Top 5 Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It is no doubt that dogs are one of the most loved pets by people. This is because of how amazing they are and that they make to be good companions to people. Owing to that dog owners for dog breed like chihuahuas simply want the best when it comes to the best dog food for Chihuahua breeds.

What To Look For In Chihuahua Dog Food

There are certain things that dogs need in their food so that they remain strong and healthy. No matter what breed the dog is one thing is common, dogs are very active animals. They will need all the energy they have in order to remain healthy and stay fit every day.

You can help them with this by providing them with the right kind and amount of food in their diet. Chihuahuas are not picky eaters which mean it will be easy to plan out the diet that you want them to have. You can find various types of dog foods at different prices, depending on your preference and budget the dog food you buy should have the following:

  • Wheat gluten
  • Corn gluten
  • Preservatives
  • Food dye
  • Animal fat
  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Low-quality grain and corn as fillers

See how an owner feeds his chihuahuas with dog food and vitamins

Consider your dog’s health when buying dog food

Even though a lot of owners sometimes skimp on quality when buying dog food, there are some important factors that you should always consider so that you can still buy healthy dog food for your pet chihuahua.Chihuahuas really like tasty foods and you can get them with added meat and vegetables to help with the dog’s nutrition.

The variety of meat that you can feed your dog can be from chicken, fish, beef, lamb, and so on. It can help when the owner is aware that dog food should have at least 40% of meat in it since it is a good source of protein and helps develop the dog’s body.

Be aware of things that your dog should not be eating

As much as you’re aware of what your dog should it,you should also be mindful about what they should not consume. You should avoid dog food that is of low nutrient content. Chihuahuas are dogs that fall under the small sized breeds, this means that you should be able to give them recipes that are high in protein and fat.

Foods that are not meant for a Chihuahua's stomach can easily make them sick and unhealthy. Be a smart dog owner and consult a veterinarian if you’re not sure what are the foods available that you should feed to your dog.

Buying the right kind of dog food for the Chihuahua

Healthy dog food brands can be found in many shops nowadays. If you want a more specific dog food then you can always go to pet stores to check their item selection. There are even online stores that  provide dog food that you may not locally find in your area, thus you can order them off online easily.

Some owners even opt to make their own dog food, but Chihuahuas have this tendency to really like delicious foods and would rather eat them. A few fun flavors and preservatives are available for you to buy if you would like to help satisfy the cravings of your dog.

Buy snacks for your Chihuahua

A lot of dog snacks can be found in stores and it can help when you choose ones that are also healthy for your dog. Always check what the package labels say so that you are sure that your dog will get the right kind and amount of nutrients from the dog food. Check the ingredient list, nutritional facts, and the recommended serving.

However, you should also be wary because a little too much of everything can also be dangerous. Try to avoid dog treats that have too much fat, salt, or sugar since this may possibly destroy your dog’s diet. The crunchy treats have the lesser amount of sugar and they also help strengthen your dog’s teeth.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

How many times should you feed your Chihuahua?

If your dog has uneaten wet food then don’t keep it around and throw it away. Chihuahuas do not store much fat in their bodies and they have a very active appetite as well. You should feed them on a regular basis with the right kind of dog food. Decide how many times you can feed your dog and keep that schedule every day. This helps in adjusting your dog’s digestive tract as well as metabolism.

Chihuahua meals can also depend on how old the dog is and those that are younger than three months would usually eat four times, while dogs in between three to six months usually have three meals per day. When the chihuahua is older you can start feeding them two meals per day.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua


Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Foods For Chihuahua

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free DryDog Food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is grain free and has a good balance of nutrition that is good for smaller dogs. It is made out of premium turkey and chicken giving the smaller dogs a high-calorie level that can support their need for high energy.

best dog food for chihuahua

It also contains all natural ingredients with no wheat, artificial colors, meat by product, flavors, and preservatives, soy, and corn. It’s a good choice for smaller breeds of dogs because of it the essential vitamins that it offers as well as minerals and also fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6.

best dog food for chihuahua

The live probiotics, fiber, and prebiotics also help in giving the dog a healthier intestinal tract. The nutrient content of the dog food also helps promote healthier teeth, eyes, and gums for the canines. The high protein levels that the product offers also helps in increasing the lean muscle mass of the smaller dogs and also aids in burning excess fat.


  • Very popular and well reviewed by users
  • Only uses premium ingredients to give the dogs the best nutrients
  • Has an optimal fat and calorie content for healthy dogs
  • Provides a lower carbohydrate diet
  • Promotes healthier weight for the dog
  • Can reduce risk of the dog having diabetes
  • No artificial colors, flavors, orpreservatives
  • Is 100% grain free and also gluten free
  • Includes glucosamine and antioxidants
  • Makes the dog's coat look and feel healthy
  • Good for allergic dogs
  • Cheaper than its rivals and is not fattening the longer the dog eats it


  • Is a bit pricey.
  • Not free from poultry ingredients.

