How to Potty Train A Ferret the Right Way – Do This, But Don’t Do That!

You can potty train your cat in the same way you can potty train a ferret. In fact, a ferret is considered to be quite a low maintenance pet. The perfect choice for new pet parents who would like to take on a responsibility of a small furry animal.

Having said that, a ferret can turn out to be quite a nuisance if you do not train him well. And one of the most important training exercises for a ferret is potty training.

You can potty train a ferret in different ways. But the most popular and convenient method of all is potty training a ferret with a litter box. That’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Potty training has plenty of benefits. It is more hygienic in terms of odor. And you do not have to keep cleaning ferret poop from all around the house.

How to potty train a ferret is easy only if you do it in the correct manner. So if you’re looking to try it out, here’s how to potty train a ferret for the first (and hopefully) last time to see effective results!

How to Potty Train A Ferret

There are four ways to potty train your ferret using a litter box…

1. After waking up

A ferret will get up in the morning whenever you do. So just like you go to the toilet first thing in the morning, even before brushing your teeth, do the same with your ferret.

Although you may not brush his teeth, that’s for sure! But gently place your ferret in or around the litter box immediately after he wakes up. This might take a few days but make a habit of doing so. And whenever the ferret gets inside the box, reward him with a small treat.

Do this every morning because ferrets usually have a full bladder by the time they wake up in the morning. So your ferret will associate the scent of the litter box to relieve himself. And the habit of walking into the litter box before getting out of his cage is the way to do that.

2. Multiple litter boxes

If the first method is not as helpful, especially if you have a very active and energetic ferret around the house, do this instead. Buy multiple litter boxes that are smaller in size. Place them all over the house, most especially in corners.

Make sure you place the litter boxes in areas where your ferret roams the most. And whenever you see your ferret jumping into the litter box, during playing or on purpose, give him a treat immediately.

3. The “bedroom” method

This is a very effective method to try out when the first two methods don’t work. It’s most likely that your ferret has already found a spot to pee and poop in. It is usually in dark areas of your house – behind the doors, under the bed, or in a quiet corner where nobody ever goes.

Once you find his spot, clean it up well so that it doesn’t smell of ferret poop or pee. And convert it into a cozy, bedroom for your ferret. Ferrets love to sleep on soft, cushiony beds. You can lay down a thick and soft blanket or a hammock he loves to sleep in, etc.

Your ferret won’t poop or pee where he sleeps. So he will eventually stop doing those things in his “bedroom” altogether. With that, you can direct your ferret to a litter box whenever you find him going to his bedroom to do his business.

With proper rewards and good housekeeping, you can potty train your ferret in no time.

4. Use vanilla extract

Did you know that ferrets love the smell of vanilla extract? So the best way to direct your ferret to a litter box is to spray a few drops (maybe less if the scent is strong) around the litter box. You can also smear a drop or two of vanilla on the wall where the litter box is kept.

Do this a few times in a day. And your ferret should eventually learn to go into the litter box. The smell of the litter will instinctually compel him to pee and poop easily.

How Not To Potty Train A Ferret

There are a few things you can avoid since they tend to stress out your ferret during potty training. Any sudden and unusual behavior will be a good indicator that you’re pushing your ferret too hard. When that happens, step back for a while and approach these potty training tips in a calm, positive manner.

Another thing you can do is make sure that you DO NOT do this…

Do not force your ferret into the litter box. If the ferret is hesitating to get into the litter box and you’re forcing him anyway, that’s wrong. Your ferret will then associate only negative feelings with the box. When your ferret looks scared, give your ferret some space.

You can try out any one of the potty training methods mentioned above after a few days. Punishing your ferret when he does not follow the training method is also an unwise thing to do.

Training should be a positive and exciting process for your ferret. So keeping it light, active, and calm is essential. Offer rewards and praise whenever your ferret takes a step forward, no matter how tiny a step that is. This can have the greatest effect on your ferret.

Final Thoughts

There is a responsible and proper way to potty train a ferret with a litter box. The secret to success is to be very consistent and patient with your training. Ferrets don’t usually learn new tricks all at once. These things take time.

By offering rewards, lots of playtime, and good food, you can keep your ferret happy and satisfied. TChis makes him more energetic to learn new tricks faster. And your ferret will be potty trained in no time!

Lisa Thompson

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