The Problems with Expired Dog Food

When we buy something to eat we usually check its date of expiry but while buying it for our pet we take things for granted. It is also necessary to choose fresh food for our dog because expired dog food can cause certain health and strength problems to our lovely companion.

While buying food for the dogs people usually overlook to check its date of expiry. The main reason behind this reluctance can be that it is for a dog not for them. In this situation, it becomes important to know the problems and expired dog food can cause to your furry friend.

The information provided in this write-up will help you to know some facts about the expiry of dog food and the problems caused by it.

Can dog food expire?

While discussing the problems caused by expired dog food the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that can dog food expire. In short, the answer to this question is, yes. Dog food behaves similarly to the food for humans. So it can expire sooner or later because while manufacturing them some certain products for extra care of your dog are added to them.

To increase the effectiveness or date of expiry of the dog food some treatment is given to them. While manufacturing dog food a balanced formula is used to keep its level of nutrition appropriate, still, it can lose its effectiveness or rot with time. The change in the quality of food may not be noticed by you but your dog will notice it instantly.  The chances of expiry of dry lamb and rice dog food is very low and similar to a formula food

For this reason, you should be more particular to check the date of expiry while buying food for your dog. You should avoid giving expired food to your dog even if it has expired a few days back. So, it becomes important for you to understand how to check the date of the expiry of dog food and the problems an expired food can cause to your dog.

Understanding the date of expiry of dog food

Instead of displaying the date of expiry most of the dog foods have a ‘best by date’. It helps the stores to sell these foods legally even after their date of expiry which is not a good practice. The actual meaning of best by date in the pack is that after that date the effectiveness of the main nutrients in the food can be affected. Though the food will not rot after the best by date still there can be chances of formation of bacteria or olds in the food which can be harmful to your dog.

So you will have to be careful while giving your dog expired food to eat.

Effect on food after its best by date

After the best by date, it is not good to give it your dog due to the following reasons.

Food loses its nutritional worth: After the best by date of the dog food, it may lose its nutritional value depending upon the formula used by the company while manufacturing it. Nutrients like vitamins etc. can start losing their effectiveness. It is not worthwhile to give such food to your dog unless you have something to boost its nutritional value as it will not give him the nutrients required to him

Spoil fatty ingredients: Most of the dog foods contain fat as an important ingredient as it helps in increasing the strength and level of energy of your dog. But after the best by date, fat in the dog food starts smelling foul and sour its taste. Though your dog can eat such food easily as they usually cannot recognize the quality of food by smell but it can create a problem for their digestive system.

Growth of molds: The bags used for packaging pet foods are not strong enough to prevent the entry of moisture. This moisture can help in growing certain types of bacteria in the dog food which in turn can help in the formation of mold on it. For this reason, it is advised to store dog food in a dry and cool area.

Contamination: The moisture absorbed by the dog foods packed in kibble bags can cause severe problems due to the growth of bacteria in them. Such food can get contaminated and infected. You should not give contaminated food to your dog.

Health problems caused by eating expired dog food

If you give expired food to your dog then he may look normal but can cause various types of mild to severe health problems after some time. These problems may include:

The problem in the digestive system: He may not be able to digest even the fresh food what to say of the expired one. The problem of indigestion can lead to diarrhea and vomiting which can be cured after a few days. But it can be a serious problem from him if you continued to give him expired food.

The problem of malnutrition: It is the second health problem experienced by your dog fed with expired food. He will start feeling weak because of the lack of nutrition required for him. You will notice the weakness of your dog after eating expired food for a few days when he will need to rest now and then.

The problem of weight loss: Due to malnutrition caused by eating expired food, your dog will start losing weight which can also damage his bones and organs.

The problem of food poisoning: The growth of bacteria in the expired dog food can cause a serious problem of food poisoning to your dog which can cause prolonged sickness or even death of your loved friend.

So, while buying food for your lovely furry friend you should check the date of expiry or best by date on the package carefully. You should not be rude while choosing food for him if you love him. Expired dog food can cause various types of health problems for your dog.

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