How to Report a Lost or Found Pet

Pet owners experience great distress when they lose a pet.  Most people are compassionate about animals and want to see them reunited with their owners when possible.  Technology has found several great ways to connect those who have found a missing pet with those who are missing a pet.

Pets can stray for farther distances than one would think.  Good Samaritans might also pick up a presumed stray and take it to a shelter far from where the pet goes missing.  In either scenario, technology can help reunite owners and their fur babies.

  • Lost and Found pages on social media. If you have either located a lost animal or are the owner of a missing animal, put a picture up of the animal along with a brief description and contact information.

If you have found a lost pet, remember to retain some information about the animal that only the owner should be able to identify.  If there is a distinguishing mark, try not to photograph it (for instance, if one back foot is white).  If the animal has a collar without a tag, take it off.  You want to ensure that you return the pet to its rightful owner.

Both owners and those who may have lost a pet should cross-post in as many sites as possible.  Bump your post when necessary to make sure it does not become lost.

  • Utilize social media to post the animal. Ask your friends to share the post.  Many lost animals are reunited because someone saw a post on social media.
  • Visit websites like and These websites allow you to post both lost and found animals. Alerts go out to the community, and they contain a large volume of other helpful information about what to do next.
  • Utilize neighborhood apps, like the NextDoor app. NextDoor allows you to alert neighbors and even nearby neighborhoods of both lost and found animals.  You can post a picture of the animal and be contacted via the messaging system on the app.
  • If you have lost a pet, check the webpages of any area rescues and local shelters. Most now offer pictures of the animals they have, but you also need to call.  Pictures can take days to go up on the website, or may only go up once your pet is ready for adoption.

If you have found a lost pet, notify local shelters and rescues as well.  Leave your contact information in the event the owners call or visit, trying to find their pet.

  • Post flyers of the animal around the area they were lost or found. Ask any local veterinarians if they are willing to post them in their office.  At the very least, they should be willing to keep the flyer in case the animal comes in, or the owners inquire about them.
  • If you found a lost animal without a tag with current contact information, please take them to a local veterinarian or shelter to be scanned for a microchip. Microchipping is becoming increasingly common and is a great way to see a happy ending to a lost pet saga.
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