Horse Grooming- So simple Even your Kids Can Do It

Like humans, the horse also wants to groom, but for grooming for both are different. Grooming is very crucial for horses because it only cleans the coats but it also helps to establish emotional and strong bonding between the horse and its owner.

It also encourages healthy blood circulation and releases natural oils which help to protect against wind and rain. By regular grooming, your horse can get healthy skin. As you know horses live naturally and almost they groom themselves by rubbing on the trees and by mutual grooming.

Grooming is also showing whether your horse healthy or not. If you want to groom your horse and you don’t know how to do Horse Grooming? Then here we give you all the details about it. So, let’s have a look…

Before starting to discuss How to Groom Your Horse? let’s see why you want to need Groom Horse.

Needs for Horse Grooming:

For keeping our skin healthy we humans take a bath but what about animals like a horse. You should Groom your horse daily because it’s ultimately keep your horse’s skin clean and healthy. For grooming, you can use different types of brushes which help to remove mud, dust, and dirt from your horse’s skin.

You should also groom your horse mane and tail with a brush. While grooming you can also get to know about any injuries like lumps, bumps, etc. By reading this, I think you will get Why Grooming is Important for your Horse. So, now let’s move ahead with How to do Horse Grooming.

How to Groom your Horse?

  • Secure Your Horse:

At the time of grooming, some horses are well-trained, while others are not even standing steady and shift around. So, tie your horse with lead rope above the height of his withers at the quality american Barns.

You can also take the help of your colleague or friend to hold the rope. While tying your horse to post, some important things that you should keep in mind which are,

Always use a quick-release knot. The main purpose behind this is that, if your horse creeps while grooming and you tightly tying your horse, then it may be break horse’s neck and you might also be injured.

You should keep marlinespike in your Horse Grooming Kit, which will help you lose or cut the rope in an emergency.

  • Clean Hoof:

To clean horse hoof, you slide your hand down and squeeze the tendon. If your horse doesn’t lift his foot then lean against her shoulder, squeeze his leg and by using second hand quickly pull out a hoof. You can also use a V-shaped device to clean the hoof.

  • Use the Curry Comb:

Curry comb helps to remove mud, dirt, and bits from the horse’s coat. For the best result, you should currying is always before brushing. Do circular motions over the horse’s muscles but you must be careful while currying on face, spine, and legs. Almost all horses love this kind of massage.

You should curry comb in a circular motion in the opposite direction of hair growth. By doing this, you can reduce the chance of hair loose and dirt.

While grooming if you find any itchy spots then he may make a funny face and push his nose away from his lips. If your horse moves his nose towards you and tries to start nibble you then you should be more careful. behind this is, your skin is thinner than horse skin. But still, your horse doing this, then push his nose and find an itchy spot then he enjoyed scratch.

  • Use a Dandy Brush:

A dandy brush is a hard-bristled brush help to remove dirt and hair removed by curry comb. This type of brush helps to out dirt from the coat. For that, start from neck to tail but do not use this brush on a horse’s legs because it is more sensitive than the body.

You should not apply this brush on face, ears, mane, tail and any clipped area. On the sensitive area, you can use a soft cloth or sponge which do not create any kind of irritation

  • Clean up with a body-brush or soft-brush:

This type of brush helps to clean all kinds of areas but still, you should be careful while applying on the face, eyes, ears, and muzzle. By using a soft brush, you can remove any type of dust and hair.

Complete your Horse Grooming by using this brush. If you want to use a face brush for the face then you can use it. The face brush is soft and easy to your horse face.

  • Cleaning Horse Face:

As we discussed above, for the clean up the horse’s face you can use a face brush. But if you don’t have this kind of brush then use sponges or wipes or soft cloth for the clean nose and eyes of your horse.

This part is most important in Horse Grooming because this part is constantly interacting with dirt and moist and infection. Keep in mind use different clothes or sponge for the different horse to avoid infection like ringworm and fungus. So, remember these tips while Grooming your Horse.

  • Brush Out Your Horse Tail and Mane:

For brush out mane and tail, use a wide-bristled mane brush. Before brushing, use your fingers to separate the hair of the tail and mane. While brushing tail, hold the tail with one hand and brush it out with another hand. At the time of brushing the tail, stand to the side of the horse. You can use various hair products to make hair look shiny and moisturize.

  • Use Fly Spray:

Flies can be the most irritating insects to your horse. Flies spread infections, bite and due to this cause pain. So, to avoid this, use fly sprays on the horse body but avoid the face.

Tips for Horse Grooming:

While grooming your horse, you should keep in mind the below things.

Things to Remember while Groom your Horse:

  • Wear proper shoes
  • Do not stand behind the horse while grooming
  • Approach your horse at an angle
  • Brush the hair in the direction of hair grows
  • Do not use the same brush for other horses
  • Currying combs every to your horse.

I hope you will get the complete details about the Horse Grooming and How to do it. If you are a horse owner then you should Groom your horse daily to make your horse’s skin and hair healthy and shiny. We welcome your suggestions about this blog. So, give your valuable views for this blog. If you like my blog then share it on your social media profile.

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