5 Ways To Take Great Selfies With Your Pets

Every year, the average person takes hundreds of selfies on their phones. They are taken with friends, with family members and even with pets. With the USA being home to tens of millions of pets, there is no shortage of pet selfies being taken and shared throughout the internet.

There are even online sites that can help you turn these pet selfies into great pieces of art. For example, Instapainting might be a great choice to consider. Of course, before any of that, you need to capture the photo. Unfortunately, getting them to sit still for a photo is never simple, so getting the perfect photo is easier said than done.

Thankfully, there are some ways to ensure they turn out good. With that in mind, here are 5 great ways to take awesome selfies with your pets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Treats

When in doubt, using treats to get a pet to do what you want is a tried and true method. While it shouldn’t be solely relied on (as proper training is often preferred), it can work in a pinch, especially when you want to get some selfies. Simply showing your pet that you have a treat should get them to come right to you and do what you want.

In addition to treats, you could also consider using toys. For example, if you (or someone else) holds up a toy behind the camera, you can often better control the gaze of your pet. This can be a double-edged sword, however, as they also might want to go and play instead of sit and take pictures. Either way, it is worth a try if you are struggling to keep the focus of your pet.

Do it When They Are Calm or Tired

We have all been around calm pets, and we have all been around ones that are going a little wild. There is a good chance that 10 out of 10 times you will choose trying to take a picture with the calm one. A pet that is all over the place and full of energy will be next to impossible to get a good selfie with.

If your pet is hardly ever calm or relaxed, consider tiring it out first. A nice little bit of playing or a long walk is often the perfect recipe for a tired dog. When the dog is tired out, it will generally be more willing to work with you on taking a few pictures. Of course, be sure to do it quickly to ensure they can get back to resting after all of the playing they just did.

Make Sure They Are Comfortable

When taking pictures with your pet, it will be far easier to do it when they are comfortable. If you try and force them into a certain pose or position, it could make them less than excited and could agitate them. In addition to being simply a good thing to do, if your pet is comfortable, they will likely put up less resistance to getting their picture taken.

If you do what the pet does, instead of forcing it to do what you do, it becomes much easier to get the best photo possible. If they are laying down, go take a picture with them there rather than picking them up and trying to get one of your holding them. Make it as easy as possible for them, and you will often be rewarded with a fantastic selfie.

Be Patient

Patience is important when trying to get a good photo. It takes time to focus the camera and to make sure both you and the pet are in the frame. Also, ensuring your pet is looking at the camera and looking presentable can be a journey in and of itself. Patience isn’t always easy, but it is a key when it comes to getting that perfect shot.

The attention span of your dog or cat is likely much less than you, so they will be unable to focus as long as you will. Because of this, you need to be patient. Don’t get upset or frustrated at your pet simply because they want to play. Of course, if your pet simply isn’t in the mood and isn’t willing to work with you even after trying for some time, it’s best to simply try again in a few hours or another day.

Consider Using Natural Light

One of the most important things of taking a great selfie, whether with your pet or not, is the lighting. You want lighting that is flattering, but still bright enough to illuminate the subjects of the photo. While artificial light has gotten pretty good, nothing beats natural light. It is soft, not distracting and can often make you look much better.

In addition to making sure the photo looks good, using natural light is better for your pet. If you use a ton of artificial lighting, or a bright and jarring flash, it can hurt your pet’s eyes, as well as scare or startle them.

In conclusion, the tips included in this blog post will help make sure that the selfies you take with your pet are high-quality and come out just the way you want them.

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