Best Dog Sleeping Bags: You Dog Deserves the Best

We need our fair share of sleep at night – the same can be said about our dogs too. You might be saying – we all have a proper bed for our beloved pets! Yes, but do you have a plan for your dog while camping. You must pack a dozen things before you go on a camping trip. But how many of you get a comfy sleeping bed for your beloved dog. You shouldn’t expect your dog to have a goodnight-sleep in the cold earth, should you?

So, the next time you are planning to shop for your next camping trip make sure you buy a sleeping bag for your dog as well.

So today, I am going to reveal some of the best dog sleeping bags that would make your dear dog comfortable in the camping as well.

How Do You Choose the Best Dog Sleeping Bag?

Dogs have a warm heart – we all know that. But they also have a warmer body temperature. That being said, they can catch pretty easily too.

The normal body temperature of a dog ranges from 1010 to 102.50 Fahrenheit. You and I have a normal average body temperature of 97.60 Fahrenheit.

This is an indicator that you and your dog will feel the cold almost at the same time. So, if you are planning camping in a cold region, you should think a good way to make your dog feel comfortable.

Thus, comes the importance of a sleeping bag for dogs.

So, how should you choose the sleeping bag as you can find a variety of construction and design available? I think you should identify your dog’s natural stance in sleep. Some dogs love to curl up just like a baby, while some dogs sleep spreading or stretching their body.

This is vital as you will have to buy a perfect sleeping bag that would suit your dog the most. So here are the commonly found sleeping bag style available in the market.

Take a look –

The Cup Style

If your dog loves to curl in a small congested space, you should choose the cup variant. These sleeping bags look like your coffee cup. Your dog could easily fit in and curl inside as the inner surface is most suitable for that.

The Flat Bed

I know some dogs just don’t have a proper sleeping pattern. It can spread out its legs, roll around during sleep, and even go upside down – there is no way to be sure about things.

Yes, they look really funny and cute!

The best option, in this case, would be going for the flat beds. These flat beds are quite similar looking to the common human sleeping bags.

The Cave

Imagine a room like a shape where your dog could go, stretch out the cover, make things cozy, curl up, and have a great sleep. It already sounds peaceful, isn’t it?

The cave style sleeping bags resemble the natural caves where your dog could nest in. Some dogs just love the room-like shape.

The Dog Pods

This variant of almost the same as the cup style. But this one is fluffier and more comfortable inside. Some say this one looks a lot like a bean bag inside.

I personally think the dog pods are better than the cup style as they are more comfortable and keep your dog warmer in the chilling cold.

Okay, I think you are clear now about the types and variations available in the market. Now, I want to share some great tips that would help to choose the proper one. As I have mentioned earlier, always choose the bag that goes with a sleeping pattern your dog. It doesn’t matter if a particular design looks cute – if it doesn’t suit your dog then what’s the point?

It is wise to choose a padded-bottom layer. In that case, if you are hiking on a rocky trail, your dog could get a comfortable floor for sleeping. Always choose a water-proof sleeping bag. If somehow the bag gets wet, your dog will be nothing but suffer in that bag. I also feel that the sleeping bag should be breathable.

Don’t go for too soft material; your dog will just tear out the bag! I mean c’mon, dogs are meant to be playful. They are going chew and bite the sleeping bag no matter how much you train it.

No bag is useful in both the summer and winter season. The summer camping calls for lighter sleeping bag, and in winter you should look for heavy and more cold-resistant versions.

Last but not least, you should consider the size of the bag properly. The big sized dogs cannot fit in the smaller ones and vice versa. Pick the one that would make your dog comfortable.

3 Best Dog Sleeping Bags in 2019

Ruffwear – Highlands Sleeping Bag

I think Ruffwear did a terrific job designing this sleeping bag. This is a bag that serves dogs of all sizes. The size dimension is 35″ x 26,” and it has a 1” loft. Yes, I have said you should pick a bag that goes particularly with your dog’s size. But I loved the superior build quality of it.

The sleeping bag is sturdy tough yet very light. It is made from synthetic fibers, so it is completely water resistant. The installed bottom pads are quite comfortable enough, but if you want extra comfort for your dog, you buy the additional Ruffwear – Highlands Pad.

The synthetic insulation can keep your dog warm even in the blistering cold.

The only downside to this sleeping bag is the smaller dogs will feel overwhelmed by the space, and you wouldn’t be able the zip the opening as it could cause suffocation to your dog.

I personally think they should have made two different sizes.


  • Durable fabric that is offers great insulation
  • The side entry is wide enough for even larger breeds to enter comfortably
  • Softer bottom pads
  • Machine washable


  • Comes in only one size
  • You cannot remove the top cover entirely

Hurtta Outback Dreamer

If you are still not happy with the Ruffwear – Highlands sleeping bags, Hurtta Outback Dreamer will quench your thirst.

This one is waterproof and has heat reflective insulation technology. So, you can use this one both in summer and winter. You can even use in your home as a perfect sleeping mat too.

The construction material is called houndtex – it is breathable and lightweight. This round sleeping bag is specially designed for the “curlers.” Most of the reviews that I have checked say that dogs just love the comfort and softness of this sleeping bag.

There is a drawback here too. There is no zip around the edge like the previous one that I have mentioned. That means you will have to train your dog to sleep in it before you go on a hike with your dog.

While this a great sleeping bag for the smaller sized dog, the big mutts can find it difficult to fit in! Sadly, they don’t offer XL size which is a big bummer for me.


  • Great insulation due to the reflective insulation technology
  • Light and small in size
  • Can be used as a sleeping mat too
  • Can be machine washed
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Comes in three sizes


  • Doesn’t have an XL size variation
  • Have to train a dog to use it

Ozark Trail Dog Sleeping Bag

The last one in my list today is the Ozark Trail dog sleeping bag. This one has a unique rectangular shape that makes look quite lovely. It doesn’t only look great but also has great functionality.

You can also use this one as sleeping beds at home or take it to friends’ home and let your dog sleep here. Ozark Trail might look bulky but it weighs on 2.5 pounds, and you could even roll it up and pack it.

This one is perfectly insulated and feels very comfortable and fluffy. Your dog will love you for buying this one! If it is too cold, you can just zip it up and create a cozy space.

You will not have to be worried about breathing problem as the material is breathable and machine washable yet water resistant.

The only downside is it is not suited for the bigger dogs as it is usable for dogs weighing 45 pounds or less.


  • Can be used both as a sleeping bed and a bag
  • Great for the colder environment
  • Fluffy and comfortable
  • Has zipped cover


  • Comes in only one size
  • The entry gap could be too narrow for certain dogs
  • The side pad could feel saggy over time

Final Thoughts

So, that was my take on the best dog sleeping bags. I hope the reviews and the buying guide helped you.

Among the mentioned three, choosing a winner is a tough nut to crack!

If I had to, I would say Hurtta Outback Dreamer is the better choice among the three as it comes in all sizes and seems super comfortable. Moreover, I have seen a lot of dog owners praising this one as their dogs love it.

So, what do you think about this article? Let me know in the comment section below!

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