What Does It Mean When A Cat Stares At You – Why They Stare, You Need to Know

When your cat is looking at you, nay, staring at you, I’m sure you’ve wondered what he or she is thinking. Direct eye contact in the world of cats can mean one thing only.

When two cats stare at each other, it’s because they consider each other a threat. Are you a threat to your cat when she gives you the “death” stare? When your cat stares at you, it’s probably nothing.

But if you’re still curious as to what it could mean, here’s how you can tell why your cat is staring at you. And in order to do this, you have to take into consideration your cat’s body language. This will tell you exactly what your cat feels when she stares at you.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Stares At You

In the human world, staring is thought of as rude between strangers in a bus, train, or restaurant. It can make one feel uncomfortable. But between a human and a cat, it can mean different things.

Cats communicate through body language and behavior. So your cat staring at you, coupled with a few body cues, can mean something. Such as…

1. Your cat needs to be fed

When was the last time you gave your cat something to eat?

When your cat gets hungry, they will show you that they need food. If you stick to a feeding schedule, your cat will stare at you when it’s getting close to feeding time. And if you’re a few minutes late to the party, they will stare at you as if to remind you in case you’ve forgotten.

A cat will stare at you for many reasons. But mostly to get your attention.

2. Your cat is scared

Check to see if your cat’s eyes have dilated pupils or if her tail is stuck between her legs. If so, then your cat is scared. Not necessarily of you, but of something around the cat.

This posture is also indicative of distress. And that could mean many things. That your cat needs to be left alone wherever she wants to sleep in the corner or under the bed. That your cat is feeling pain or discomfort of some kind so that you might need to take her to the vet.

If this happens very often, you can do a few things to evaluate the situation. Recognize any new sound or change in your home that could be scaring your cat. Is it a new toy you bought for her? Or new furniture that may look intimidating to your cat?

Try distracting your cat with one of her favorite toys. Encourage your cat to chase something around the room to lighten up the mood. This should get your cat to calm down.

Oftentimes, cats get jumpy and scared when something heavy drops on the floor. The sound of a pot falling or a kitchen pan or a book. This emits a loud noise which your cat might get scared of immediately.

When that happens, do not chase your cat to get her attention. Allow her to come to you once she’s calm and gently pat her head to comfort her.

3. Your cat loves you

If your cat is staring at you while she purrs, it means she’s relaxed, happy, and showing you affection. This is a cat’s way of letting you know they love you. The loose and relaxed body language is indicative of a happy and loving cat.

Another great way a cat shows affection is by blinking at you. That’s right. If your cat blinks and stares at you in a cute, loving manner, it’s safe to assume your cat’s happy. Couple that with the purring noise they make and you’re golden!

Some cats walk up to you if you stare back at them long enough. A cat that comes really close to your face and purrs, that’s a loving and friendly cat.

4. Your cat is angry at you

When your cat is upset, not anything else but at you, they will exhibit obvious signs. Pupil dilation, a stiff and upright posture, tail swinging from side to side. And when your cat is staring at you while doing all these things, it’s you she’s angry at.

The best thing to do in such a sticky situation is slowly to walk away from your cat. Leave her alone because that’s her way of being territorial and wary. Just give your cat some space and come back to pet her after a few minutes once she is calm.

If that is not possible, throw a crumpled paper ball on the floor to distract her. Once your cat breaks eye contact, it’s easier to keep her distracted and engage her tension elsewhere.

Playing with a new toy or running around to chase something is a great way to release all that pent-up energy.

Final Thoughts

Cats are incredibly clever and sharp. When it comes to communication, they are best in the way they share their feelings. Only that you, as a responsible and caring cat parent, need to be aware of your cat’s body language and behavior.

Some cats learn new tricks to communicate with their owners. While you can teach your cat to do the same, there are a few tricks that cats learn on their own.

Such as sitting in front of you when they want something from you. They will lick your hands or feet when they want to play or when they’re hungry. Some cats even wake their owners up early in the morning the way dogs do. Although a cat’s reason is more selfish because they’re probably hungry and want to be fed!

So you see, learning to bond with your cat is essential. Now you know what does it mean when a cat stares at you. It’s not a threat but it’s simply your cat’s way of letting you know her feelings.

Lisa Thompson

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