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When it comes to cats, there is a very good chance that you had no idea that there was such thing as a therapy cat.  You’re probably wondering what exactly a therapy cat is, whether or not you can adopt one, how they actually help people, and whether or not you can train your cat to become a therapy cat?

What Exactly is a Therapy Cat?

To keep it as simple as possible, a therapy cat is going to be a cat that has been trained and certified to help all different ages of people ranging from youths to elders.  They provide a special type of human-animal interaction to comfort those who are in need of help while they are going through some type of emotional or physical complication.

While they have not been as common in the past, in recent years therapy cats have becoming a much more common type of pet, as it has been proven that they can work wonders.  In fact, it has been proven that a therapy cat can be beneficial to help you cope with:

  • Physical illnesses in the disabled and elderly people
  • Teenagers and other youngsters who are having behavioral problems
  • Hospital patients who are in emotional distress

Other common places that you may find a therapy cat is going to be in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, common practice in care homes, juvenile detention centers and several other types of facilities as well.  This is because therapy cats are proven to significantly ease some of the pains that patients suffering from different health disorders are dealing with.  These can include suicidal depression, autism and even heart strokes.

You may be thinking that you are going to turn your cat into a therapy cat now.  Before you get too excited however, just know that therapy cats do have to be professionally certified after going through a complete training program, giving them the experience that they need and making them as reliable as possible.

How to Get a Therapy Cat

When it comes to cat therapy, it is going to work in one of two ways.  Kitties that have been deemed suitable for an isolated individual case, or a facility where they will be able to help a much larger number of people needing therapy.  Essentially, you can either opt to have a therapy cat as your personal pet, or you can benefit from the therapy cats that are helping those who attend the various institutions where the therapy cat has been assigned.

Where to Get a Therapy Cat

A certified therapy cat is going to be the personal pet of cat parents that were chosen to volunteer to help those in need.  Unfortunately, volunteering means that you will be spending months and sometimes even years in training, forking out all of the money for the course’s fees, certificates, exams, and even membership fees.  Due to this, you are pretty much never going to see a therapy cat that is available for sale or adoption from just about anywhere.

With that being said, if you are in the need for a therapy cat, there are going to be three different options that you will be benefit from the healing and comforting that a therapy cat provides.  Those three ways are:

  • Visiting a facility where therapy cats have been assigned to help
  • Get a prescription so that you will be able to get yourself your own therapy cat
  • Take your kitten and have them trained so that they can be certified as a professional therapy cat

Knowing that there are only three ways to get a therapy cat may lead you to think that you will get your own cat certified.  However, turning a rescue or domestic cat into a certified therapy cat is not going to happen overnight, or come at a cheap price.  With that being said, it is going to be worth the cost and time commitment once you have done all the training and your cat has officially become a therapy cat. 

When it comes to therapy cats, they are not going to be your regular cat.  Therapy cats go through extensive training to become so helpful.  If you are in need of a therapy cat for your own personal use, you will need to speak with your doctor in order to get the prescription that is required to do so.  Just let them know why you feel you need a therapy cat to help you with your health condition and you will soon be on your way to recovery.

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