Pomeranian Puppy Price Range – Most Important Factors That Affect Price

You’ll find all kinds of articles and how-to guides about raising a Pomeranian puppy for beginners. But what you won’t find, at least not in the way I’m about to lay it down for you, is the Pomeranian puppy price range.

So bluntly put, how much does a Pomeranian puppy cost?

You might want to consider more than the initial cost of buying a Pomeranian puppy. There’s food, training, grooming, medical bills, supplies, and bedding that you need to think about as a part of that initial cost.

Other factors like breeding, registration, and location also determine the cost of the puppy. Where do you plan to purchase the puppy from? A dog breeder or a shelter? Is it a pure or mixed breed Pomeranian puppy? Do they have the proper registration certificate?

All these factors weigh in, that much you know, but how much?  That’s what this article is all about.

Pomeranian Puppy Price Range

Even though a Pomeranian is a small breed, the buying price of a puppy is somewhere between $70 to $200. A more expensive Pomeranian puppy will be registered with proper information about the previous litter, health conditions, and such history of the dog or breed.

If the Pomeranian puppy you seek comes from a Champion breed, expect the costs to go way higher than the average price range. Champion breeds cost somewhere between $1000 to $3000.

Now, between this price spectrum of $70 and $200 or more, there are a few factors that influence the cost of a Pomeranian puppy. Such as…

1. Breeder’s Status

When you buy a dog, any breed, from a breeder, considering the breeder’s status is very important. Are they registered breeders? So you know someone who has bought a dog from the breeder before you? How do they take care of the animals in their organization? The breeding standards, health facilities, etc.

There are also two kinds of breeders you’ll come across. First is the kind who breeds dogs for dog shows. They often charge more – $100 to $200 – for a puppy. This is because they feed the dog high-quality, premium-grade nutrition and take extra measures to maintain their coat and overall health.

The second kind is someone who breeds purebred and mixed dogs domestically. They might not charge as much – $80 to $150 – but they, too, adhere to proper standards. Such as ensuring that the dog comes from a family, little to no genetic health conditions, proper medical papers, and registration.

Do not give in to breeders who claim they are excellent breeders even though they have nothing to show for it. Sketchy breeders are littered everywhere in the country.

You need someone reputable so make sure you do a background check before approving a breeder to buy a Pomeranian puppy for the first time.

2. Age

The initial cost of a Pomeranian puppy also depends on how young the puppy is. When you buy an adult purebred Pomeranian, the cost will be slightly higher if you want to enroll the dog in a dog show. Breeders groom and maintain the Pomeranian according to dog show standards. And then they sell the dog at a higher price to make a profit.

With Pomeranian puppies, that is not always the case. It is less expensive to buy a Pomeranian puppy as a pet, not a dog show contestant. Taking care of a younger pup will also cost you more in terms of food, bedding, and medicines.

3. Type of Pomeranian

Pomeranian puppies that are lighter than 2kg are referred to as ‘Teacup’ Pomeranians. They are literally the size of a teacup. Because of their tiny size, origin, and other health conditions, they cost way higher than your average Pomeranian puppy.

The original Pomeranian breed comes from Germany. But they’re also famous and widely bred in Britain. Also, Pomeranians frequent most American dog shows which makes them a popular dog breed for a comfortable lifestyle all over the world.

According to AKC, the average size of a Pomeranian is within the range of 2 to 5 kg in weight. And they reach up to 25 to 30 cm in height. Teacup Pomeranians are lower than 2kg and 25cm.

Since this is the average weight and height of a Pomeranian, they don’t cost as much. But Pomeranians that are smaller or bigger than this average range are more expensive because they are not as widely available for adoption or purchasing.

4. Medical Bills

Before you purchase a Pomeranian puppy, you have to make sure that they are vaccinated or checked by a professional. You can either take the new puppy to your trusted vet or have the breeder provide you with the proper documentation for it.

A Pomeranian puppy should be vaccinated after 6 weeks of age. A vet’s clinic provides an approved vaccination certificate to validate this treatment. Next, is the vaccination certificate of the puppy’s parents, if you want more information about it.

The follow-up vaccination is at 12 to 16 weeks of age. During this time, the puppy is not supposed to roam in public parks or around other dogs. This is because they may get infected very easily which would lead to a compromised immune system.

Talk to the vet about other vaccinations for distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis. Loss of appetite, bleeding, excessive drooling, pain, pus discharge from the eyes, ears, nose, etc., fever, and depression are symptoms that the Pomeranian hasn’t been vaccinated.

If you’re buying an unregistered puppy, take them to the vet immediately for a complete check-up. The cost of this depends on the location of the vet. But the average price range is between $100 to $300.

Final Verdict

From this, it can be said that the Pomeranian puppy price range is a little over or below $500. But it depends on the puppy’s vaccination schedule, registration, breed, and age.

Bringing a new puppy home is never easy. So having the cost range in mind before taking such a huge step is the right thing to do. Being financially prepared to take care of a dog shouldn’t have to be a burden. So plan wisely and act considerably!

Lisa Thompson

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