Overcoming the Fear of Pit Bulls: What you need to know

Pit Bulls are definitely one of the most misunderstood dog breeds of all time. Many people still believe that these beautiful dogs are deadly and aren’t capable of love. It’s a social misconception, that’s been going on for generations.

It could be you or your family members. In any case, have you ever wondered why people actually think negatively when it comes to them? Well, to help you out I’ve put together this article just to let you know why and how overcoming the fear of pit bulls is necessary.

I’ll point out key methods to help you overcome your fear of pit bulls and love them same as you would do with other breeds.

So, let’s get started.

Why Are People Afraid of Pit Bulls?

Most of the time when people are saying that they don’t like this breed, they actually mean they are afraid of them. People think that Pit Bulls aren’t capable of control and they can become aggressive any minute.

Well, apparently that’s not the real scenario. But it’s mostly because of this breed’s history. They were bred as a fighting dog previously, however with time the need for aggressive behavior changed. But people’s minds are still stuck in history.

Another crucial fact can be the bad press. Whenever a person gets injured by a dog, the media just assumes that it’s a pit bull. They focus the story around this breed when in reality the dog breed wasn’t even close to a pit bull.

This puts a negative social impact and starts to fuel the fear of pit bulls. So, you could think the bad press did the job.

Some Things You Shouldn’t Forget

Although Pit Bulls have many stereotypical attitudes, still you should know that they are mighty and active dogs. That’s why you might also feel a bit overwhelmed and out of control.

Therefore, the fear is somewhat reasonable if you come face to face with a wildly lose Pit Bull. Then again, isn’t that normal for any kind of breed that’s wildly loose? You shouldn’t forget that every dog breed can be violent or a bit aggressive if not maintained properly.

A lead is always required for Pit Bulls, and in some countries, they would even have to wear a muzzle in restricted areas.

In any case, it’s best to get ahold of fears and love them for who they actually are. So, if you want to adopt a Pit Bull but can’t get over your fears then check out these methods below. These will definitely help you change your view.

How to Overcome the Fear of Pit Bulls: Methods to Try out

Understand The Fear:

First, you have to understand your fear fully. What logic is driving you or fueling your fear of them? The logic will surely have a bug somewhere, find it. Rationalization won’t work in this case. So, you would need to recognize your fear and accept it as it is.

If you tend to run away or hide to cope with your fear, you won’t be able to get over it ever.

Watch Out For Negative Comments:

Maybe you have around too many negative comments. People tend to assume the worse from before, and this could trigger your fear. Usually, Pit Bull owners face these comments daily, like “Does it bite?” or “Don’t pet it, it’ll bite.” Comments like this can be a source of your fear.

So, be sure to avoid them, unless the owner of the dog says so.

Small Steps Are Always Best:

Don’t rush this process, take baby steps. Don’t just force yourself or other family members to face them right away. It will put a negative impact instead of positive. What you can do is gradually introduce yourself to this breed.

Start by seeing their pictures or see them from a distance. This process will help you be familiarized with them.

Meet An Adult Pit Bull:

Don’t go for a puppy when you meet Pit Bulls for the First time. Puppies are definitely not scary, so you won’t actually be facing what you are really afraid of. Start with a mellow, adult Pit Bull. You could try meeting with a therapy Pit Bull. It will definitely change your perception of them.

Learn Doggy Language:

You need to communicate with the dog in order to get rid of your fear. So, take a step forward and learn to talk like canines. They obviously don’t have a verbal language, but they can read your expression and postures. Learn to smile like a doggy and interact like that. Be cautious, talk to them gently, in a loving voice. You’ll definitely see some positive reaction from them.

This process can be a great way to start a wonderful friendship. Pit Bulls love to please their owners, and they definitely love petting and caring.

Dressed Up Pit Bulls:

It might seem a bit silly, but it actually works. Many pet owners dress up their dogs to make them look cuter. Sometimes you might find it hard to find a Pit Bull cute. So, this could be a great way to ease up that feeling.

Search photos of dressed up Pit Bulls online and look at them. After some time you would find them cute enough to forget about all your fears.

Pet A Pit Bull:

Now it’s time for you to interact physically with a Pit Bull. While you are visiting a dog, start communicating with it and once he/she seems eager, pet him/her. Petting can be a good way to get rid of the fear for good.

You’d also learn how you can take care of them or love them when you get one for yourself. Once you see that they are more than eager to get your love, your view toward them will change.

Welcome, The Licks and Sniffs:

Now that you are petting him prepare yourself for licks and sniffs. Any dog will interact with you through the licks and sniffs. It’s a method of showing their love. Now, if you are not prepared for it, you might feel scared again and act negatively.

Don’t do that. Welcome, all the love it wants to give you.

Get Yourself a Pit Bull:

You should be over your fear by now. It’s time for you to get one for yourself. XL American Bullies are a great way to start your journey. Interact with them before you buy one. It’s the first step toward a great bond.

Ending Note

I’m not going to lie, but Pit Bulls can be overwhelming sometimes. Make sure to know what makes your dog tick. Love your Pit Bull, adore him and help others to get over their fears as well. Pit Bulls deserve our love and care just like any other breed. So, why not start with yourself?


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