How to Stop Your Dog From Shedding

Shedding is a normal part of life for dogs. But if yours seems to be doing more than usual, this could be a telltale sign that something else may be going on – possibly related to health concerns.

Stress reactions may also cause an increase in shedding. If this appears to be the case for your pet, there are various measures you can take.


Shedding is the natural process by which your dog sheds dead hair from his or her coat to make room for new growth, leaving room for healthier coats to emerge in its place. While necessary for health reasons, pet parents can sometimes find it infuriating when dealing with an army of furballs invading their home. Brushing regularly can reduce how much fur ends up on clothing and furniture.

The frequency with which you brush your dog will depend on both their breed and coat type; it is generally recommended. Brushing can help reduce excessive shedding as well as keep their coat looking its best by ridding itself of knots and tangles. Selecting an appropriate brush such as a slicker brush or rubber curry comb designed specifically for their coat type can reduce dandruff build-up in your home and reduce matted fur deposits.

Other steps you can take to help manage shedding include feeding your dog high-quality food and avoiding foods known to trigger food allergies or sensitivities in her. In addition, talking with your PetWellClinic veterinarian about nutritional supplements could improve her overall health and help limit excessive shedding.

No matter the time or effort, no pet sheds completely; but with proper techniques you can limit their shedding to keep their furball tumbleweeds under control and ensure your pet stays comfortable, healthy and content. Contact your PetWellClinic now to start! We offer everything from routine checkups to emergency medical services – let us care for both of you!


If your furry companion keeps covering clothing, furniture and food bowls with fur, it may be time for a bath. Shedding is normal for dogs and an essential process as it removes old, dead and unwanted hair that would otherwise remain embedded in its coat and hinder new growth. Shedding also allows space for healthier new growth to flourish which keeps its coat both warm and healthy.

But you can do even more to help your pup remain shed-free. Frequent grooming, brushing and bathing sessions are important in maintaining your pup’s skin health as they help minimize excessive shedding. In addition, de-shedding shampoos and conditioners may help loosen intertwined fur strands so your pet is no longer shedding excessively.

Shedding may be caused by many different factors, including allergies or medical problems. If your pet shows any sign of allergic reactivity, talk with your veterinarian about treatment methods to minimize shedders – doing this should likely reduce their shedding significantly.

Diets that provide sufficient vitamins can also help decrease shedding. Consider including more fruits, vegetables and meat in your dog’s diet so he gets all of the necessary vitamins to maintain strong follicles that produce thick, beautiful fur.

When bathing your pup, always use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates and harsh chemicals found in many dog soaps can irritate skin, leading to hair shedding. Bathe your pet on hard surfaces like tile or vinyl rather than soft blankets or rugs as friction causes more shedding than necessary. Keep an eye out while bathing – speak soothingly while giving treats! To ensure maximum relaxation for both pet and owner.


Shedding is an integral part of life for any dog, but excessive shedding may become an issue in some homes. Frequent grooming sessions and providing your canine with the appropriate diet can help limit his shedding in your home environment.

Poor-grade food could be one of the causes behind excessive shedding in your furry companion. Low-grade diets lack essential nutrients necessary for healthy skin and shiny coat, such as omega-3 fatty acids found in cheaper pet food or proteins that could promote this state of being.

These essentials for your pup’s overall health and coat thickness. To maximize its nutritional intake, search for high-quality pet food without fillers and artificial ingredients; furthermore consider supplementing it with coconut oil (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) which can moisturize skin cells and promote thick coat growth.

Allergies can also lead to excessive shedding. Determining what your dog is allergic to may help in decreasing how much hair they shed. Should the issue become severe, however, speaking with your vet about possible medications or treatments to manage these allergies could provide helpful solutions.

Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog and providing plenty of exercise can also help minimize shedding. If your pup is excessively shedding, however, this could be an indicator of thyroid hormone imbalance or diabetes and should be addressed as soon as possible by getting him or her shaved by a professional groomer who will carefully remove any dead or excess hair – leaving both feeling and looking their best!


Many pet owners find that supplements can greatly decrease dog shedding. By providing necessary vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin, coats, nails, as well as alleviating itchy skin issues – supplements can be an excellent way to manage stress-induced, allergy-induced, pregnancy related shedding as well as flea infestation issues that cause it. When starting any new regimen it’s essential that consultation be sought from both veterinarians as well as possible as it could potentially make matters worse – consult them first before proceeding!

Although there are various supplements on the market for dogs, each one works differently for each pet. Therefore, it’s essential that you select one with ingredients tailored to meet the unique needs of your pup. Some popular choices contain Omega 3 fatty acids, yellow dock root extract, quercetin and MSM (which acts as an anti-inflammatory). These ingredients help promote healthy skin and hair while relieving itchy or flaky spots on skin surfaces.

The ideal shedding supplements are those in chewable form that your dog will enjoy chewing. This makes them easier for digestion, and provides all of the vital nutrients for healthy coats. Vet’s Best Shed+Itch Healthy Coat Chewable Tablets are an excellent example, made from all-natural ingredients and suitable for dogs of all ages – plus, they come backed by NASC Quality Seal!

Shed-X is another liquid supplement designed to reduce excessive shedding in 3-5 weeks. It combines fish oil from anchovies and sardines, organic flaxseed oil, natural wheat germ oil and other vitamins and nutrients into one supplement for the coat appearance improvement of your dog. Shed-X has earned numerous positive reviews on Amazon that attest to its efficacy.


Shedding is an integral part of hair growth; in fact, healthy coats should shed fur and dander periodically throughout the year. Shedding typically increases during spring and summer as new growth pushes out damaged or old locks while simultaneously spreading natural oils throughout their coat to promote its overall health. But excessive shedding could indicate health problems requiring medical intervention.

Exercise can help to reduce shedding. Regular physical activity stimulates blood circulation, which in turn nourishes hair follicles and promotes healthy coat growth. Be it walks, playtime or jogging sessions – try giving your pup some physical activity every day; high-energy breeds especially benefit from being kept occupied and stimulated!

Diet is another key element to controlling shedding. Avoid cheap foods containing corn and grains as these will aggravate dry skin and coats. Instead, opt for a food that lists meat as its primary ingredient – this will provide your dog with essential vitamins for coat health.

Stressful events, including changes in routine, loud noises, separation anxiety and other forms of trauma, can all have detrimental impacts on a dog’s well-being and coat health. Try creating an environment conducive to relaxation for your pup while seeking professional assistance if anxiety becomes an issue.

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