How to Choose Heated Cat Houses

Do you know how to choose heated cat houses responsibly? No worry. A heated cat house is usually a structure which generates enough heat to warm your cat. Therefore, it is good to have a proper investment in a heated cat house, especially when you want your cat to have sufficient warmth and toasty.

There are different types of heated cat houses. Some meant for permanent outdoor homes while others are indoor. Besides, you can get others for electric that require power to warm up, and some are self-heated. Thus, choosing a heated house for your cat may be tedious since there are many options at the market.

In this article, we will discuss all the essential information you need to have for you to choose the best-heated cat house that will satisfy your needs.

Important considerations when choosing heated cat houses

Below are some of the crucial factors to consider when you are selecting a heated cat house.


Many cats feel comfortable, especially when staying in an enclosed space. Therefore, your cat should fit into the heated house perfectly so that it can enter and move out more quickly. It is good to ensure the dimension of the house to choose is capable of accommodating your cat.

Usually, many heated cat houses come with a design that supports only one cat. However, some models have a capacity that fits two or even three cats providing enough space for your cats to nap together once.

Outdoor vs. indoor heated cat houses

Before making any decision on the type of heated cat house to use, it is good to decide whether you will use it for a heated outdoor cat house or indoor. Notably, for pet cats that require additional warmth, it is advisable to use indoor cat houses. On the other hand, cat houses made for outdoor are best suitable for use in warm shelters semi-feral and feral cats, which you feed.

Cats who mostly like spending their time outside find more advantages from these outdoor heated houses. Besides, it is crucial to note that outdoor cat houses not necessarily used out since they can withstand wetness that requires them to put on some covered patios, sheds, in garages, among many others. They are very safe to use indoor and not any other purpose.

Self-heated vs. electric

It is not possible to find all heated cat houses that similarly generate heat. Mostly, when you intend to use indoors heated cat house, either electric or self-heated can work correctly.

Most of the heated cat houses are electric, which have a heating pad on the floor of the house for warming. The apartments consist of a power code plugged into the outlet for effective operation. Many of the electric heated cat houses are usually suitable for use outdoor. However, the hectic part when using an electric model is because it has an outlet close to it for power.

In the case of self-heated cat house, they come with materials that reflect the body of the cat so that to provide warmth to them. They do not have the capability of generating enough heat like in the case of electric since they do not require an external outlet.

Self-heated cat houses are usually suitable for outdoor use; however, many people do not agree that the houses give enough heat necessary in keeping the cats warm, especially during cold temperatures.


Some essential features to consider include;

  • Water resistance

It is necessary to approve your heated cat house for outdoor use, especially when you want to use it in your yard. Ensure that the components are safe for use with a water-resistant structure so that no worries when it rains or some snow, which may damage it ultimately. Furthermore, it is good to put the cat house below some cover so that to ensure the long-lasting of the house. For instance, you can place it in a shed or a garage.

  • Thermostat

Most of the expensive electric cat houses feature a thermostat, which allows the owner to select a particular temperature setting for the home. Besides allowing the comfortability of the cat, it provides you with peace of mind as far as the safety of your house is a concern since you won’t be at a position of operating at any higher temperature than the usual one.

  • Cord

It is good to consider the power code if you intend to use an electric heated cat house. Identify the house model with a very long cord that will give you different options on where to place it comfortably. Most of the heated cat houses come with an extended cable useful for positioning your home to where you want it even in the absence of the outlet.

  • Ease of Assembly

Some of the cat houses are simple and easier to assemble compared to others. It is simple to put some models together by taking them out from the box while folding them to the required position without using a particular tool. However, some models are so complicated hence require the use of tools to assemble them.

  • Padding

When you want your cat to stay in a comfortable environment, choose a house with some padding. Most of the homes feature a pad put on the floor of your house where the cat lies. In case you select an electric house, then the pad acts as an addition to the heating pad and is suitable in providing a very soft surface to your cat.

  • Temperature adjustment

A good number of heated cat houses allow one to adjust the heating pad temperature. It only provides adjustment within a minimal range, though it provides you with control to change depending on the weather condition.


Depending on the material and size of the heated cat house, they usually range in different amounts. The cheapest model is self-heated, which does not generate more heat and fits one cat only. Some electric homes with no outdoor design and fitting one or two cats have a mid-range price. Some electric houses with indoor and outdoor use are the most expensive ones.

Wrapping Up

Having gone through our article, we hope that you have obtained detailed information on how to choose heated cat houses, which you should put in mind before using any cat house. Therefore, ensure to make the right decision when choosing your best, which generates enough heat to warm your cat.

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