Yorkshire Terrier Price Range – How Does the Cost Differ and Why?

A Yorkshire Terrier is a very common breed all over the world. They also have a famous pet name, Yorkie. Playful, small, and feisty, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy a Yorkie to be your furry friend.

The thing about buying a Yorkshire Terrier is that it is versatile enough to get adopted by anyone. Children, adults, and the elderly. But bring a Yorkie home is not as simple as deciding you want a dog and then going to a shelter or breeder to get one.

The first thing you need to consider is how much is a Yorkie going to cost you. They may be a tiny dog breed but you still need to calculate your initial costs along with other expenses. In this article, I’m going to walk you through what those expenses are.

Yorkshire Terrier Price Range – Initial Costs

The cost of buying a Yorkshire Terrier puppy is around $900 to $1,000. And the average cost of taking care of a Yorkie which includes bedding, food, medical expenses, and grooming is about $800 to $1,000 per year.

This is not much once you understand that since a Yorkie is a common household breed, this is the bare minimum you’ll spend on a small dog breed.

Now, there are plenty of factors that may influence the buying cost and yearly cost of a Yorkshire Terrier. This gives you more flexibility with regards to reducing costs as per your and your pet’s convenience.

Factors Affecting Buying Cost

#1 Registration

If you go out to buy a registered puppy, be it for petting or dog show purposes, it’ll cost you more than an unregistered puppy. Not that unregistered puppies are less healthy than registered puppies. It’s just that with the proper documents, you can sign up for dog shows, competitions, and other dog events.

A registered puppy will have an AKC-approved certificate to confirm the dog’s lineage and purebred background. This will cost $1,000, $1,500, or $2,000 more than the standard buying price – which is $900 to $1,000 per puppy.

A strong purebred lineage guarantees a healthy breed. For champion dog breeds, any type of genetic disease is a curse. However, there are plenty of dogs who do not suffer from grave illnesses and you can parent a Yorkie puppy with a healthy body and a strong immune system.

Registering the puppy simply informs you of any behavioral issues, physical mutations, genetic diseases, etc.

#2 Breeders

Do you plan on paying an advanced to a reputable breeder for a Yorkie? If that’s the case, reputable and reliable breeders ask for a $250 to $500 advance to get you a high-quality, purebred Yorkshire puppy with proper registrations, vaccinations, etc.

Backyard breeders, which is a common term for more local breeders, will cost you less. And some of them are also willing to reduce the cost if you know how to negotiate. You can also get a dog without registration for a lower cost. But make sure you look for a trusted and ethical breeder to buy a Yorkshire Terrier from.

Factors Affecting Yearly Costs

#1 Grooming

Yorkshire Terriers are high-maintenance dogs. Their coat needs to be shampooed, conditioned, and brushed often. Also, professional grooming like hair trim is also very necessary to avoid hair knots and sore spots.

Groomers will also trim your dog’s nails, clean the eyes and ears, and check for fleas or ticks to prevent any skin infection or itchiness. It’s best to rely on a professional groomer to keep your Yorkie in a healthy and excellent shape.

To cut back costs, however, you might rely on trimming your dog’s hair at home. But nail clipping and ear cleaning should be done by a professional to avoid any injuries.

#2 Supplies

The first-year supplies are always more expensive than the following years. You will need proper bedding, a food bowl, a water bowl, a toilet training kit, a leash, and other important toys.

Combining the average cost of a few important supplies. Such as a dog collar, bed, poop scooper, toys, first aid kit, shampoo, brush, crate, clippers, and leash. The average price of supplies is somewhere between $100 to $700. But this also depends on where you buy these items from.

#3 Medical Expenses

Any veterinarian will recommend the following vaccinations for a healthy and happy puppy.

Flea and tick vaccination, heartworm prevention, fecal test, and other immunity vaccinations cost $70 to $150 each. Deworming vaccinations are done yearly and they are also very important for any pet – be it a dog or a cat.

The medical cost of a Yorkie comes to $200 or higher depending on the location of the vet and the health status of the Yorkshire Terrier. 

What Are Teacup Yorkies?

A standard Yorkie weighs 4 to 7 pounds. A Teacup Yorkie weighs less than 3 pounds. Having said that, a Teacup Yorkie is not a registered puppy – no matter what your breeder says. It is not recognized by any official board, including the American Kennel Club, as a Yorkshire Terrier breed.

 A Teacup Yorkie is so small, it will fit in the palm of your hands. And they are also prone to many diseases and accidents because of their small size and weak body.

And ironically, even though a Teacup Yorkie is smaller than a standard Yorkshire Terrier, it will cost you more because of possible medical treatments.


Even if you’re purchasing a Yorkshire Terrier for the first time, or any dog as a matter of fact, you’ll know what to look at now that you know the initial costs and yearly costs of owning a dog.

Yorkshire Terriers are smart, friendly, and kid-friendly dogs. Known for their long and shiny coats. Depending on what your budget is, you can decide to spend more or less when buying a Yorkshire puppy.

I hope this article showers you with all the information you need to know about the Yorkshire Terrier price cost range. And how to buy a Yorkshire Terrier and what it costs to get the proper registration and vaccinations.

Lisa Thompson

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