Top 5 Teacup Puppy Breed for Pet Lover

Brining a teacup puppy home is always fun, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Choosing the right breed to take care of your puppy is a time-consuming process.

Teacup puppies have become the favorite pets. They are smaller in size but more active than the other dogs. Most teacup puppies weigh about only two to five pounds. Their small size and body weight can bring several health problems, including immune systems and skeletal issues. Also, unscrupulous breeders frequently breed runts to produce unhealthy, tiny dogs. So if you are interested in bringing a teacup puppy and not sure where to find the right breed, give a check to Foufou puppies. Also, here we have made a list of five breeds of puppies you can choose from.

1.      Poodle

Teacup poodles are low maintenance dogs with training requirements and low exercise with a small amount of food. The best things about poodles are they are loyal, loving, and very intelligent. Poodles can make a perfect bond with your family. They are more social, active, and amazing pets for your family. They usually weigh about four pounds; however, the standard-sized counterparts weigh about forty-four to seventy pounds. The best trait of poodle teacups is they are low-shedders. Since they have curled hair coats, they don’t shed much hair, which is good news for your vacuum cleaner and allergies.

2.      Pomeranians 

Today’s Pomeranian has a reputation as a lapdog, but they were originally bred to pull sleds and herd animals. They weigh around thirty pounds. Their physical traits have a fluffy double coat, and their colors include orange, black, chocolate, and more.

Due to their small weight, small size, flexibility, and better adaptability, this breed is more suitable for dog owners who stay in story building or small apartments.

3.      Beagle

Bringing a more active and energetic dog to home Beagle teacup dog is the best option. They are friendlier as compared to other breeds. This breed’s dog only weighs around fifty pounds, which is a little big for teacup dogs. But if you want an obedient dog, then they can be stubborn. But they respond in a good way when you make their training fun with games and treats. Also, they possess great tracking instincts. Unlike Pomeranians and Poodles, this breed’s dogs are less maintenance dogs.

4.      Pomsky

Pomsky dog is the result of breeding a Pomeranian with a Siberian husky. Pomsky teacup puppies tend to vary in size depending on the size of their breeders. Regardless of their size and weight, they are more energetic and love to play.

5.      Maltese

Having a Maltese teacup pup is like having a dog that will never grow up. Despite the small size and lightweight, they are brave and confident. Maltese teacup puppies want to be loved and cuddled all the time. They always want your attention to feel secure and safe; however, they get confused when left alone. They always want to get in your bed. They always want their owner to play with them. One thing you may know about Maltese is they have a very loud voice until you train them. They only yelp when they feel threatened or anxious.

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