5 Fab Facts About the Maine Coon

Many cat lovers acknowledge the popularity of Maine Coon cat breed. Maine Coon cats are usually big and have a lot of amazing things to talk about them that make them more suitable domestic cats to many individuals. These breed of cats are magnificent and awesome felines that display some wondrous characters that will make you have the urge to spend more time with them.

You will find that they are fond of people and not only popular in the US but also all over the world where the Maine Coon price varies from different sellers. If you are one of those individuals who doesn’t know a lot about Maine Coon cat, then you may want to learn a few of their traits and facts below.

The largest domestic cat breed.

If you know how to differentiate a little and have some experience with cats, you realize that Maine Coon cat boasts an average weight of 13-18 pounds where adult males can reach up to 15-25 pounds. They are giant, have massive body and muscular among the domestic cats. This breed of cat usually attain an average weight of 10-16 tall and up to 48 long when the tail is included. They also have this unique and thick coats that make them appear more giant than any other domestic cat.

To your amazement, some Coons are known to gro bigger and larger than usual. You can remember that the cat holding the Guinness World Record is Maine Coon cat Stewie who measured 48.5 inches where the recent record is held by another Maine Coon cat who measures around 46 inches.

Origin Myths

Everybody has their myths which state different origins of Maine Coon. Some say that the origin of the Maine Coon happened when domestic or the wildcat mated with raccoons. This is because they seem to have some resemblance from the fact that they both have this long bushy tail.

However, this theory does not stand as it’s not regarded as possible. Others suggest that bobcats must have mated with the domesticated cat which resulted to the birth of Maine Coon because of the tufted ears that they display.

Some people also have tales that involve Marie Antoinette while others have other tales talking about the seafarer. But the most popular tale that tends to be appreciated by many individuals is the one stating that short-haired domestic cats mated with overseas long-haired domestic cats which were brought by the seafarers.

Love playing in the water

If there is one disputed cat that loves water, then it is the Maine Coon breed. They love playing in the water and do all the fun with water. They have a brilliant adaptation that includes thick and dense fur that enables them to float easily. The coat is also water resistant thus enabling them to float in water easily. You will find your Maine Coon pet playing in water pool close to your home and get amused by the fact and all the fun it can make in water.

Most of the Maine Coon owners love these cats as it always keeps you entertained by their actions and activities in the water. The water-resistant fur enables them to survive harsh frigid cold climate in the North while living comfortably doing all the manner activities of survival. The fur also enables them to swim swiftly without having any problems.

Crazy mouse and mice hunters

Maine Coon cats are well known for their hunting skills. They usually hunt the mouses and mice within their vicinity. You could even see some of their techniques when they do play and tease the toy mice you have brought into the house. It is always good to train them as they still display their natural hunting techniques. They display all sorts of antics when they play around and you will come across them feasting on their hunted meals outdoors.

Maine Coon cats are also known for their trilling vocalizations. Most of the cats perform this trait but Maine Coon cats do it often when hiding. They can trill or chirp when playing or when running after their prey. Sometimes the sound is sweet and the owners always want to hear the do this and it is always fascinating as they always seem like talking when you try to talk to them and the trill.

They are referred to as the dogs of the cat world

Maine Coon cats are way off clever not only because of their size but also their personality and domestic characteristics. They have a loyal character towards the owners but a little wary towards the visitors just as the dogs would do. They love to play around and can be sometimes naughty towards the family members. Another unique fact about the Maine Coon cats is that they come in all sorts of colors that distinguish them from other breeds of cats. They vary in color from solid colors, tabby, tortoiseshell and also bi-color variations.

Always Ready to entertain

Maine cats are always clever as they are ever athletic and lovable. They always know to look for best friends and could realize on the spot if you are friendly. They will always keep you busy and entertained throughout the day. They like spending time with owners as they are always lovable and can be taught many tricks taught to dogs and adapt faster.

Many people would love to have such a cat who can do it all. This breed of cat can play, adopt different environments, learn many tricks and become your favorite friends. They bring all the companionship you would need at home.

Something else you might wonder about is the Maine Coon price. Their price varies from different cat organizations and animal care who breed the cats. They will sell you a different price depending on the size and every other characteristic you may want. Maine Coon price of a trained cat may be a bit higher but you can always find a reliable seller where you can negotiate and get your favorite act pet.

You may also come across an individual selling the Maine Coon cat at a different cat for different reasons. Any time you will need a cat, then Maine Coon breeds for you to try if you have never lived with them. Even for the individuals living with a cat pet for the first time, Maine Coon is a lovely cat that you can start with and create a wonderful companion.

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