Why Your Calm Dog Sometimes Bites And What To Do About It

Have you ever heard somebody tell you their dog never jumps on people as he is jumping on you? Well, that’s because most dogs are very calm and don’t do things like jump or bite until that one time that they do. 

In other words, even the most docile dog can be unpredictable. You can predict the unpredictable by understanding dog behavior. If your dog does something out of character there is always a reason for it. Understanding the reason why will help you prevent dog bites that could injure somebody and put your dog at risk, too. 

In this article, I will go over what some of those reasons are so that you can possibly see it coming beforehand and take some steps to prevent it. 

He’s being protective

Your dog is governed by a lot of different instincts. And the protective instinct is very powerful. They will be territorial and want to protect their territory and also the members of your family. It’s not just big dogs like German Shepherds or Rottweilers, either. Even small dogs have the instinct. 

This is one of the reasons to get a dog but there are times when it isn’t so obvious to a human when that instinct is going to kick in. it could happen when they feel like one of the family is being abused. Playing rough with one of the kids could spark this kind of reaction from your dog. Even kids playing with each other might set off the instinct. 

The best way to deal with this is to make sure that when you have guests over that the dog is never left alone with just the kids, no matter how calm he or she is. 

They’re territorial

One sure way to get a docile dog to bite is to try to take food away from him. This is when their territorial instinct kicks in big. In the wild a dog has to protect his territory from those that want to take their food supply. If they didn’t get aggressive in this situation then they could easily starve. 

If a dog is chewing on a bone, make sure your kids know to never try to take it away even in a playful way. Let them eat in peace when it is feeding time so they don’t feel like they have to snap at somebody who is disrupting their meal. 

When you are out with your dog at the dog park or for a walk, try to avoid giving them food so they don’t try to get territorial around strangers to prevent them from acting out. 

They’re injured

Dogs don’t always show you when they are hurt or in pain. Sometimes you may touch them in a spot that hurts so they snap at you or somebody else to protect their injury. Make sure that you are aware of your dog’s behavior to understand when something isn’t right and they are in pain. 

Then, make sure to keep them away from others so there is no risk of them getting bitten by accident.

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