What You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Dog

Observing your pet in depression or anguish is one of the most challenging elements a pet owner might go through. A dog might experience several identical illnesses such as metastasis, seizures, osteoarthritis, comprising nervousness and many more. By any chance your dog might be going through these illnesses, it’s the high time you consider CBD oil for dogs.

Cannabidiol oil is a substance extracted from marijuana and is commonly known for its healing facilities. CBD oil doesn’t alter the functioning of the mind and has been used for years to ease nervousness, reduce the severity, and prevent a repetition of epilepsy. Below is a piece of comprehensive information about what you need to know about CBD oil for dogs.

How Does CBD affect Your Dog?

Currently, there’s no formal study about how cannabidiol oil affects dogs. Scientific research shows that cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid receptors situated in the peripheral and central nervous system. This will, therefore, help in maintaining your dog’s body balance and also helps to enhance your dog’s health.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

The benefits of CBD oil for dogs are significant and deep because it effectively works on your dog’s endocannabinoid system as well as the chemical messenger system situated in your dog’s mind. Below are the key benefits of CBD oil for your dog.

1. Helps in Preventing Arthritis

CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that doesn’t have any side effects as compared to drugs. Some drugs used in pain alleviation can cause deterioration in soft tissues and joints as well as kidney damage. CBD oil binds with CB1 receptors situated in your dog’s mind thus stimulating your dog’s immune system which concurrently reduces inflammation.

Also, CBD oil binds with CB2 receptors situated in your dog’s immune and nervous system. This helps your dog to naturally produce more cannabinoids which concurrently helps your dog reduce inflammation. In addition, CB1 receptors are key in changing the way your dog responds to pain.

Common ways to use CBD oil as an anti-inflammatory.

– Elbow and hip dysplasia

– Torn ligaments

– After surgery

– Strains and sprains

2. Helps in Preventing Dogs from Cancer

Cancer is a common health challenge, especially if your dog underwent radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Scientific research shows that CBD oil is a perfect substance to prevent cancer in dogs as well as nausea and pain that comes as a result of cancer.

Also, research shows that CBD oil slows down the growth of mammary cancer cells as well as increasing the survival time if your dog is suffering from pancreatic cancer. CBD oil is fundamental because it helps in killing cancer cells as well as blocking their ability to generate energy. In addition, CBD oil helps your dog stimulate its immune system to produce killer cells.

3. Prevents Epilepsy and Seizures

A recently carried research shows that 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Most veterinarians treat epilepsy and seizures in dogs using antiepileptic drugs such as potassium bromide and phenobarbital. These drugs are harmful to your dog’s health because they can damage your dog’s liver as well as other organs.

Research shows that 89% of dogs undergo a reduction in seizures if they receive CBD oil. Seizures are caused by abnormal electric charges of neurons situated in the nervous system. CBD oil binds with CB1 receptors found in the brain system to enhance the functioning of your dog’s nervous system.

4. Helps in Controlling Anxiety

Anxiety can be termed as an unpleasant state of nervousness, mental uneasiness, obsession, and apprehension. Anxiety occurs in different forms such as fear, aggression, noise phobia, and separation anxiety.

CBD oil works effectively if given orally when your dog is stressed. CBD oil help in preventing anxiety when administered for a long duration.

CBD oil is not only important in relieving anxiety and stress but also helps in regulating serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that plays a big role in regulating your dog’s social behavior, mood, sleep, appetite, and digestion.

5. CBD Oil for Pain

Research shows that CBD oil helps in alleviating pain from your dog without any side effects. CBD oil binds with CB2 and CB1 receptors found in the nervous system and brain respectively to change the way your dog’s brain perceives pain.

6. CBD for Allergies in Dogs

Recently, skin conditions and allergies are common in dogs. CBD oil helps in promoting the growth of new skin cells as well as preventing itchy and dry skin in your dog.

Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs

There’s no scientific data showing the side effects of CBD oil for dogs, but there might be several potential side effects. Administer the proper dosage to your dog to prevent some of these potential side effects.

– Dry mouth

Research shows that CBD oil minimizes the production of saliva.

– Lowered Blood Pressure

Specifically, the high dosage of CBD oil might cause a temporary drop in your dog’s blood pressure.

– Drowsiness

Dog owners have noticed that CBD oil might cause drowsiness, especially when treating anxiety.

Risks of CBD Oil for Dogs

Currently, there’s no research that entails information about the safety and risks of CBD oil for dogs. This shows that there’s no information or data to show the right dosage of CBD oil for dogs. Any supplement or medication is associated with the risk of a reaction.

It’s advisable when introducing a new substance to your dog, to start with small quantities. This is key because you’ll be able to monitor any side effects. It’s important to consult your veterinarian before administering CBD oil to your dog.

Tips For Buying CBD Oil For Dogs

If you prefer CBD oil to drugs for the treatment of your dog’s illnesses, there are several things you should put into consideration. Your veterinarian may guide you in choosing a high-quality CBD oil that might work effectively on your dog. Below are some tips to consider when buying the CBD oil for your dog.

– Look for Organic

A dog owner should opt-in buying an organic CBD oil because it’s free from fungicides, pesticides, and solvents. These substances might cause damage rather than cure.

– Don’t Price Shop

The higher the cost, the higher the purity and quality. Don’t choose a cheaper option because they may contain toxic substances such as herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals which are toxic. Choose CBD oil which is free from any kind of additives.

– Get Analysis

Consider asking the manufacturer to provide you with certification that shows the amount of CBD oil present. Research shows that many products have a low amount of CBD oil. Consider choosing a CBD product that is free from THC.

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