How Can You Stop a Cat Fight? 5 Ways to Ensure Their Safety

Cats are one of the gentle and loving pets. However, if you are multi-cat owner things might get rough sometimes. The occasional biting, hissing and scratching are undoubtedly one of the hardest things a cat parent has to face.

When they go at it, they just seem to lose all perspective and hurt each other relentlessly. Preventing this situation is extremely necessary to keep them safe.

So, how can you stop a cat fight? Don’t worry; there are ways to prevent this. To ensure your super fluffy pets are safe I’ve put together this guide to let you know just what you need to do.

So, let’s get started!

Why Are Your Cats Fighting?

There could be many reasons for the cat fights. Maybe you brought a new cat, or your cat is finally sexually matured. Whatever the reason maybe you need to figure it out fast and then necessary measures to stop the fight.

Let’s see what the significant issues on this are.


Hormones are the number one cause of any cat fight. When they reach social and sexual maturity, they tend to act aggressively than usual. It usually occurs mainly between two male cats. They are extremely territorial.

On the other hand, female partners can also be a cause of the fight. Male cats tend to be aggressive when in heat and conflict with female cats.

Additionally, if there’s only one female cat in the house, male cats would also fight over her.

That being said, it’s not uncommon for female cats to also engage in conflicts. Mostly when they have just had babies, they become overprotective. Any cat posing a threat won’t result in a good ending.

New Cats

Usually, the bigger cats get, the harder it becomes for them to accept other cats into the home. If you recently bought a new cat into the house and the other cat is already a bit mature, then he might not like it. Cats are usually more possessive than dogs and sharing is not one of their strongest suits.

A new cat will have a different smell than what your resident cat is used to. This makes the resident cat see the new cat as a threat. Usually, this problem goes away after a few days when they are used to each other.

However, if it doesn’t, you should definitely take the necessary steps to stop it.


As I said earlier, cats are not really the sharing type. Before a new cat, you loved him/her the most and gave them all the attention. But after the new cat’s arrival, the love now gets divided between them.

It’s not something any cat will be okay with. If you don’t give the older cat additional love, he/she might start to feel jealous of the new cat and start fights. Siamese cats tend to show this type of nature as they bond more closely than other breeds.

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Territorial Nature

Among so many characteristics cats are very territorial when it comes to their living space. It may not even extend more than the bed, but they can sure be mean about it. That’s why when you bring new pets in the house they will most definitely want to establish their ground, and the resident cats would have to defend theirs.

It’s no wonder as common grounds can start up a fight too quickly. If even one of the cats tries to mark the other cat’s territory, they are in for a fight!

Cat spaces can be a good way to deal with this situation.

5 Ways to Prevent a Cat Fight

Neuter or Spay

This is one of the most effective ways to prevent your cats from fighting. However, many of you might not like the idea of neutering your cat. But they have a lot of advantage to start with. First of all, they won’t have any “heat season.” Heat seasons comes with a lot of difficulties.

Second of all, you’ll find your cats to be indoors and calm type. They would feel more affection and would lose signs of aggression.

No Common Toys

Maybe your cats are fighting over common personal toys. When you introduce a new cat do not ever give it any toys from your resident cat. It’s something that they never like to share and probably would never.

Just give them different toys or places to sleep, and they wouldn’t start a fight.

Relaxing Attitude

Maybe your house is too cramped up or too noisy. You could also be having too many guests that could scare or upset your cats. Try to give them a little space to relax and be calm. After a long day, they too require relaxation.

Entertain them, make them feel happy.

Discourage Specific Attitudes

Train your cat. Let them know what is right and what is wrong. Taking a cat is much tougher than a dog, but it’s not impossible. You can encourage good behaviours and discourage bad ones.

This way they’ll start to catch up on how they should behave or what will get them snuggles and treats.

It’s a lengthy process, but it works.


Pheromones are able to calm down your cats and make them friendlier than before. You’ll find many products online for it. One of the popular ones is Feliway. You can try what best suits you and then prevent the fight.

Breaking off a Fight

What happens if they are already in a fight session and you don’t know how to stop them? Just follow these steps, and you should be able to break off the fight.

  • Switch on and off the lights several times until they see it. It’s a way of grabbing their attention. But don’t do it annoyingly.
  • Startle your cats by clapping your hands. Make it as loud as you can. However, don’t scare off your cats.
  • Take soft blankets and separate them and keep them rolled up in different locations.
  • It’s not an ideal one but spraying the cats with a little water may stop the fight. Some owners don’t like it, but it works.

I’m hoping that this guide helped you to prevent your beloved cats from fighting. Cats can be a little nasty from time to time, but they are incredibly lovable too. But if none of the methods worked for you don’t forget to visit the vet. Vets will surely be able to give you a proper solution.

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