Bringing Your Puppy Home- How To Make It A Welcoming Experience

Bringing your puppy home can be an exciting and unnerving experience. You can expect to feel apprehensive if it is your first time. The experience is often stressful for the dog as well. You will probably have to struggle with some challenges, though these are usually easy to resolve with the right approach and preparation. Everything boils down to making it a welcoming experience for the animal so that it feels comfortable and connected right from day one. Here are some useful tips that can help.

Prepare your family 

Raising a dog is a big commitment and requires several adjustments. Since your family is a part of the deal, make sure that they are just as prepared as you are. Prepare everyone before bringing the dog home. The most significant decision at this stage is about the choice of the primary caretaker because this member would be responsible for looking after all the needs of the animal, from feeding to walking, grooming, training, and more. If you want to train the pup professionally, seeing a professional in advance makes sense.  

Know the breed 

When you pick a dog, you decide to live with its imperfections. So it becomes important to know the breed and choose with care. For example, you may want to opt for a kid-friendly breed like GoldenDoodles if you have young children at home. Careful research about the prospective pet can make you comfortable and also ensures that you pick an animal that would blend with your family and lifestyle. You may also seek recommendations and advice from someone who owns the same breed. 

Stock up on supplies

Welcoming a dog home is as good as having a guest, though this one will be a part of your family for a lifetime. Before you get it home, stock up on supplies so that the dog gets everything it needs. Moreover, it would save you from frantic dashes to the store. The essential include food and water bowls, collar and leash, a crate, a bed, and some chew toys. You will also need dog food and some treats for training, but make sure that you get your vet’s advice before stocking it. Consider investing in dog gates if you want to block certain sections of your living space. Also, pick some odor-removing cleaners as you will need them till the pet is potty-trained.

Keep the first day pleasant yet low-key

When it comes to welcoming the dog home, the first interactions build the foundation of your relationship with the pet. Do not expect too much because a shy puppy or dog can be easily overwhelmed by a group of loud and excited strangers. The first few days should be pleasant yet low-key. Instruct the kids to maintain a distance and avoid inviting guests over until the pet settles in the new environment. Once things are sorted, you can start working on the animal’s routine and go ahead with training as well.

Your pet’s first experience at your home should be pleasant and comforting. It will make them bond easily with your family and ensure happy days ahead.

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