What is the Proper Dosage When Using CBD for Dogs?

After it was discovered that CBD is a natural cure for many common illnesses, CBD for dogs soon caught on. If you have dogs, then no doubt you consider them part of your family. Thus, it is perfectly understandable that you always have their comfort and safety foremost in your mind.

When it comes to administering CBD to your dog, you might feel hesitant about the dosage that you need to follow especially if it is your first time.

It could also be that you have been using CBD for dogs for a while now, but it seems as if it’s taking a while for you to notice its effects.

Well, do not worry because below is some essential information you need when it comes to giving the proper CBD dose for your fur baby.

Why Is It Important to Find Out the Proper CBD Dosage for Your Dog?

You may or may not already know that dogs also have an endocannabinoid system similar to people. This is the main reason why CBD was also proven to be very beneficial for them.

If this is the case, doesn’t it also follow that they can also be given CBD dosage recommended for people?

While it may be tempting to think that we could just use CBD for our dogs in pretty much the same way that we use it for ourselves, remember that their brains are not as big as ours.

CBD products made for people are more potent and have dosage instructions that are certainly different from those that come with CBD products for dogs.

Giving your dog too much CBD is generally not harmful, but it could still produce side effects that are normally not present in proper dosages.  

Some Basic Things to Consider When Using CBD for Your Dog

It will be extremely helpful for us to first discuss the factors that affect how much CBD you should be giving to your dog.

First of all, you should take a look at the size of your dog. It is only reasonable that bigger-sized dogs need a greater amount of CBD than smaller-sized ones.

Fortunately, most CBD products for pets include a dosage chart where you will need to locate your dog’s weight and the corresponding dose.  

Next, keep in mind that your choice of CBD product greatly influences the dosage you will need to administer. The most common forms of CBD for dogs are treats, oils, and capsules.

Normally, CBD dog treats have less CBD content than capsules and oils. This should give you an idea which products to choose if you want greater potency.

Finally, you should realize that your dog’s overall health and medical condition will have an effect on the quantity of CBD to be consumed.

How to Determine the Proper CBD Dosage for Dogs

To begin with, you will need to check the recommended dosage that came with your CBD product. This can usually be found on the bottle label and will suggest how many milligrams of CBD you need to give your dog.

Take note that this dosage is only a suggestion, and you will most likely need to adjust it as the days go by.

Additionally, you need to ask yourself what your goal is in giving CBD to your dog. The outcome that you want to achieve will rely on the amount of CBD that you will give.  

If you are giving your dog CBD for pain, it is best that you start with the recommended dose. You may opt to increase the dosage depending on the severity of your dog’s pain.

In other words, CBD dosage for dogs who are in pain is highly variable. It is a matter of how much CBD it would take before your dog’s pain is alleviated.

If you just want your dog to be healthy overall, you will be giving him or her a lower dose than what is used for managing pain. Consuming CBD regularly is enough for it to be beneficial for the body, making it unnecessary to take large doses.

On the other hand, if you want to address behavioral issues that will require a CBD product to take effect quickly, you will need to administer a dosage that is greater than what is recommended.

For more serious medical conditions like seizures or cancer, a higher dose is almost always necessary.

To sum it up, a standard dose is followed if you just want to improve or maintain your dog’s overall health. However, a strong CBD dose is preferable in cases of severe pain and anxiety, inflammation, seizures, or other symptoms that accompany cancer.

The Quality of Your Dog’s CBD Product Should Be Taken Into Account

It is worth pointing out that the quality of a CBD product can greatly affect its potency, aside from the quantity.

Not all CBD products are made the same, and different brands have different potency. The dosage that you follow for one brand may not work with another.

Recommended Dosage for Different CBD Products

The following are simple dosage recommendations for different CBD forms.

  • CBD Treats

The concentration of CBD dog treats varies greatly depending on the manufacturer.  

However, the most common recommendation is that for every pound of your dog’s body weight, you need to multiply it by 0.25 mg. This is assuming that a treat contains 5 mg of CBD.

So, if your dog weighs 20 pounds, he or she should receive 5 mg of CBD. This means you can give your dog one CBD treat per day.


For CBD oil, we will just take CBD bottles with concentrations of 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg as examples. Here’s the review of best Pet CBD oil which you can use for your pet.

f you have a small dog that is less than 20 pounds, it is advisable that you use the 150-mg bottle. One drop is equal to 0.5 mg of CBD, and the recommended dose is 0.25 mg multiplied by your dog’s weight.

Take for example dogs that weigh 10 pounds. The dosage they need is 2.5 mg of CBD. This means that it is advisable that they receive five drops of CBD oil since one drop is equal to 0.5 mg of CBD.

For medium dogs weighing 20 to 60 pounds, and large dogs weighing 60 pounds or more, it would be best if they use the 300 or 600-mg bottles.

Both bottles have the same potency of 1 mg of CBD per drop of oil. As usual, you just need to multiply your dog’s weight by 0.25 mg to get the recommended dose.

If your dog weighs 50 pounds, you will need to give 12.5 mg of CBD or 12 ½ dropper-full of CBD oil.

Tips on How to Administer a CBD Dose to Your Dog

For people, it is mostly suggested that CBD oil is placed under the tongue to achieve high bioavailability. This should also be true for pets.

However, this method can prove to be challenging when it comes to dogs. It may take a significant amount of patience and perseverance on your end.

You may try to let your dog lick the CBD oil if it makes things a bit easier.

If all else fails, perhaps it’s time to resort to CBD treats or capsules.

CBD treats are especially made to be appealing to dogs, so it is highly unlikely that you will have trouble with them. But as mentioned before, they these treats usually have less potency than other CBD forms.

With CBD capsules, you could just get the powder contained inside, and mix it into your dog’s food. Do your best to make sure all the powder is mixed into the food so that your dog is given the correct dosage.

Should You Be Worried That Your Dog Will Overdose on CBD?

There’s no need to fret because studies have shown so far that overdosing on CBD is highly unlikely.

Nevertheless, using CBD for dogs still obliges you to keep within the recommended dosage because your pet might display unusual behavior.

Those who have accidentally given their dogs a bit too much CBD have reported that their pets merely became lethargic, had dry mouth, or experienced lowered blood pressure.

Keep in Mind That These Are Only Recommended Dosages

Ultimately, you will have to discover for yourself what dosage is perfect for your dog’s needs.

When starting out, first follow the recommended dose by your CBD manufacturer. It is then only a matter of trial and error to determine whether or not you need a higher or a lower dose.

If you are still having doubts, it would be best if you consult your vet for your peace of mind.

For now, hopefully the information above has taught you a lot when it comes to CBD for dogs.

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