigh somewhere between 35 pounds and 60 pounds. This is the medium size, which has quite a solid appetite.

Generally speaking, Huskies eat around 2-3 cups of dog food on a daily basis. But this quantity varies based on the activity level and size of the dog. The best thing you can do for your pet is to speak to your vet about it. Only he/she will be able to personalize the correct answer for you.

Now let’s talk about the cost of the food. High-quality Husky-specific dog food is around $2 to $3 for every pound. That means a bag of 30 pounds costs $55. And a 30-pound bag contains approximately 120 cups of dog food.

So if your hungry Husky consumer 2.5 cups daily, the 30-pound bag will last for 48 days. On a rough scale, your dog goes through 8 whole bags every year. And that is $440 in total.

As for dog treats, that cost is very low. Not more than $10 a month. However, you should know that treats are supplements in the diet of a dog. You feed them to your pet for rewarding good behavior. You cannot and should not replace regular dog food with treats. The latter is not well-equipped to deliver the much-needed daily nutrients as the former.

How Much Do Huskies Cost – Vet Costs

Veterinarian expense is a factor many potential dog owners fail to take into consideration at the time of buying or adopting a Siberian Husky. Or any other dog breed. And let me tell you why this is important. Vet bills, more often than not, aren’t cheap. In that case, you have every reason to find out what the common health conditions of a Siberian Husky are.

Lucky for you, Huskies are comparatively healthier than most other dog breeds. Potential medical issues that might spring into action are cataracts, canine glaucoma, congenital laryngeal paralysis, seizures, and corneal dystrophy. Even hip dysplasia is a common concern among Siberian Huskies.

Now let’s find out how much medical conditions cost…

  • Treating corneal dystrophy costs somewhere between $300 and $3000.
  • Treating hip dysplasia costs somewhere between $1500 and $6000.
  • Treating follicular dysplasia costs somewhere between $200 and $500.
  • Treating entropion costs somewhere between $300 and $1500.
  • Treating uveodermatologic syndrome costs somewhere between $1000 and $3000.
  • Treating deafness costs somewhere between $100 and $300.

You have to think about vaccinations as well once your pup enters adulthood. Speaking of adulthood, the neutering or spaying procedure cost also matters. Once vaccinations and sterilization are in place, you’ll be spending only a few hundred dollars every year. But that’s only if your dog’s health is in good condition.

How Much Do Huskies Cost – Training Costs

Needless to say, Siberian Huskies are incredibly strong-willed and stubborn dogs. This means the breed demands lots of exercise on a daily basis. Only then can you expect to keep them entertained and healthy. Bored Huskies often end up becoming too vocal, mischievous, and destructive.

You might already know that Siberian Huskies are sled dogs. What does that tell you about them? That Huskies enjoy strenuous exercise. You can’t obviously take them to the North Pole to pull a sled in the snow. But you can make sure your pet gets enough daily exercise. For boosting blood flow, mental productivity, and physical health.

Now that you know how important exercise is, let me tell you how to go about it. If your Husky is well-trained, it becomes easier for you to prevent behavioral issues. An obedient, well-socialized dog is a perfect family member. And the best way you can make this happen is with the help of training.

If you don’t have the time and patience to train your dog, you can hire a private trainer. Such a professional usually charges $150 for a 6-8-week training program.

Once your dog receives proper training, expect only favorable results in terms of behavior. And the best part here is that Huskies are very loyal, loving, and gentle. So a good amount of training enhances these qualities even more.

How Much Do Huskies Cost – Other Costs

Yes, food expenses and vet bills are crucial factors to take into consideration. Apart from these, there are a few others too.

What about grooming costs? The fees here are very likely to add up quickly for a lot of dog breeds. However, fortunately, Siberian Huskies don’t require much grooming. Since the breed is considered to be “natural”, the dogs are quite proficient at cleaning themselves. Even baths are not that frequent.

As for the thick coat, brushing once every week is more than enough. Then comes the nail trimming part. If you don’t know how to do it at home, an appointment at the vet costs around $10.

The next miscellaneous cost is the price of dog supplies. Such as food bowls, water bowls, leash, collar, and brush. Along with a few simple toys! Most of these are one-time expenses. So you don’t end up spending much or too often.

So Why Should You Get A Husky?

I have 3 reasons why any dog-lover should consider getting a Siberian Husky. Let’s get to them below…

#1 Huskies have a fun-loving personality

There’s no doubt that Siberian Husky puppies and adult dogs are fun to be around. The breed is nothing but loyal and loving toward family members. Particularly children! It’s a relatively easy-going and well-socialized breed that loves being around other dogs too.

However, you need to know that Huskies love everyone, including burglars. So if the dog guarding your home is what you’re looking forward to, then please don’t. Huskies are not good for that. Also, since they enjoy being around people and other dogs, leaving them alone at home is not such a great idea either.

Siberian Huskies have a pack mentality and keen working potential. So they tend to become vocal and destructive when not allowed to follow their natural instincts. They might not bark incessantly. But excessive howling comes to them naturally.

The good part here is that Huskies are fiercely independent. They love running on their own. So make sure you don’t leave them off-leash. Since obedience isn’t one of their strongest qualities, then chances are you’ll have a hard time training them.

I know that the task is difficult. But once you get it right, the amount of joy and positivity a Siberian Husky can bring into your life, no other dog will be able to live up to that. You can take my word for it.

#2 Huskies are large, beautiful dogs

By large, I don’t mean too big. Even the largest Siberian Husky is medium in size. However, the breed is heavy. You can’t compare it with the light Greyhound after all.

Male Huskies are larger in comparison to female dogs. The height they reach is around 23.5 inches. As for female Huskies, they grow as tall as 22 inches. Once again, the male version is relatively heavier. The numbers here are 45 pounds to 60 pounds. The female numbers are 35 pounds to 50 pounds.

So if you have a fondness toward large dogs, a Siberian Husky fits the bill.

#3 Huskies are very energetic

This brings into the picture their daily exercise routine. If you live an active lifestyle yourself, then you’ll simply love your Husky. Although you might not enjoy the fact that your pet is too stubborn to let you lead.

In the case of Husky puppies, controlled exercise should be the norm. Once your dog turns 1 year old, you can incorporate more vigorous physical movements. But before that, please avoid strenuous exercise. Otherwise, you’ll end up damaging his/her joints.

And by vigorous, I mean at least two hours daily. And these two hours should include some running. This means a Siberian Husky makes an excellent running companion.

Final Say – Should You Get a Siberian Husky?

So are you ready to make time to provide your Husky with his/her daily exercise? Are you okay with having a dog that might give you a hard time getting trained? Are you happy about your pet’s people-loving nature? If all the answers are YES, then you should absolutely get a Husky.

Just make sure you pick a reliable, caring breeder. And bonus points to you if you prefer adopting one instead.

As for how much do Huskies cost, I have discussed all possible expenses in this post. So if you’re financially well-equipped to handle these costs of feeding, training, and vet, then go for it.

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