Why Hemp for Dogs? – The Benefits of CBD Pet Products

Every brand selling CBD and hemp-derived formulations offers something different. Some go as far as creating all-new products like suppositories, inhalers, and every kind of snack you can think of. But for as diverse as their selections might be, one thing is a mainstay – pet products.

Almost every brand these days has one or two items in their CBD for the pets department, but does old Fido really need a daily dose? If you’re on the fence about buying href=”https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-for-dogs”>CBD pet products, these benefits should teeter you over the edge.

The Benefits of CBD for Pets

Just like you, your pets can experience a wealth of benefits from the use of CBD. And because the extract is all-natural and non-toxic for common house pets, there’s really no need to worry about side effects or adverse reactions. But how exactly can CBD help your pup?

  1. Helps Relieve AnxietyDoes your dog get all feisty, fidgety, or nervous in strange situations? Do they act up in the presence of strangers? Is taking them on a trip to the vet impossible because of their nervous behavior? Then you might benefit from giving them a dose of CBD.
    Just like in humans, CBD has been found to help dogs
    calm down. Providing just enough of the substance can help improve their disposition and make them feel more relaxed and calm even when faced with strange, unfamiliar situations, people, or places.
  1. Prevents Arthritis – While it’s not exactly a hundred percent solution versus arthritis, CBD has been found to assist in the prevention of various inflammatory conditions. That’s because CBD possesses potent anti-inflammatory benefits that soothe swelling and even irritation.
    If you’ve got an old dog around and you want to help preserve their bone health, then a dose of CBD can minimize their risk of developing inflammatory conditions. If your pup already has arthritis, then CBD can slow its progression and relieve discomfort.
  1. Alleviates Pain – Whether your dog is suffering from a medical condition, or if he’s just come from an injury or an operation, CBD can provide timely, reliable relief. The compounds in CBD numb down the system by reducing certain types of sensation, including pain.
    With that, CBD might actually even come in handy as a part of your first aid kit for your pet. Providing fast-acting relief, a CBD-infused treat, pet spray, or topical cream can be a smart way to stay on top of fresh injuries incurred by a rowdy pooch.
  1. Treats and Prevents Cancer – While studies continue to grow our knowledge on the benefits of hemp, many researchers have found that CBD can help reduce the risk of cancer and temper its symptoms when present. This is a benefit that’s common to both dogs and humans.
    According to certain studies, the components of hemp have been found to slow down the growth of cancer cells and promote the proliferation of healthy, brand new cells. Of course, studies are infantile at best, but strong anecdotal evidence supports these claims.
  1. Improves Appetite and Sleep – Certain conditions will make it tough for your dog to sleep and eat. But because these two activities are essential to health and recovery, then it would be important to encourage healthier habits in both sleep and diet especially when your dog needs it.
    CBD has been found to improve appetite in dogs suffering from chronic disease and improve sleep quality for the same. Offering small frequent doses throughout the day can also help normalize their diet and sleep patterns, which can be helpful in reestablishing strength after injury or disease.
  1. Enhances Overall Well-Being – Countless studies have demonstrated that hemp can help improve overall wellness. So your dog doesn’t even have to be sick for you to have a reason to give him a daily dose of CBD.
    Supporting the immune system, strengthening the body, and improving disposition and mood, the biggest benefit of hemp for dogs is that it can improve overall wellness and prevent a range of diseases and conditions, on top of keeping your dog in the best shape ever.

How to Measure CBD Doses for Dogs

While there isn’t any question regarding the benefits of CBD for dogs, there is the issue of dosing. With people, figuring out the right dose depends mainly on your own system. But because it would be impossible to ask your dog whether they’ve reached their therapeutic threshold after taking CBD, there are better, more objective ways to ensure a proper dose.

As a rule of thumb, it’s ideal that you start with 1mg for every 10 pounds of your dog’s weight. So if you’ve got a 100-pound pooch, you can start with a dose of 10mg. But you might also want to consider your dog’s specific tolerance level.

Observe your dog’s reaction to the product when calibrating their dosage. Do they still seem to feel nervous, anxious, or in pain after the dose? Then maybe that means they can take more than the amount you provided. If a starting dose of 1mg per 10 pounds doesn’t produce the desired effects, you can crank it up a moderate dose of 2mg per 10 pounds, and then 3mg per 10 pounds if that still doesn’t work.

Keep in mind however that all dogs are different. So what works for one pup won’t always work for all of them. If you notice that your dog starts to show side effects like excessive sleepiness, lethargy or malaise, vomiting, stomach pain, or anything similar, then it might be necessary to dial down the dosage.

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Yes, Dogs Need CBD Too

There’s a reason why all of those brands like Industrial Hemp Farms offer CBD for pets. Delivering a range of benefits for dogs, CBD can actually improve your pet’s overall wellness and health. With that said, however, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right product at the right amount. By incorporating the proper concentration of CBD goodness into your dog’s everyday routine, you might just be able to enhance his quality of life and his resistance to all sorts of diseases.

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