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Dry Dog Food is free from grain and offers four dry dog food products. They all have different recipes that are related to the AAFCO nutrient profile. It promotes growth, maintenance, all life stages, supplemental or unspecified, which you can see on their web page.

best dog food for chihuahua

It contains organic chicken and chicken meal which is also considered as meat concentrate. This has more protein when compared to fresh chicken. This dog food also has organic sweet potato which is naturally rich when it comes to dietary fiber and beta carotene.

best dog food for chihuahua

It also includes organic chickpeas which are also known to some as garbanzo beans. They are fiber rich and very nutritious.The dog food also offers a good amount of carbohydrate through organic peas.One can also find organic tapioca in its ingredients, as it is a gluten free and starchy kind of carbohydrate from the root of a cassava plant.


  • Their ingredients are certified organic and are very healthy for smaller dogs
  • The dog food has met USDA’s National Organic Program guidelines
  • It also contains both grain inclusive as well as grain free kibble as well as canned varieties


  • Some dogs have trouble digesting organic peas in the mix
  • Too much pea or pea fiber in the formula can cause some dogs to have diarrhea issues
  • Dogs’ stool begins to loosen when eating the formula
  • The food doesn’t come in large bags, it is only available in 4-pound bags

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety

The Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety has twelve dog food flavors that customers can expect. It is an above average dry dog food that has a protein content of 41%, fat level of 23% and also 29%of carbohydrates. 

best dog food for chihuahua

The meat content in the product is not yet exactly determined, however, it is expected to be abundant. Overall the product has average protein content and a mean level of the fat content. This would also mean that the carbohydrate content of the dog food is around 32%.

best dog food for chihuahua

The fat and protein ratio of the dog food is around 50% which means that it has above average protein content and fat, however, it has below average carbohydrate content.This product is meat based and has a number of named meats as the main sources of animal protein.


  • Grain free
  • Dogs instantly like it
  • Gives relief for pets that have weight issues as well as skin and coat problems
  • It is also good for dogs that have grain allergies and even intolerance
  • It has freeze and dried raw pieces that give natural enzymes promoting digestive health
  • The ingredients are pure to enable optimal absorption of nutrients
  • The dogs’ coats and skins are generally healthier owing to the essential fatty acids that it has
  • It is complete and also balanced for all breeds in all ages


  • Can be very pricey

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is an above average product for dry dog food. It has a dry matter protein of 38&, fat levels of 13% and carbohydrate rating of 41% estimated. Its average protein content is around 38% and has a man fat of 17% and the fat to protein ratio is around 44%.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It is one of the well-known dog food brands that people love to buy for their pets. It is popular because of its holistic contents and because they assure that the dog food they offer is 100% natural and also grain free. The product also has smaller size intended for puppies and includes antioxidants, probiotics,minerals, and vitamins.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It also has flax as well as fish omega that gives the dog a healthy skin and coat. The product also offers DHA for brain and eye development.


  • Only has premium quality ingredients that can give dogs pure benefits
  • Dog’s coat improves because of high nutritional value
  • Great for dogs that have allergies
  • Is gluten free, grain free and rich in protein
  • Does not have wheat, soy, corn and other meat-by products
  • It does not have any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
  • Helps increase dog’s appetites
  • Is a protein powerhouse product 


  • Can be quite pricey compared to similar products
  • It is not poultry free and can be incompatible for dogs that are allergic to poultry

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food is a holistic dog food product that has been created for holistic purposes. It is targeted for adult dogs to promote holistic and healthy diet. All their formulas begin with real meat garden veggies, whole grain, fruit and added Life Source Bits.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

Its flavor is an amazing blend of nutrients and they have been mixed with a Super 7 package of ingredients which are anti oxidant rich. The recipe that this product offers is protein rich, delicious, and most of all healthy. It offers high-quality protein intended to improve healthy muscle development for dogs.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It also promotes calcium and phosphorus that keeps the teeth and the bones of the dog strong. Not only that but the product also has glucosamine which helps with the joint health and supports its mobility. Owners can also expect no wheat, corn,soy, chicken, or poultry in this product.


  • It is easy to digest for dogs
  • Improves dogs’ coats and skin
  • Tasty and nutritional
  • Dogs naturally like the taste
  • It is a good value product
  • Great for dogs that have allergies
  • Has a non-allergenic formula
  • Promotes better digestion for dogs


  • Can be quite pricey
  • High-calorie count may result in dogobesity
  • Even with a low-fat formula owner shave to reduce each portion so that dogs don’t gain unnecessary weight

Deciding Which Is The Best Chihuahua Dog Food

Overall, the Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety has come out as one of the best options for chihuahua dog food because of how its quality towered over the rest. It’s one of those products that give time and effort into putting all the needed nutrients and proteins that dogs need in their formula.

A lot of customers have felt gratitude about how the product has kept itself on top of the game and always providing the best for the dogs with its healthy ingredients.

Its stands above the rest because it did not give any bad effects on the dogs consuming it except for the time it changed formulas. This means that the formula  before has been well accepted by the dogs and that they had no problem in adapting to the ingredients as well as the taste which this product has to offer.

It is definitely one of the products that dog owners want to stay and keep on buying in the market because of the positive reviews. Quality always beats out quantity and Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety is right here to do just that.

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