Don’t make these six silly pet owners’ mistakes

“A man’s perfect companion never has fewer than four feet!” is a universal truth which no one can deny. Having a canine companion can be one of the best life experiences if the owner knows how to be a good pet parent in the first place. You have to understand that the pet isn’t just a recreational object you brought home for “fun” and that being responsible while looking after your furr-iend is of utmost importance. 

While getting home a beloved pet, you should take care of a few basic affairs in order to give your newest family member a happy and fulfilling life. It is your responsibility to get the best of everything the pet requires. Pets are considered amongst the most precious possessions, so getting insurance for your pet which covers the medical care it needs should seem as important as getting your diamond necklace insured. You can easily check pet insurance cost on the internet and choose the deal which suits you best. While a lot of new pet owners end up making few mistakes while raising their pets due to lack of knowledge, it is understandable that the mistakes were unintentional. Here’s a list of silly mistakes you should avoid if you’re about to get home a pawed member: 

  1. Visiting the vet only when your pet is having an ailment – You need to understand that your dog or cat cannot talk, hence it will not be able to tell you if it feels under the weather one fine morning. Just like us, pets too need regular check-ups. Only visiting the vet when your pet is ill can cause a lot of health related troubles. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. 
  1. Feeding the pet more than it can digest – We understand that you love your pet, but that doesn’t mean you’ll cause trouble to its health! A lot of time, pet owners don’t know where to draw the line and over-feed the pet out of “love”. A responsible pet owner should not be tempted by the idea of treats every now and then, just like the pet. Maintaining a healthy diet is important because you don’t want your pet to suffer from obesity and other health issues. 
  1. Neglecting vaccination and ligation – Vaccines play the key role in ensuring a long pet life. Pet owners often underestimate the requirement of vaccination and that only ends up reducing the lifespan of the pet. They are prone to various bacteria, viruses, etc and vaccines help prevent them from contracting such disease causing germs. Similarly, neutering the pet is also important because it reduces the chance of genital cancer. If you don’t want to become a pet grandparent, get your pawed buddy neutered ASAP! 
  1. Not going out on walks – It isn’t only you who needs to be in good shape, your pet needs it too. Not taking out your pet for regular walks only end up causing a lot of health problems. The pet becomes fat, the hind-legs get affected, and it gradually becomes difficult for the pet to even move around in the house if it doesn’t go on regular walks. Further, it also leads to mood swings and bad temper because staying indoor all day long can make the pet feel claustrophobic.
  1. Not having a set of rules – Who doesn’t love a well-behaved pet? Someone who won’t shout at guests, someone who would know where to pee, someone who would not go around tearing all the slippers around the house! Having a set of rules and training/disciplining your dog in a home environment is as easy as it sounds. No, you won’t need a professional trainer for this. Since domestic pets are fast learners, they can easily pick up the set of rules if you are patient enough to train them by luring them with small treats. It will not only help you earn a good reputation as a pet parent, your house will also seem welcoming and friendly to visitors. 
  1. Neglecting pet-proof housing – A household preparing for a new pet should also know how to make the pet feel safe in it. Forgetting to pet-proof the house before getting a tailed member can wreak havoc. Many first time pet owners forget to take precautionary steps like keeping small, easily swallowed objects out of reach, having a proper lock in the front door, removing objects like shoe-polish, detergents, etc. from easily accessible places. Neglecting the process of pet-proofing can lead to poisoning, choking, etc. and even destruction of household items. 

These are few of the most common mistakes made by pet owners, causing a lot of health issues to the pet and you definitely don’t want to commit one. In the end, a pet owner should always remember what will be best for the pet and give them a happy and wholesome life.

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