Why Your Cat Needs the HappyFriendy Happy Box

Cats are simple creatures, but sometimes, they can be pretty hard to please. In addition to requiring sleep, cats also need plenty of exercise, love, and even some snacks. With the HappyFriendy Happy Box, your cat will have all they need and more. 

Cat Toys

With the Happyfriendy™ cat subscription box , your cat will have a monthly dose of new toys. New toys can be beneficial for your cat, not only for playtime and exercise, but cats also need a good amount of mental stimulation. Having new toys will make sure that your cat isn’t bored with the same toys they’ve been playing with for a while.

The Happy Box will provide your kitty with basic toys that, while they are simple, can still stimulate your cat’s natural instinct to hunt. Just throwing one down the hall or across the room will excite your kitty. Other toys may be more interactive or have catnip, which will entertain your cat even more. 

Cat Treats

Whether you like to spoil your cat or use treats as a reward while training, the Happy Box will supply you and your cat with healthy and tasty treats. The benefit of getting a new type of treat every month is that your kitty can try out new treats and really find the ones that they like. You’ll know what kind of treats your cat likes best, so you won’t waste money on treats your cat won’t eat. 

The Box

Cats love boxes, and the Happy Box was designed with your cat in mind. Boxes not only provide your cat a place to explore (and trust us, they’ll be happy to do so), but they can offer your cat a warm space for your cat to nap. Cats love boxes because they offer all around protection, meaning that they don’t have to worry about their cat siblings giving them a surprise attack while they try to doze. In addition, the cardboard material holds heat, which means it’s also a warm spot to take a nap. 

Why You Deserve the Happy Box

Imagine spoiling your kitty every month without trying to guess what to get next. With the Happy Box, you won’t have to worry about compiling the best items and treats to make your cat happy. Both you and your cat will love the HappyFriendy Happy Box.

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