7 Health Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Humans are not meant to eat processed foods exclusively, and neither are dogs. Their teeth and digestive systems are designed to consume mostly raw meat and bones. This is exactly what dogs were doing before they were domesticated to become man’s best friends.

Even though you have good intentions, the kibbles or the canned dog food you feed your furry companion day after day are not the best option for their health. On the other hand, raw dog food was created to allow pets to benefit from fresh, unprocessed foods that are better for them. Most brands of commercial dog food contain added vitamins and minerals. In contrast, raw dog food is so nutritious that no supplements are necessary.

Are you thinking about improving the diet of your puppy, adult dog or senior dog? Here are seven benefits of raw dog food:

1. A shinier and fuller coat

Dogs need to eat different nutrients to maintain healthy skin and a beautiful coat. If your dog’s shedding seems abnormal, the food they eat could be the cause of these issues. Similarly, a poor diet can also cause your dogs to suffer from inflammatory skin conditions.

Raw dog food contains fatty acids, as well as many other nutrients that are essential for dogs. After switching from dry kibbles to raw food, you should notice that your dog has a shinier and fuller coat and healthier skin.

2. Improved dental hygiene

Does your dog have bad breath? It could be due to poor dental hygiene. While humans need to floss and brush their teeth, dogs can clean their teeth by chewing raw meat and bones.

Raw dog food can help improve your beloved pet’s dental hygiene, clean their teeth, and freshen their breath. In addition, it removes plaque, promotes healthier gums, and prevents periodontal disease. Chewing raw food also makes for stronger teeth, which will help improve your companion’s overall health.

3. Healthier bones

A raw dog food diet also promotes stronger, healthier bones. Raw dog food is often formulated to offer an excellent source of calcium, collagen, and glucosamine. There are additional nutrients that help improve bone density and health.

Thanks to the many nutrients it contains, raw food also helps promote healthy joints, which is a good solution to help older dogs that suffer from arthritis and stiff joints. Of course, raw dog food is not only meant for old dogs, as dogs of all ages can benefit from it.

4. Better digestive health

Dogs have short guts and a small stomach. Their digestive system is not designed to process plant and fibre-based foods. That’s why many dogs that eat dry kiddles or canned pet food struggle with digestive issues.

Raw dog food is mostly meat and bone-based, so it is easier for your dog to digest. If your dog suffers from irritable bowel syndrome or regular constipation, switching to raw food could help solve these issues. Usually, dogs that eat raw food produce firmer stools and less of them.

5. A stronger immune system

Humans who have a strong immune system are better equipped to fight off diseases and infections. The same logic applies for dogs. A balanced nutrition can help boost your dog’s immune system, which is a good reason to consider serving raw dog food to your furry companion.

Raw dog food is not the same as simply giving raw meat to your pet. Each raw dog meal is formulated with raw meat, crushed bones, and fruits and vegetables that add antioxidants. In addition, it has other essential nutrients that include protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats present in the meat.

6. Relief from food allergies

Some dogs are allergic to corn, wheat, and soy, which can also be more difficult for them to digest. Raw dog food is grain-free and gluten-free. As such, it’s often free of allergens and sure to be a healthier choice for many dogs. If your dog has allergies or food sensitivities, serving them raw food should give them some relief.

7. A better behaviour

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that dogs with aggressive behaviour can benefit from a raw food diet as it should improve their temperament. Raw dog food also provides a lot of energy, making our furry friends happy and more robust.

Keep in mind that raw dog food comes in different styles and flavours, often including a variety of raw fruits and vegetables to offer balanced nutrition. If your dog doesn’t seem to enjoy the first raw meal you serve them, don’t hesitate to try another flavour or another brand. Making the switch could take some time, but it will benefit your pet in the end.

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