12 Wonderful Facts You Must Know About Goldendoodle

Feeling very charmed by Goldendoodles lately? You will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful characteristics of your favorite puppy.

No other pets will love and cherish you like dogs. There is nothing like their wagging tails and cheerful barks greeting us when we come home to them. These four-legged angels come into our world to give us so much love that we can’t help but wonder if we even deserve it?

Adopting a dog is always exciting, and it is even better when your beloved new canine is a mixed-breed. You never know how your hybrid dog will turn out, but, double the trouble means twice the fun.

Goldendoodles are the outcome of breeding Golden Retrievers and Poodles. These intelligent sweethearts suit almost any dog lover, especially when they are trained. Here are twelve fun facts you must know about Goldendoodles!

Goldendoodle: The Fancy Hybrid

Ever heard of designer breeds? Designer breeds are a hybrid of two different breeds of purebred dogs. With Goldendoodles, you breed Golden Retrievers and Poodles in one, keeping your fingers crossed and hoping they get the best attributes of both the breeds.

Although people probably have raised these two breeds together, this breed didn’t get the limelight until the 90s. They are friendly, intelligent, and fun, which makes them perfect pets for anyone.

They are Hypoallergenic!

Do Goldendoodles shed?” This is a question many people ask. One of the best traits of this designer breed is that they barely ever shed.

Hence, their fur is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, making them a great pet for people with allergies.

However, there is no guarantee that Goldendoodle won’t cause any as it depends on how a person’s body reacts to allergens. Always check whether you are allergic to a dog before you decide to adopt one.

Their Fur Might Surprise You

You can never know what kind of fur a newborn pup will come out with. Their hair may be straight, wavy, or curly, depending on the dominant genes. Before grooming them, consider talking to your vet. Be careful with your pet’s hair care, depending on the hair type.

They Are Super Family-friendly 

When you welcome a new puppy into your home, you hope that it will get along with your family. Goldendoodles love people, the more, the merrier!

Goldendoodles are often recommended for families. They are perfect for a family with children as they love to play. Your children will have a playmate who barely gets tired of playing!

This social hybrid will love playing with anyone, be it humans, dogs, or other pets. They crave social interaction and get sad if you don’t play with them, so make sure to give them plenty of time and attention!

Goldendoodles Are Fun

Goldendoodles love to play. Playtime is their favorite time of the day. Despite being energetic and super playful, they are not hyper or aggressive. Being a very intelligent and socially empathetic breed, Goldendoodles can read the mood well and will not cause trouble if you can’t give them time.

This is why it is so important to ensure that they do not feel neglected. If they are neglected, they either become very low or behave hyperactively. So, shower them with loads of affection and play with them as often as possible.

Their Sizes Can Vary

If you breed a Golden Retriever with a regular Poodle, the babies can grow over 2 feet tall. But, if you breed it with a toy poodle, the baby might be as small as 14 inches as a full-grown adult. Their height can vary, so don’t be surprised by the variation of their sizes.

Goldendoodles Get Trained & Grasp Tricks Incredibly Fast

It is not surprising that bred by parents who are some of the most intelligent purebred dogs, Goldendoodles will turn out to be very clever. They have a strong bond with their owners, which makes it easier for them to get trained. They are incredibly smart dogs, and they will get trained fast.

If you want your dogs to take part in dog shows and competitions, Goldendoodles are perfect for you. This energetic breed will learn and retain tricks, executing them flawlessly in front of people. They also happen to love attention, so you can be certain that they will love the limelight.

They Are Energized Athletes!

You might want to snuggle with your puppy and laze around, but that would be a waste of their natural talents!

We have already mentioned that Goldendoodles love playing. They are super energized and incredibly agile. They are fast runners and swimmers. You must make them move. Take them out for a run or even for a swim. Let them showcase their physical capabilities, and you would be awestruck.

They Are Great Hunters

Are you into hunting? Your Goldendoodle has the makings of a great hunting companion. Their intelligence, agility, love for the outdoors, resilient nature, strong limbs, etc; all these attributes make them excellent hunting dogs. 

They love activities that require them to run around and move, hence chasing games is something they love doing. If your Goldendoodle learns fast, even with a little training can give you great performance.

They Love The Water

Have a difficult time bathing your dog? With a Goldendoodle, you don’t have to worry about that. The problem might be, getting them out of the tub. They love playing in the water and often make amazing swimmers.

If you have a swimming pool at home, you will have a hard time keeping them out of it. So, make sure they are well-trained and listen to you!

Goldendoodles Are Obedient

Most dogs that love playing and can become hyperactive, often tend to be disobedient(Huskies!). Unlike many other playful dogs, Goldendoodles are extremely loyal and are very obedient. They want their owner’s love, attention, and approval, so they tend to listen to them.

Great Candidates For Becoming Service Dogs

Goldendoodles are intelligent, obedient, and affectionate. Their natural capacity to empathize makes them perfect therapy, guide, and service dogs. They love working with people and their loyal nature helps them to become great service dogs. Their therapeutic presence can help combat depression!

Final Thoughts

Goldendoodles make wonderful pets. They will get along well with your family and their intelligence makes them very adaptable to situations. They are a perfect example of an all-rounder dog. Furthermore, they are loyal yet fun, very active, and obedient. You will never get tired of your Goldendoodle!

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