5 Ways to Exercise with Your Pet

Your pooch happens to be one of the best training buddies that you can ever find for yourself. As they are always excited about fun-filled activities, they can be your ideal workout partner. Since these furballs require appropriate workout throughout the day, why not plan the entire schedule to enjoy the sessions with them?

Yes, one of the ways to stay fit would be by working out with your pets. Such workout sessions would be exciting both for you and the pups. And to add to that, they would love to try out new activities as it gives them the opportunities to spend time with you. Therefore, here are a few of the ways to exercise with your pets and have fun at the same time:

  1. Regular Walking Is A Must

Do you want to know the weight loss mantra of the influencers trending on the digital platform? Healthy eating and going out on regular walks are the secrets to a fit and healthy body. And, it isn’t only meant for you but your pooches as well.

Dogs need to go on walks either during the day or night with their masters for exercises and mental stimulation. In case you want to start exercising with your dog, one of the best ways to do it would be walking. The length and intensity of walking depend on your pet’s age, breed type, and fitness. Regular walking helps them stay away from unwanted obesity, heart and liver diseases, and osteoarthritis, which is very common in senior pets. 

Pro Tip: While planning such sessions, make sure to reward the dog after each little break. You can also try playing with some dog toys and reinforcing good behaviors with some treats or physical gestures. Also, do carry water with you as your little pup would require proper hydration from time to time.

  1. Try Out Reverse Lunges

Many dogs often take up sedentary lifestyle habits after their masters. And, if you become a couch potato and start putting up weight, you would be surprised to see how such lifestyle choices affect your pup. Therefore, many people love to try out different exercises to stay fit and keep their dogs healthy. One of the most common ones is the reverse lunges, which has proven to be quite useful in controlling many dogs’ weight issues.

You need to stand facing your pets, and the pet should remain seated in front of you. Start performing a reverse lunge, and at the bottom of each one, shake the paw. Try repetitions after twenty on each side. You can change the intervals as per your strength and choices.

Pro Tip: Start slowly with your dogs as these sessions can be confusing for them. Also, keep rewarding the little furballs and motivate them to perform with you. Get some treats as well to increase their concentration and help them to follow your instructions correctly.

  1. Swim With Your Little Fur-Friend

Another common activity that you can do with your dog, which is quite a good workout option, is swimming. Furthermore, it is the best exercise for your dog as it has little impact on the bones, which involves a lot of muscle workout.

To spice things up a little more, you can play fetch with balls right inside the pool. Your dog would love to bond over such activities as most of the pets love water. Also, they are termed to be natural swimmers for a reason. You get to stay fit and healthy while you enjoy fun sessions with your pet without any troubles.

Pro Tip: No matter how experienced you or your dog are, keeping a life jacket handy is essential. Also, take little breaks in between, especially when your little pup is starting swimming for the first time. Along with these, try consulting a doctor to prevent any stomach infections due to pool or ocean water. 

  1. Get Into Agility Training

If you and your dog need to shed a lot of weight, you might consider going for the agility training sessions. In such courses, the dogs get to go through sessions involving jumping through tires, navigating see-saws, weaving around poles, and even darting inside some tunnels.

And as the handler, you also need to go through almost similar pathways to keep track of the pooch. As a result, you get to do many excessive workout sessions that can burn some extra calories. And to add to that, your dog gets trained quite well during such sessions.

Pro Tip: Again, make sure to reward the dog whenever possible. In case you cannot provide the treats, use gestures, and patting to let them understand how well they are performing in each session. Also, make sure to consult a certified professional for such exercises depending on the dog’s age and mobility.

  1. Don’t Spare The Brain

Exercise should never get restricted to the body only. In the case of dogs, they need mental exercises too. As a result, make sure to get into some activities that can help them exercise their brains. Remember that dogs need mental stimulation throughout the day, just like physical ones. Use specific games and activities to teach them obedience and other good behaviors while enjoying the sessions with you.

Pro Tip: Do not be too strict with the pets as they fail to follow the commands if they get too complicated for them. So, consult a specialist before you start such sessions to understand your pet’s requirements properly.

Final Words

These are some of the workout activities that you can try doing with your pet. You can modify all these sessions as per the requirements and convenience of your pet. Also, make sure to know more about your pet’s energy level and health condition before resorting to any hardcore workout session with them. In many cases, the pups can get enthusiastic about these sessions but end up hurting their internal organs. In older dogs, it is a significant issue as they fail to understand their capabilities. You never want them to get hurt while enjoying such fun-filled activities with you. So, try consulting a vet before you start such sessions with them.

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