Things You Should Consider While Looking For A Cat Sitter

Here are the qualities you need to check in the person you will leave your precious pet with while you are not home.

We all know there are two types of people when it comes to pet animals – cat people and dog people. Additionally, cats and dogs need very different skill sets to care for them, which is why each needs a unique range of skills. So you will need to hire a professional who has a lot of experience to take care of your beloved feline while you are out for work or on vacation. If you live in the busiest city in the world, NYC, it’s a no-brainer that, more often than not, you don’t have enough time for your beloved feline buddy. Therefore,  you just keep looking for a reliable NYC Cat Sitting service to make sure that when you’re busy with your life, your beloved feline buddy is taken care of. Because from their feeding habits to exercise and play, cats have a  totally different way of living with their owners than dogs, and that’s why you should get such a cat sitter who will understand these differences and act accordingly. So scroll down until the end to find out how to find a suitable new buddy-cum-sitter for your beloved cat.

Dogs are people pleasers, but Cats are not 

Cats tend to have an introverted nature, but that obviously doesn’t mean that they don’t crave affection or that they don’t feel lonely. Yes, they need daily care, which is almost effortlessly simple, but they also like to be cared for. They also love quality cuddling, playtime, and a watchful eye by the master or the sitter.

Dogs need constant care, whereas cats are low maintenance

Generally, cats have a litter box which they need to take care of their bathroom needs, and then throughout the day, they will just keep having food (unless they are put on a special diet, or they have to take some sort of medication with their food). They exercise according to their mood. Most of the day, they sleep throughout the day; the average will be 17 hours a day! Most of the cats will be really happy and satisfied if someone just stops by for 30-40 minutes once a day and spends some quality time snuggling, cuddling, or playing with them, but sometimes a cat needs a little more human contact than the typical amount we assume is fine. When you are gone for a longer period for work or travel, your feline buddy might get anxious or feel lonely without you. In that case, just one visit a day will not be enough. Therefore, you can hire a pet sitter who is capable of reading all of these signals and communicating to you what you ought to do to calm your cat’s nerves.

Dogs generally like to play with people, but   cats would rather observe and play by themselves  

Dogs, in general, enjoy chasing objects, puzzles, and sticks and returning them to their human partner for one-on-one play. Cats, on the other side, are not like us, since they often engage in their own sports. Cats are skilled hunters, and hunting is meant to be done alone. Cats will often pretend that they are hunting and will try to catch their toys without you. That doesn’t mean that a cat doesn’t want or enjoy playing with humans. And if they don’t play with humans who are going to their favorite things like dragging a long stick toy with wire and catnip attached to them or who will operate the infamous laser beam flashlight, which they love to run after? So, the key to finding a suitable cat sitter for your cat would be to look for someone who can read your pet’s way of playing and who will participate accordingly. 


  • Has to be patient: Generally, cats take a while to open up to someone new who is a complete stranger to them or watching them. So, your potential sitter must be willing to hang around with your cat without anyone else or show some affection during their first couple visits to become close with your cat and win its trust. Moreover, the greatest reward for any sitter is when a cat finally crawls into their lap.
  • Has to be observant: Cats tend to hide their pain really well, so a sitter must keep an eye out for stuff that cats can’t control. So you should hire a sitter who will keep an eye on cats’ every little detail and habits, such as whether their stool consistency is okay, is their urine amount fine, and whether or not they are doing their bowel business in the litter box! They should also watch out for vomiting because while vomiting is actually a “cat thing”, more often than not, it’s nothing more than a hairball issue.
  • Has to be experienced: An experienced cat sitter is better because they can help with cats that are more demanding and need more care. Because if they know the tricks about how to feed them, also how to get more comfortable with a  new cat faster than the non-experienced ones.
  • Has to be flexible: Every cat has a different and unique personality, so every one of them requires different types of care. For example, some cats are really close to their owners, so when their owners go out of the town or country for a long time, they start to feel left out, making them anxious. So to tackle this situation, more than one visit a day is definitely required. Also, to cheer them up, the sitter should take them out for a walk to a park or to some place where there are more furry buddies to play with. Also, your furry buddy might fall sick while you are away, so your sitter should be someone who will know all the good vets in the case of an emergency. Because only playing, feeding, helping them with their bowel movement, and taking them to the park won’t keep them healthy. So you should try and find someone willing to work with you to create such a care schedule that is perfectly compatible with the specific needs of your cat.
  • Has to be communicative: All the qualities I have mentioned until now will be useless if you get a  cat sitter who isn’t willing or able to communicate with you on a regular basis. Because you would want such a sitter who will give you post-visit reports, pictures, and videos while you are away for work or on vacation, and you would want to be able to reach your sitter at reasonable hours or the time of an emergency or sometimes if you just miss your feline buddy a lot. This might seem too much to ask for some people, but it’s actually not. It is your right to ask for such a  communicative cat sitter who will give you an ample number of messages and pics rather than someone who won’t even respond to your texts! 

Why Is Pet-Sitting Better Than Pet Boarding? 

Boarding is considered to be a great option for dogs because we all know dogs are more of a social animal, so they love to socialize more. But when it comes to cats, they prefer to stay in the safety of their own homes. They’re such creatures whose behavior can be disrupted immensely if small changes happen in their habits or environment, so if you don’t want to make them stressed and lonely, then you should keep them at your home in familiar surroundings. Generally, boarding is recommended for such cats who need round-the-clock supervision and care, and if that is the case, veterinary boarding is the best choice. 

If you feel like daily visits aren’t enough for your cat, then you should consider overnight pet sitting as an option. This is a great option because this is when a pro sitter will stay overnight at your home, which will allow them to give even more supervision and care to your feline buddy. And before you hire someone to be your overnight sitter make sure that they have their own insurance and also try to find out what benefits you will get from their overnight services and what their rates will be. Some pet sitters charge separately for day and night visits. 

Lastly, I would say you should always remember that all animals are different and so they all need different types of care. So you should make sure that you should get such a  pet sitter who is experienced and is willing to give all the love, care, and affection your fur-baby requires.

Emma Thompson

Hi, I'm Emma Thompson. Welcome to The Pet Town! I'm a Pet lovers like you and please feel free to get in touch with any questions. Enjoy your stay!

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