How MSM works as a Joint Supplement for Horses and Dogs

It is not uncommon nowadays for horses and dogs to live beyond their natural age. Thanks to advancements in nutrition and healthcare, both dogs and horses are able to live longer and healthier lives than ever before. One supplement that is quite invaluable in its nutritional value is Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

MSM for dogs and horses is an organic and completely natural supplement and is often used for their health and wellness. Not only is it a safe compound, but it also makes horses and dogs stronger and healthier in the long run. In this article, we take a look at how MSM works as a joint supplement for horses and dogs.

What is MSM?

MSM is a food supplement that is utilized by veterinarians all over the world. It helps ease a number of ailments that plague horses and dogs alike. It is an abundant source of sulfur which is the 8th most abundant substance in a horse’s body. It is crucial for tissue and cell regeneration in dogs as well since it is present in every cell of your pet’s body. The highest concentration levels of sulfur are found in dogs and horses in the joints.

Sulfur is necessary for the creation of glucosamine and collagen which are necessary constituents for healthy bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons. This is why MSM is extremely popular and is widely given to dogs and horses. In various veterinary literatures, it is also considered as an oral joint-health supplement.

Benefits of MSM

MSM has a variety of benefits for both dogs and horses. These include the following:

  • Maintaining flexibility and permeability in cell membrane.
  • Supporting the strength of connective tissue and production of collagen. This enables horses and dogs to keep active and athletic even in their older years.
  • Provide the body of horses and dogs with materials needed for creation of new cells.
  • Provide energy to horses and dogs. This is because it is a key ingredient in insulin and is thus a pre-requisite for healthy metabolism of carbs.
  • Work as a precursor chemical for amino acids. Since amino acids play an important role in protection against radiation effects and removal of heavy metals from the body, MSM is a must for the horse’s body.

Equine Arthritis is, unfortunately, a crude reality that many horses have to suffer. Arthritis can cause dogs and horses to become stiff or lame. It makes it difficult for them to move properly which causes a lot of pain the process. Arthritis can also lead to trauma, infection, or other immune-mediated diseases. Prescribing aspirins for the pain is not the best option since it only deals with the symptoms and even then it isn’t guaranteed to work.

However, studies suggest that MSM can help these animals in a variety of ways. Horses, and even dogs that suffer from joint attenuation, show dramatically less pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation after ingesting MSM.

What really drives home the point is the fact that the higher the dose, the more significant the improvement is. This is why using MSM powder to improve joint health is seen as a wonder cure for horse – and dog – arthritis.

How safe is MSM for dogs and horses?

MSM is completely safe for dogs and horses. In fact, it is one of the least toxic substances in their bodies, and has toxicity levels similar to that of water. Another important fact to take into consideration is that studies have shown horses and dogs have better hair and coats, and quicker recovery time after exercise after taking MSM.

What should the daily intake be for horses and dogs?

While the powder form of MSM is given to horses, 250mg and 500 mg capsules are given to dogs. THe standard dose should be as given below:


One full scoop of the powdered form of MSM should be given to horses twice a day for 5 days. Subsequently, they should be given half a scoop twice a day every day. This means that horses start out with 24,000 mg of MSM per day for the first five days, and then move to 12,000 mg per day.

Large Dogs – 500mg capsule

For large dogs, administer one 500mg capsule per day for every 20 pounds of body weight. If the dog requires more than one capsule per day, administer one in the morning and one in the evening.

Small Dogs – 250mg capsule

For small dogs, administer one 250mg capsule per day for every 10 pounds of body weight. If it is necessary to administer more than one capsule in a day, administer one in the morning and one in the evening.

After thorough research, it has been concluded by veterinarians that for the first five days the dosage should be significantly higher than those administered after this period. This is important as it jump starts the absorption of MSM in dogs and horses.

How to administer MSM to dogs and horses

Studies have indicated that MSM has the highest absorption rate in dogs and horses amongst all the joint supplements. This means that MSM is much easier to metabolize than other supplements. MSM is also completely natural and is found in food such as alfalfa and whole grain but for a variety of reasons is not as stable and quickly degenerates.

Since MSM is commercially available in powdered and capsule form, it can easily be mixed with hay and dog food. It is also possible to add water to the mix to make it easily digestible.


MSM is extremely advantageous to both dogs and horses. Not only does it keep them active and strong, but it also enables them to recover faster and bounce back strongly after strenuous exercise. Such a supplement is a lifesaver for horses that ride frequently and experience much wear and tear of their ligaments and joints. MSM also works well to effectively prevent arthritis in dogs and horses. It is safe to consume, is completely organic, and is easily metabolized.

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