Best Lost Pet Websites To Help Find Your Dog 

For many of us, our dogs are a member of our family. They are there during the best and worst times of our lives, and they inexplicably make life a little easier. The thought of losing a member of your family is terrifying to all dog lovers, but unfortunately, it is a tragedy many people face.

When you are going through such a difficult period, you want to know you are doing everything in your power to bring your baby home.  You want to be sure everyone you know is keeping their eyes peeled and that people in your community can contact you if your animal is spotted. Read on to learn about the best websites to help find your lost dog.


Shadow, which is currently active in New Jersey, New York, and Los Angelos, has helped reunite 2,000+ lost dogs with their families. The idea is, the more individuals looking out for your lost pet, the better chance they will be found!

The app is useful for individuals who have lost their animals but also for people who find a lost pet. Once you download the Shadow app, you upload the picture of your lost or found pet. Shadow then creates a personalized action plan for you to follow. They will create a flyer for you to print and post around your community. Volunteers will then take your photo and start searching shelters in your area and provide you with updates throughout their search. Shadow volunteers understand the heartache that comes when a piece of your heart is missing and they will do everything in their power to make sure your pet is returned home safe.


PetFBI has been helping reunite dogs and their owners since 1998. It was one of the first web-based databases for lost pets connecting owners with good samaritans who find dogs alone on the streets. There is no fee for “owners” and “finders” to contact one another as the organization is non-profit.

When searching, you can search your specific zip code and then can pick a radius to include depending on how far you think your dog has wandered. You can edit your report at any time and will get automated email alerts when a pet has been found in your area that matches your animal’s description. Many shelters work with PetFBI directly, so it’s likely if your animal has been picked up, they will be registered as a lost dog on the site. If you are concerned about your privacy, you do not need to include your name while filing a report. Include a way to contact you and the community will know your pet may be in the area.

Fido Finder

FidoFinder offers an extensive searchable database. FidoFinder is similar to PetFBI in that it is a platform where owners can post information about their lost dog and be alerted when matches are found. With FidoFinder, you can be proactive and pre-register your dog as “safe.” The benefits to this pre-registration are that you do not have to worry about filling out your dog’s information when you are in a panic, you can switch your dog’s status from “safe” to “lost” and let FidoFinder take care of the rest. Second, FidoFinder will provide you with a dog tag you can put on your dog’s collar that will link to the website and give the individual who finds your pet another way of contacting you. FidoFinder also allows owners to post rewards for lost dogs to increase an owner’s chances of bringing their pet home safely.

When you lose a member of your family, time is of the essence. You must have a plan in place for this terrifying situation so you can keep a clear head and take the proper steps. Harnessing the power of the community with Shadow, searching shelters with PetFBI and preregistering your dog with FidoFinder are all great ways to increase your chances of finding your lost dog who wants to be home with you!

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