Everything You Need To Know About Using CBD Oil For Cats

Is CBD Oil Safe For Cats?

Yes. CBD oil is frequently used to improve the quality of feline life as well as mitigate many different symptoms of their illnesses and aches. One essential distinction to keep in mind is that the oil does not in fact cure these problems, it does not make ailments go permanently away in 99% of the cases. It is just a supplementary measure to make things more bearable, not a replacement for conventional veterinary medicine. So, if your furry friend is suffering from any serious issues, take them to the vet asap and then see where you can go from what the vet tells you.

How you use this hemp derivate for your pet will likely be quite different from the next cat owner. Just as each cat has a unique personality of their own (which you can read more about right here) it also has a specific biological make up, a particular bodily configuration that is all its own.

Things like bone density, joint resilience, muscle fiber condition, blood pressure, metabolism rates, food allergies and other allergies, heart rate and heart condition, coat characteristics, eyesight, balance, hearing, even tail flexibility differ from cat to cat. Therefore, no two feline pets will have the exact same reaction to being submitted to cannabinoid treatment. Consult with your pet to know the right dosage of CBD for your cat. To know about the different products available, click here.

The majority of holistic veterinarians are in agreement that CBD is safe for treating cats and rarely has any negative effects. Even then, you should definitely discuss with your conventional vet to ensure your feline’s safety. After all, you are introducing an entirely new kind of chemical into their life. While you are there, have a conversation with both your conventional and alternative vet on whether hemp treatment is actually suitable for your cat at this point in time.

The most important safety concern to remember when giving CBD oil to a feline is the dose of the substance. If a cat ever does really experience bad side effects (which is highly unlikely to begin with), it regularly can be linked back to the owner messing up and giving them too high of a dosage. Don’t be that owner who messes up their kitty.

Always take the time to read the information on the packaging or instruction slip of your CBD oil product in order to keep your precious pet safe. In addition to that, never forget that while CBD for cats is perfectly safe, marijuana is not, and in particular when a cat consumes, it has a toxic impact. Thus, you should stay away from any kind of direct application of hemp (even a non-weed strain). Instead use secondary products rich in CBD, like oils, tinctures, salves etc.

What does CBD oil for cats look like?

Remember, you want the oil of the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant. Hemp oils are most commonly sold in the form of a tincture. These tinctures are meant for either oral consumption or topical application (for example, to help relieve eczema, flea scabs and other skin and coat conditions).

These products are mostly packed in a small bottle with a dropper. This enables you to accurately control the dose, right down to individual drops. This in turn allows you absolute control of the amount of CBD ingested by your pet, and you can tailor it whenever necessary. This way you have much more flexibility with the varying amounts you are bound to need when first introducing you kitty to this type of health augmentation.

Although you might feel impatient and want your critter to recover quickly, don’t rush things. The best way to go is to make this addition to your cat’s daily regime slowly and consistently. Mix the oil with their food or drink, and keep a close eye on them for any unusual behavior, changes in appetite etc.

How does it benefit your cat?

First off, it can improve the looks and condition of the cat’s coat, as well as its skin. Inhumane medicine and holistic healing, it is often employed in easing symptoms of acne outbursts and dried-out skin, and these excellent benefits apply to our pets as well. Simply rub the oil directly into their skin and fur.

This will revitalize the hair follicles, which will become shinier, stronger and more resilient, and also softer and more enjoyable to stroke. The oil can also help ease the symptoms of various allergies that manifest as rashes, hives and so on.

Secondly, it might be able to help ease symptoms of IBD. If your cat is afflicted with inflammatory bowel disease, a.k.a. the IBD, the cannabidiol may be able to help. Since this condition is a result of an inflammation, CBD might be able to ease it, due to its inherent anti-inflammatory properties. It is able to reduce swelling and the associated unpleasantness. Of course, it cannot cure IBD, but it can certainly make it much more bearable for your dear furry friend.

Thirdly, it relieves pain and makes swellings go away. Turns out that when people talk about a “pain switch” in their brains, they are not that far off. There is a particular part of our brains, the vanilloid receptor, which is in charge of registering, communicating and managing pain. The same receptor exists in the brain of your cat.  You can read more about it here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2430674/

CBD oils directly target it and prevent it from functioning properly, thus sparing you the pain.

We mentioned the anti-inflammatory function of CBD a little above. This translates into readily available relief form many forms of aches in the body. These include regular arthritis, osteoarthritis, pain because of one’s neuropathy, pain that stems from the nerves, inflammation of the intestines, asthma attacks, and even pancreatitis.

As you can see, treating your cat with hemp oils and extracts isn’t some taboo notion that “decent vets” never speak out loud. It is an alternative medicament, increasingly more acknowledged in mainstream medicine.

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