Top Seven Care Tips for Dogs with Sensitive Skin

To most pet parents, bath time is one of the best ways to keep their dog’s skin looking healthy. It is also an opportunity for them to create an even stronger bond with their furry best friends.

However, this might prove to be difficult if your dog has sensitive skin. From using dog shampoo for sensitive skin to taking your dog for regular checkups, the tips below will help you take care of his delicate skin.

Understand the Exact Cause of Your Dog’s Sensitivity

Overly dry air, poor quality food, external parasites, genetic factors, and seasonal weather changes are some of the factors that cause skin sensitivity in dogs. Before you do anything else, take time to find out why your dog’s skin is so sensitive. This way, if it’s a medical reason, your vet can recommend the ideal step to take next.

Use a Specially Formulated Dog Shampoo

It is easy to assume that since your shampoo smells nice, has the right ingredients, and works for you; it will also work for your dog. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Using your shampoo on your dog might be the reason behind his sensitivity.

Therefore, switch to dog shampoo and bathe your dog as regularly as you can. But don’t pick any shampoo you find on the shelf; instead, opt for specially formulated dog shampoo for sensitive skin. It contains ingredients that specifically target the allergens, and that will help re-moisturize your dog’s skin to reduce the sensitivity.

Brush Your Dog’s Skin Regularly

If you have a tight schedule and can’t manage to wash your dog as frequently as you may want, then make sure you brush his coat as regularly as possible. Give him a proper brushing at least once a day. It helps clear away any irritants and allergens trapped in the fur that might be causing the sensitivity to worsen.

It also helps stimulate blood circulation, which means that more oxygen and nutrients reach your dog’s skin, reducing the inflammation caused by such irritants. Therefore, brush your dog’s skin regularly, and if possible, do so thoroughly before bathing him using dog shampoo for sensitive skin.

Make Changes in Your Dog’s Nutrition

As mentioned, one of the leading causes of skin sensitivity in dogs is the diet. In that light, talk to your vet and let him help you identify which foods you need to remove from your dog’s diet.

This method might not seem necessary if your dog’s skin sensitivity is a result of environmental factors, but it is equally important. Why? Well, there are plenty of high-quality foods for dogs with such problems. For instance, dog foods with more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are suitable for dogs with sensitive skin as they prevent dryness.

Treat Your Dog to Some Yogurt

Dogs love yogurt. The best part is that it is not only delicious but also probiotic. Therefore, it helps keep the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. As a result, it offers an immune boost – any yeast-related skin infections are kept at bay. So, add a little of a teaspoon of plain low-fat yogurt to your dog’s meals or treat him to yogurt every once in a while.

Change Beddings Regularly

Dogs, as you know, are active animals. While this is a good thing, it is also bad as it means they collect all sorts of dirt and allergens on their fur.

If you sleep next to your dog, these allergens and dirt often end up in his bedding or yours. Cleaning his bedding and brushing it regularly and also changing his bedding frequently will help reduce reactions to the allergens collected while playing.

Try Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been proven effective on problematic skin even in humans. Find some Vitamin E supplements for dogs and rub the oil directly on the itchy and dry skin patches. Not only will your pet love you more for the massage, but also the Vitamin E supplements will easily penetrate the skin and offer relief.

It is easy to feel hopeless if your dog has sensitive skin. But as shown above, there are plenty of things that you can do to help him. One such thing is ensuring that you get the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin from a reputable and dog-loving brand.

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