How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone?

It’s a question on any cat owners mind, how long can I leave my cat alone?’ It’s hard to imagine as they innocently lay there sleeping away most of the day that they can secretly be little terrors and run mayhem around your home. So today I will set out to try and answer just how long can you leave your cat alone.


You have probably noticed that most of the time your cat is nowhere to be seen or is sprawled out in the warmest place it can find fast asleep. A quick look on petmd revealed that in fact cats can sleep anywhere from fifteen to twenty hours in just one day!

Fortunately if this is an issue for you this can actually be fixed with a bit of training and change to the cats routine. Saving you being woken in the middle of the night to the sound of cats racing around your home or leaving you any surprises in the morning.

Surely with all this time sleeping they can’t get up to any mischief? Well perfect paws say that cats are actually most active at night, this is just part of the way they are. Unfortunately this means while you are fast asleep your cat can be up to no good causing no end of trouble.

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone?


The way your cat spends most of their day sleeping and not much else would have you think that they don’t need much in the way of entertainment, but in fact according to cats can easily grow bored.

Sometimes this can mean them lazing around or over grooming themselves, potentially causing health issues for your little fuzzball. It can also result in more outwardly anti social behavior.

A bored cat can definitely be an issue if left alone, known to shred curtains, chairs and clothes. Sometimes they even become more hostile and find ways of entertaining themselves like chasing your other pets and cornering them.

Cats should be naturally curious and although they sleep most of the day, you should still spend several hours a day engaging their curiosity whether with cat toys and fuss. A bored cat may become lazy and not move for anything other than food, this can cause for them to become over weight and become a health issue. suggests that the best way to combat a cat’s boredom is to fill the house with interactive cat toys. Cat’s enjoy climbing, high places and scratch posts which will distract them from trying to climb or sharpen their claws on your curtains when they are bored.

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone?


Cat’s don’t always come across as the most social creatures and may not even seem to notice when you are gone, but in truth they do. According to petmd your cat does notice when you are gone and this can actually grow into an anxiety for them if they are left alone for long periods of time.

If you do find yourself leaving your cat alone for long periods of time then they will get lonely and this can have all sorts of impacts to their health. Petmd suggest that it is a good idea to get them another friend to play with.

Adopting one cat can easily mean they have no one to play with or entertain them while you are gone, but if you adopt two together and allow them to become used to one another they will entertain themselves playing and distracting them from causing too much’ destruction.

Boarding Kennels

Being a pet owner can be a great joy, we love our pets through all the trouble they may cause. The last thing you want is for your cat to be in discomfort or stress if you have to go away or if you have planned a holiday.

Boarding kennels seem like a sensible and often easier option to look after your cat if you are going away, but warn against using these in most cases. Cat’s can become stressed in new environments with strange smells and noises.

Your home is their home, cat’s are territorial by nature and know their surroundings, enjoy their routines and living around you. They become used to the flow of your life style and are comfortable in that environment a change to this can be unhealthy even if just for a short time.

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone? suggest the best thing to do for your cat is to try get a pet sitter, whether it be someone you know who is familiar with cat’s or someone who is a professional to look after them.

If Boarding Kennels are the choice you decide to make, it would be wise to choose the best one to suit your cat. Try to see it from their perspective, after having a whole house to themselves they won’t want to be crammed into a small cat cage even with supervision and try to make sure the environment is one they can be comfortable in, no loud noises or weird smells that may upset your cat.


I would like to be able to tell you exactly how long you can get away with leaving your cat alone before they get up to trouble, but you know them better than anyone.

With this information I hope I did at least help clear up what mistakes to avoid when you leave your cat alone. You know your cat, what they do and don’t like and if not; take time to learn what they enjoy doing and pay attention to anything that may be stressing them out, they will try to tell you.

In summary, try to engage your cat while you are around that way they will spend most of the time you are away sleeping. Get them a friend, nothing will combat their loneliness than another pet to play with. Look after your cat and make sure there’s plenty to engage them so they don't get bored. Follow this advice and your little bundles of terror will soon become a lovable part of the family.

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