4 Inspiring Animal Stories to Make Your Day

If your newsfeed has you down, turn that frown upside down with these 4 inspiring animal stories that will make your day.

Numerous studies have proved that being in close proximity to animals can have a good effect on people. According to the CDC, owning a pet can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and help you feel good all round.

That’s why animals are widely used in therapies for people with both mental, emotional, and physical difficulties.

Get your daily dose of pet therapy with these inspiring animal stories that are bound to put a smile on your face.

Geo the Dog Hero

There are plenty of dog stories about these animals saving their human friends from injury or death, but this one’s particularly touching.

One afternoon, while Geo and his young owner Charlie were playing in their yard, a truck careened out of control and ramped the sidewalk, racing toward 10-year old Charlie.

The dog pushed the child to safety and took the brunt of the collision. The impact flung Geo onto the road, where the truck ran over him again. Unbelievably, Geo survived the ordeal despite suffering severe internal injuries as well as a broken leg and spine.

It just goes to show that good deeds don’t go unrewarded.

The Bird-Dog

Dogs are well-known for their predatory instincts and while they may not be the best at catching birds, they sure love to chase them. Not so, in the case of the Siberian husky Gohan.

This beautiful dog’s best friend is an orphaned chick, brought home after Gohan’s owner found him wandering the streets alone. Gohan allows his little buddy to cuddle up next to him at night. During the day, the chick rides around on top of the dog’s head.

While the original plan was to send the chick to a rehabilitation center, it looks like the little creature’s found itself a home right where it is. Read on here and watch the video to see this unlikely duo in action.

Cher Ami 

Cher Am worked with the US Army Signal Corps during WWII and delivered dozens of messages between troops during that time.

On her last flight, during October 1918, she took a hit suffering severe injuries to her chest, lost a leg and one eye. Despite this, the bird completed its mission, helping save two hundred soldiers in the process.

In 2011, Cher Ami gained recognition as one of the world’s top ten most heroic animals.

Daring Dolphins

We know that dolphins and humans have an uncanny connection and this came to the fore in 2007 when a pod of dolphins helped save a surfer’s life.

During his morning surf, a huge shark attacked Todd Endris, severely injuring him in the process. The brave surfer fought the shark off repeatedly until the dolphins came to his aid.

By forming a ring around the surfer, the dolphins managed to keep the shark at bay until help arrived.

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