Out of the ordinary pets for your kids

Nowadays, many people are opting for unusual pets rather than getting a cat or a dog. This is great if you are looking for an alternative or something out of the ordinary for your kids. Space constraints, health concerns, cost, or commitment can cause you to think of pet alternatives. These pets are low maintenance, easy to take care of, and lovable. If you are looking for something unique here are some potentially good choices


Birds make great pets because they are fun and inexpensive. They don’t eat as much, and you can feed them pellets or fruits and veggies to supplement their diet. They are also intelligent. Take the parrot, for instance, it can mimic human speech, and this can prove to be a fun pastime for the kids. Even though they are social and can get more attached to their owners that other pets, they don’t need a lot of attention as other pets do. You can either your kids a dove, cockatiel, budgie, parakeet, and more.


These adorably cute spikey critters have also become a pet favorite despite their spikey exterior. While there are many kinds of hedgehogs, Hedgehog World admits that the African pygmy variety is becoming a common household favorite even though they are smaller than other breeds. You can keep them in cages similar to rabbit or guinea pig cages, but with solid bases. It should be a bit roomy since hedgehogs are active creatures. Ensure you learn how to care for your little spiky friend, keep it happy, and learn of any state regulations that might prevent you from getting a hedgehog.


These furry rodents from chile have become quite popular because of their thick, soft fur and fun personality. But before you get a chinchilla, you need to know about their particular care needs. They are very active and thus require a lot of room to play in. You will need to get two chinchillas, especially if you or the kids don’t have enough time to play with them. They also need interaction with their kind. Getting them wet is a bad idea because their fur cant air dry quickly, so they require a dust bath several times weekly.

Sugar gliders

Sugar gliders are pocket-sized marsupials that are similar to possums. Despite being similar in size to many pet rodents, they need a larger cage because they cannot be toilet trained. They need toys and other structures to keep them entertained. They are quite chatty and being nocturnal, they will be up all-night making noise. Just like with chinchillas, pet owners are encouraged to adopt two sugar gliders so that they can have another of their kind to play and interact with. Remember to make sure that they are nurtured because they can breed like rabbits and can be a bit messy. There are many more unusual and exotic creatures you can keep as pets. Just remember to do enough research on them, make sure it is legal to keep the one you choose and that they are safe for your family.

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